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  By: bentnslanted

Amber & Mathew had been dating for a little while. One sunny summer day he calls her up & tells her that he's taking her out on a little weekend getaway trip. He asked her to put on something loose fitting so that she had full mobility. He said to her that he would pick her up in 1 hour.


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It had been a busy week for him and he was feeling rather restless and hadn't seen his girl in 2 weeks. Last time they spoke was over the phone & she had acted very coy with him. She had built enough confidence & courage to show her saucy & sassy side to him that night. Could have been partly due to the really good wine she had drank that night, none the less he saw this as a challenge.

He arrived at her house at the time that he indicated to her, only to find out that she wasn't ready. She greeted him at the door with a smile. He gave her a quick cold peck on the cheek, and asked:

"Are you ready?" He knew the answer, but he wanted her to say it. She was going to explain herself as to why, but he just cut her off and said to be quick or they'd be late for their rendezvous. Her attention perked up. She wanted to know what this rendezvous thing was all about, but from the body language that he was displaying, this was not the time.

The car packed up, he told her to grab the wheel as she was going to be doing some of the driving. He told her that he had some work to finish along the way. She protested saying that she didn't know where they were going, hoping that he would divulge what the plans were.

He said:" Just grab the highway & go east bound."

She retorted: "And what do I do after? Where are we going?" but she never got an answer as he was already on a phone call with someone from work.

During the drive, he was un-usually quiet. He answered some emails. She tried to suggestively get his attention with gestures, but he didn't react like he normally would.

After 30 minutes or so, he then tells her that he's tired & that he's going to grab some shut eye, but to wake him up in 1 hour. Her mind was racing. "What in the hell is he doing ? Where are we going? Did I do something wrong? " She was going to ask him again, but just then she heard him snore.

She watched the clock the whole way. Waiting for the 60 minutes to be finished, just so that she could finally ask him the burning questions in her mind.

Finally she got her chance. The hour of hell was over. She woke him up gently.

"Hey babe," he said,” Pull over at the next truck stop. It lunch time & I'm hungry. How was your week ? Anything exciting?

“He was carefully avoiding the questions that he knew were eating her up inside. If only she knew what he was planning....

"My week was rather boring. Same old office politics, with a boss that has no absolute clue, of what's going on. It's surprising that she's managed to get the position in the first place. What are you having for lunch?"

At this point they turned into the truck stop. He said: “Head over to the picnic park area. I brought sandwiches & stuff... for you as well."

She was surprised that he had thought of bringing stuff for the two of them. Her un-easiness about the situation lifted a little.

They set-up the picnic table & started to eat. He pulled out a chilled bottle of her favorite white wine. Another nice surprise she wasn't expecting. He poured them each a glass. They clanged the glasses & he gulped his down & egged her on to do the same. She did and he poured another. The wine had gone to her head in no time. Feeling the need to sit down, she did on top of the table. As they sat there, he let his hands slowly caress her bare ankles & calves. She moaned. She hadn't felt his touch in so long.

His hands seemed to linger, caressing her legs. Nervously, she drank more of her wine. He pushed her legs apart and started to kiss the inside of her knee. She started to squirm as this was one sensitive spot for her. She looked around to see if there was anyone watching. To her dismay, the place was deserted. She tried to push his face away but to no avail.

His hands reached for her butt and caressed it as his lips continued to dance their magic on her skin. She was getting increasingly hot. Finally his lips were at her womb, but then they skipped a beat only to continue their travel onto the

other side. Her heart stopped. "This is maddening..." she thought.

"Matt, Please stop, we could get caught. It's broad day light." Just as the words droped off her lips, did she feel his fingers brush her center over her panties, sending bolts of electrical pleasure through her body. He didn't listen. In fact

he continued. Quickening the pace, he started to kiss her center all over her panties. He could hear her breath getting shorter & quicker. He pushed her back, so that she was lying on the picnic table and started to massage the rest of her body through her clothes. She moaned and squirmed in between his big strong arms....

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