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  By: Bix

She started to wake up. I kept taking pictures. She looked so good tied to the saw horse. Hands and feet tied to the corresponding legs. I wondered how long it would take her to feel the weights hanging from her nipples not to mention the horse sized dildo in her cunt.

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"Oowwwe!!! What are you doing to me? get those off, they hurt."
"Can't be worried about that my dear."

I begin to move the dildo in and out. Slowly at first.
"Noooo. Stop, Stop it's too much, I can't take it."

"Now sweets. It's been in there for over an hour now. I worked very hard getting it to stay in. Your tight pussy kept trying to push it out. But I got my way. It's getting all wet." Faster and deeper, I work that big cock in and out. It's coated with your juices.

"You like this, don't you?" You mumble something. My hand comes down on your ass three times. "Louder bitch, louder so I can hear you/" I slap your ass some more, leaving an impression of my hand on your white cheek.

"YES!!! Fuck me with that huge toy. Harder faster yesss."
"First you have to show me how my slut sucks cock. You want to don't you?"
"Yes I want to suck your cock and feel your balls in my mouth. I want to so bad."

"Now I know you can do better than that my sweet. You think me so gullable as to fall for that. But I understand. This is a new life for you. It'll take some time for you to accept this world. I pull the dildo out of your wet hole and lay it on your back.

Crouching down, I tug at the weights on your tits. Before you can make a sound I take your chin in hand and look you in the eyes. "For the rest of the day I will remove the nipple clamps. But tomorrow you will have them back on. I will have your nipples stretched to the length I desire. I have some rings I'll need attached."

Unscrewing the tension bolts, I let them fall to the floor one at a time.
Grabbing your sore nipples, I squeeze and pull, working the blood back into them, Loving the way they swell.

Standing up, I drop my pants and step out of them.
I grab the hair on the back of your head.
"Now what was it you said you wanted in your mouth?"

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