Medical hell a Personal Examination {revised story I wrote a while ago.}   added 8 years ago    

  By: Jacepk

Personal Examination {revised story I wrote a while ago.}

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At her house for a personal examination. I am forced to go unwillingly by a  
much taller female. Where at her house I'm forced into the living room  
with a medical bed in the living room with the windows wide open for all  
to see. She shuts the door and puts some scrubs on me . I'm forced to  
lay on the table. You get out a medical tray with wheels then slide it  
over to a chair next to the medical table. You tie me up, the table  
facing the window. The other , most likely lesbian caresses your breasts  
as you get ready for a long day and night.

As she sits there slowly slipping on medical gloves. The black  
thin latex ones. Her "assistant" slowly and seductively slides her also  
gloved slender hands over your panties and pushes them aside. She pushed  
the chair up so my face is staring at the scene taking place. I moan  
lightly as She start to heavily jerk on my hard on cock. She stroked along  
the hard metal sound up and down..slowly. I feel it enter my hard cock  
shaft. I give a loud cry as you squeeze and tell me what a stupid sissy i  
am. You push the sound a bit and I scream in agony. I twist about in my  
bonds. A young 19 year old female walks by the window and laughs. I hear  
the laughs and feel humiliated. You beckon for her to come inside. She  
was just so entranced she had to join in the fun. Now the four of us in  
the scene. I give a gulp.

I notice the young nineteen  
year old's red high heels. I gawk my mouth open as i look at her lovely  
legs and stockings. Then I give a stare at her red strapless dress. I  
shut my eyes thinking I'm the luckiest male alive. Then she grabs my cock  
and balls and squeezes with the sound still in place. She and i and the  
two others watch as the sound plops out of my hard on onto my stomach. I  
groan in agony and stare at my hard red cock. I give a whimper as the  
nineteen year old strokes it raw no lube nothing. I shudder deeply and  
look to the others. They both just laugh and point saying how stupid and  
worthless a male I am, and so my cock falls limp. I give a cough and pass out.

Laying  there eyes shut tightly I try to open them but they seem to be covered  
by a heavy cloth now. I shake my head and groan weakly. I hear the three  
chatting over coffee. They had this planned from the beginning. One of  
the older ones, at least that's what I can tell fondles my balls. I  
grunt as I feel a sharp pain in them. I was struck with a needle, a saline needle. Just to get them double the size. I feel another prick. I  
groan and grunt as I feel hands move about my body. Then I feel another  
sharp pain to my chest. Two sharp pains in fact. I blink as I am now not  
adjusted to the crappy medical lighting. I'm no longer in a house, but a  
actual medical facility.

I move my head some to see what they  
did. I was set up in a stir-up like set up. My legs spread wide. I feel  
slightly peckish. I notice my nipples bleeding. Spiked by two long gauge  
needles, wired to the ceiling by a large bar. I shake my head about as i  
turn it to the side all three now wearing nurse outfits, silky like  
looking. My hands and legs still bound to something. The tall one  
speaks. "Hes coming to..." Another one speaks. The much younger ones  
voice or what i can tell. "boy..hes such a sissy..couldnt even hold it  
in...look at that mess on the floor.. tsk tsk..we'll have to make him  
lap it up later." I shake my head and black out again as the oldest one  
injects something into my arm....

It must have not  
been that long but long enough to strap me down differently. I'm now on  
the floor on my feet and hands like a dog. I hear one speak yet again.  
This time the voice must have been the young one but it was even lighter  
then before. She speaks " What a dog..on the floor...look at that  
mess..guess what..your going to clean it up..yup..use that tongue of  
yours." she pushes me against the floor with my face in my own filth. I  
cough heavy and am forced to lick it up. I lick it up..feeling odd now  
my stomach seemed to not be able to handle much. I hear the oldest one  
laugh but since I wasn't told to look, I dare not.

The corner of  
my eye i saw the younger ones bare feet. I gave thought as she moved her  
sole about my back. I suddenly felt a nice rough grab with i could only  
guess were her feet. She had some really sharp nails because i could  
feel a imprint when she pulled away from my cock. She gave a heavy laugh  
and leaned down to grab my cock. I felt the lovely younger ones hands  
and her breath on them. It was a very warm feeling. I also had a feeling  
she was planning on doing more then just warm it up. She stood in front  
of me and told me to look up. I didn't do it because i thought the older  
one would disagree. the older one gave my back a hard lashing and i  
cried out forcing myself to look up. The younger one was smirking.

gave a whimper as she then made steps back to my crotch. She slowly  
started to breath and jerk on it. No lube it was her thing. She didn't  
even spit on it. I heard her voice. "I want you to cum...and your going  
to cum for us again..and again...and your really not going to enjoy it.  
She said as she stroked me thoroughly. She did this over and over  
tightly. I came within minutes and she kept stroking i yelled for her to  
stop but the much older female sat down and pressed my face up to her  
now nude crotch. She demanded i lick her to satisfaction. The younger  
one had kept the stroking for a good hour or so. I was weak at the knees  
from being forced to give dry heaves. I whimpered and cried through the  
vaginal gagging. My tears sopped up into her and the older one just  
laughed. The younger one was enjoying me way to much. They both looked  
at each other then released me for a bit. I was to spent to move so they  
both whispered to each other. "in another hour or so expect a nice  
little jerk off session again!"the younger one said in a stern voice.

 A hour had passed and both dawned on a new pair of black  
latex gloves.  I watched as they both advanced on me. The youngest one  
took hold of both of my hands then dragged me to a wall. The wall had  
two chains and some wrist cuffs at the top. At the bottom was a spreader  
bar connected by two ankle cuffs. I was slightly less spent now and I  
was sure one of them enjoyed my little struggle, maybe both of them did.  
I groaned as the younger one took off her panties. They were smelly and  
used i was sure of it. The younger one spoke " I'm sure you already  
could tell i had played with myself..and someone else..can you take a  
hint?"she laughed out loud. The scent was familiar, it reminded me of  
one of my ex girlfriends.

Sure enough i was  
right, it was in fact my Ex girlfriend. My ex took hold of my soft cock  
and laughed. "haha..this thing really did nothing for me, in fact i was  
the one who called for you." I let out a gasp as i tasted those panties  
now soaked in my own spittle. I gagged a bit then whined a little "I  
think its time for you to get to know mister big willy.."She said as she  
produced a very large Phallus. My eyes widened  as she lubed up the tip  
and then my exposed bottom. She grunted as she pushed the massive thing  
deep up my anal cavity. I let out the loudest scream through the  
panties. My anus was torn just as it was opened up. Blood and sweat  
dripped from my orifices. I watched as the doctor and her nurse laughed  
hard. I passed out soon after....

Work in progress...not much else to do much revise some more...

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Comments for Medical hell a Personal Examination {revised story I wrote a while ago.}

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clockworktiger    (2007-09-12 22:13:26)    Flag as inappropiate
I would love for this to happen to me
Jacepk    (2007-09-04 01:15:36)    Flag as inappropiate
Jacepk Guess this is more of a story then it is what i want..i dont think i could handle most of the heavy stuff :D
Jacepk    (2007-08-31 02:26:02)    Flag as inappropiate
Jacepk Enjoy and comment. Id love it ^_^

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