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we had been talking online for a few months, exchanging sex secrets likes and dislikes and decided to take it to the next stage. we agreed to meet in a hotel in the city that was equildistant to both of us. we met in the bar and exchanged pleasentry's, we were both a little nervous as this was a new experience to both of us. we had a drink and then went up the stairs. the alchohol was removing the edgy feelings and walking up the stairs all i could think of was what i wanted to do to this woman and what i wanted her to do to me.

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we entered the room, it was a double room with a big bed. now at this point we could have continued the small talk for a little longer but my cock had differnt ideas. she entered the room first and i walked in behind her, i shut the door and walked up behind her, put my arm around her from behind, lower my arm and put my hand up her skirt, i pulled her very sexy knickers too one side and ran my four fingers down her soaking wet lips. on reaching her hole i pushed two fingers in, not too deep just to let her know they were there. as my fingers explored her cunt i got closer and started to kiss her neck, her perfume was intoxicating, strong but the exact right amount. as she moaned, i explored more and pinched her clit, she jumped a little but let out a big moan. using the juice from her cunt, i ran my fingers past her cunt and gave her arse hole a little rub too.

she turned run and looked me in the face, her eyes said get that cock in me now and fuck me!. so i pushed her on the bed, pulled her pants down, undid her skirt, bra and blouse and admired her nakedness. open your legs i told her, i wanted to see her pink cunt. i took off my shirt, undid my belt with my trousers dropping to the floor, is sat on the bed took off my shoes and pulled my boxers down. my cock fell out like a babys arm in a pram. this woman had got me rock solid and i was impressed by my own cock. long and thick. i told her to suck it, her lips were round it beofre i could finish the sentance. up and down using her tongue and licking my dick, then using her mouth to pull my foreskin back and forward, sucking and licking. you could tell she was enjoying my cock with the sounds she was making. now it was was my turn to taste her.

i lay her down on the bed and spread her legs as far as i could, then i raised her hips and held her there. her lips were wide and her cunt was glistening with pussy juice. with one sroke, i placed my tonge in her hole and licked the length of her lips right up to her clit, she tasted amazing. i licked and sucked every inch of her cunt, centering on her hole, lips and then her clit. i could tell she was close so i turned her over, she was now on her knees on the bed, her arse hole and pussy were in front of me, i was like a kid in a sweet shop, didnt know what to chose first.

i lifted my cock and placed it at the front of her pussy, i pushed the head in so she could feel me.. she moaned, i gripped her hips and pushed it in deeper, then deeper. now my cock was fulling her hole and i was getting faster and faster, gripping her harder and harder. my balls were swinging hard and bouncing off her, i then used one hand and started to push my finger up her ass, i never put it straight in instead choosing to rub her little sheriffs star first, when this met with moans i contined, then i removed my cock from her cunt and pushed it in her tight arse!!, this really got her going, as i was pushing my cock up her arse, my right hand was playing with her clit.. the harder i fucked her arse, the more i played with harder i played with her clit..

she started to scream, at first i thought the whole hotel could hear but i didnt care, i jsut kept fucking her harder and harder giving her arse a good slap, then i felt my balls tighten, i was time to cum... i pulled out, got her to lye down and spread her pussy lips, open her mouth, i was going to cum all over her. it shot out and spread all over her tits, face, stomach and hair!. when i was finished cumming i put it in her mouth and told her to clean my cock, lick all the cum off. we both agreed to do it again but next its going to get a little dirtier.

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wisteria    (2007-10-19 10:47:28)    Flag as inappropiate
Well done you dirty dirty lad!

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Tags: Anal Hotel
Location: A hotel room | Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later | Nature: I will tell you later