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My Bi Wife

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One night we have a female friend over for a nice supper. Then we move into the living room and watch a scary movie. As the movie gets half way through I look over and my wife and her friend is cuddling because the movie is getting scary. Them is over and its 10:30 so I get the girls some drinks and put on an adult film to get them in the mood. As the movie starts I get them another round and I sit on the right of my wife and her friend is to her left the girls in the movie and taking it slow and getting them turned on my wife is ready for another drink so I get them a round when I come back into the living room my wife is rubbing her friends legs and kissing, so I set the drinks down and watch as they start kissing more and rubbing each other all over.

After about 5 min. of the kissing Amber takes her hand and pulls my wife’s shirt off and kisses her lower neck and in her cleavage my wife has one of her sexiest bra's on that shows really hot cleavage. My dicks about half hard from this taking place in front of me. My wife takes off Ambers shirt to reveal a red lace bra with 34C they rub each others upper breast and kissing each other all over the neck and chest. Their bras disappear after a few moments and Amber starts kissing my wife’s erect nipples and sucking my wife moans with pleasure because of her sensitive nipples Amber picks up on her moaning and sucks harder and my wife moans loud. Amber slips off my wife’s skimpy shorts as she sucks on the other nipple and starts teasing her pussy with her hand my wife stops her and asks to go to the bedroom to get more comfortable.

As they walk up the stairs ambers playing with my wife’s ass I follow watching and getting harder we get into the room and I set down on a chair my wife lights a few candles and turns on a soft Cd. Then she lays down on her back and lets Amber start where she left off kissing and licking her nipples and rubbing her nice bald pussy lips teasing them she moans loud with excitement my wife starts playing with her tits Amber start to moan as she twists her nipples Amber slips her finger in between her pussy lips I hear how wet it is with the slide of her finger Amber twirls her finger around and then licks her juices off . My wife moaning with pleasure Amber kisses down her stomach to her thighs and starts licking her inner thighs and around her pussy lips my wife is about to orgasm because it feels so good . Amber slides her tongue between her bald pussy lips and licks up her hot moist pussy juice and starts slowly licking her clit and down to her love hole teasing it with her tongue and goes back to licking her clit and after about 5 mins my wife is already having and orgasm.

Amber lets her settle down a little bit and starts licking again only this time she slides a finger into her wet pussy as she licks my wife’s about to explode for a second time she’s moaning so loud I’ve never heard her moan this loud. As my wife goes into her third orgasm she stops Amber and leans up and licks her juices off her lips and kiss her passionately. My wife has Amber lay down and she start playing with her tits she rubs underneath of them and kissing her nipples and all over them back and forth between the 2 rubbing and licking her erect nipples Amber moans my wife gets more intense she start to suck on her nipples and squeeze her tits. Ambers begging for her for to lick her aching pussy so my wife licks down her stomach and teases her inner thighs and licking her pussy lips there so wet her tongue glides right between them she tastes her wet juices and moans Ambers going off the deep end and orgasms instantly my wife reaches over and grabs a vibrator and starts licking her clit and shoves the fake dick in her pussy and buries it in her love hole Ambers moaning is loud she turns the vibrator on and Amber cums fast my wife keeps going and sends her into 2 more orgasms.

Amber laying there shaking from her intense orgasms my wife lays down and they kiss each other my wife tells her she wants her to use her rabbit on her and make her climax like never before. Amber sits up and grabs her rabbit and sucks on it to get it nice and wet slides it into her pussy and teases it my wife’s moaning and begging for her to turn it on so Amber turns on the rotation part and start thrusting it in and out slowly and she turns on the vibrating ears that are on her clit she moves it faster and faster and my wife screams out she’s going to squirt so Amber puts her face down there and gets ready as my wife starts she pulls out the rabbit and squirts all over Ambers face she catches some of it and swallows it.

I walk over to the bed and drop my shorts my wife starts to suck my dick. Amber starts kissing my wife’s back and spanking her ass . As I play with my wife’s tits Amber slides a finger in my wife’s ass . OH MY GOD she starts deep throating my dick because Ambers finger in her ass feels so good my wife keeps sucking my dick harder and harder I bust my load down her throat She orgasms from her ass being fingered she spins around and starts eating Ambers pussy I stick my dick in her pussy just enough for her to moan then a thrust into her tight pussy deep she moans loud and keeps licking Ambers pussy I look over her back and she starts fingering Ambers pussy 2 fingers in there now and I see her pinky slide into her ass Amber moans loud she ’s fingering her hard and fast the faster her hand goes the faster I fuck her pussy she orgasms. Then amber orgasms I’m still fucking my wife’s pussy faster and faster I pull out and go over and cum all in my wife’s mouth and she kisses Amber and shares it with her. We all lay down and rest from all the intense orgasms……

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