Wont be brave enough to act on this !!!   added 8 years ago    

  By: wisteria

I'm sitting on the late night train. The carriage is virtually empty except for two other passengers. I'm sitting opposite a corporate type, a small table seperates us. On the far side of me is a rather stern looking woman.

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I'm bored! Another hour of a journey and I haven't even a book to distract me. I cross my legs and accidently (hee hee!) touch off the corporate type ..apologise and he smiles .

He's not my type at all. I find myself watching him , just looking at him . I'm looking at his clothes , his hair, his mouth , his hands ...I'm feeling full of mischief..and brave too! 

I uncross my legs and stretch a leg out under the table....no reaction ...I raise my foot up and place it between his legs ... He continues to ignore me ...
I move my foot away as he looks at me and grins....

So I kick off my shoe and again place my stckinged foot between his legs and start to curl my toes and press into his groin...the smile never leaves his face ...

He makes himself comfortable and closes his eyes... I continue to massage his manhood under the table ... He places a hand on my stockinged foot and massages me in time with my strokes....

It makes me hot thinking of how hard he's getting in such a short time ....he unzips and unbuttons his trousers and frees himself ......  I keep up my offensive on his dick... A small moan escapes from his lips ...

The very stern looking woman strains her neck to look over and I smile at her ....I dont think she's approve of this ....I'm just running my foot up n down his dick ...nothing special ...just touching him ...the train slows down as another person hops on ...

Just the fact that were not alone and noone can see this going on has me so wet and turned on ....The fact that he has to remain quiet during this is such a fucking rush....

another stop and the last passenger on gets off again ..smiling as he passes.... all very sociable ...
the stern looking woman stands up and waits by the door ...obviously her stop is coming up...

I look at the man in front of me and his eyes are still closed and his hand is also on his dick kneading and caressing himself and the smile is still on his face....

the train stops again and we're alone ... Ohmigod .... trouble ahead ...

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