The Shower   added 8 years ago    

  By: Slayzee

This is my first upload to the web and the first time i am publically sharing my fantasies.
Let me know what you think

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It was late one Saturday night.

My wife had gone to bed leaving me alone to my own devices

I had tired of computer games, TV held nothing special, it had been a long day but I wasn’t over tired just yet.

The night was somewhat cold, however.

The lounge window was open letting in a very slight but icy breeze.

I decided that what I needed was a nice hot shower before retiring to bed.

I closed the window, turned off my PC and all the lights and wondered through to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me.

I started getting undressed.

My jersey came off first, then my t-shirt, my jeans followed. I quickly stripped off my underwear, the cold air was not taking it easy on me.

I stepped into the shower and slid the door closed.

The hot water was a very welcome feel on my body. I grabbed the soap and lathered it up in my hands. I began to rub the slippery soap over my body and my mind began to wonder.

I pictured you standing outside the shower, leaning up against the bath. You were naked.

You were stroking your hand up the front of your leg, your other hand was wrapped around your breast. I gazed into your eyes, I began to feel a familiar feeling in my loins.

You one hand moved from the front of your leg closer to the inside as you slowly lifted your leg and placed your foot on the toilet seat. Your hand moved up and down your thigh, you other hand was squeezing your breast. The nipple protruded between your fingers. I could see how hard and erect it was.

I noticed that my hands had instinctively moved to concentrate on one particular area of my body and was massaging the soap into a thick lather.

Your hand was now moving across your sex, parting the lips as it went. Your mouth had opened and I could see your chest heaving with arousal. Your eyes had begun to take on a heavy look of enjoyment. Your hand moved down from your breast and, using your index and middle fingers, you spread open your pussy lips. Using the middle and ring fingers from your other hand, you slid them into yourself.

My right hand was now earnestly stroking my hard cock as I watched you touching yourself. Your fingers were pumping in and out of your slick pussy. The steam from the shower was settling all over your body, coating it with a slippery sheen. Your other hand was rubbing your clit, side to side. Your mouth was open even more now and you were gasping in air.

My cock was now a cloud of soap as both my hands rubbed up and down its length. We locked eyes again, our desire was obvious. Your hips began thrusting against your hands.

You quickly slid a third finger into your soaking wet slit, your hips bucked faster. My hands rubbed faster up and down my cock in time with the thrusting of your fingers into your pussy.

We were moaning together. The sounds helped our orgasms along. Your head fell back and a final gasp escaped your lips before your orgasm stopped all sound. You had told me once before that you usually cum very quickly when you are particularly horny. You pulled your three fingers out of your pussy just in time but you continued rubbing your clit. You orgasm hit and was accompanied by a squirt of pussy juice as your head fell forward. You looked straight at me, still rubbing your clit, another squirt of juice was expelled from the depths of your body. You called out to me as yet another stream of juice shot out of your cunt.

My orgasm came very quickly afterwards. The cum shot out my cock, hit the shower door in front of me and began to run down it. A second jet of hot sticky cream hit the door, followed by a third, a fourth and a fifth.

I dropped my head and saw that my cock showed no sign of softening.

I lifted my head to ask you to join me in the shower but you had disappeared.

Just another fantasy.

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