forced to eat my own cum at a party   added 8 years ago    

  By: farker

my Wife takes me out of town to attend a party in her honor. She has invited some local customers and a few girls she used to work with. They in turn have invited some of their girl friends. She makes me agree that, this weekend, i am only allowed to masturbate.

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We get to our hotel room and my Wife instructs me to shave my cock and balls and to take a shower. While i'm busy, She takes my suitcase back to the car, leaving me no clothes. i see a robe hanging on the door with a note. The silly thing wasn't made to fit a man, it's bright yellow with ruffled trim. The note says "Put this on and ask for Me in the lobby."


i sheepishly leave the room. She's removed the sash from the robe, so i'm forced to hold the thing closed. i take the elevator to the lobby and go to the front desk. The girl at the counter (Dinah, according to her nametag) says louder than i'd like her to "Oh, mister farker, you're here for the masturbation toy slash lingerie party! Some of the guests are already upstairs. Your wife is so sweet, she invited me to the party. "


Dinah points out two cardboard boxes. "She told me to have you carry these up when I brought you." Probably roses, but there's no way i can carry both boxes and keep my robe shut.


i pick up the rose boxes, and manage to put them both under one arm so i can hold my robe closed with the other. Dinah walks with me to the elevator. We stand there for a bit, but she's not pushing the call button. i sigh, let go of my robe long enough to push the button. Dinah's eyes brighten as she says "I love it when a plan comes together. You may as well push the penthouse button too!"


We get to the top, and i put the boxes on a table. my Wife looks stunning in Her sheer black teddy. She takes the robe from me, leaving me naked. She instructs me to give each of the women in the room a rose. Some of the girls i've met before, most are strangers to me. They are all wearing an assortment of lingerie that they pre-ordered for delivery at the party.


In her smart little uniform, Dinah is the only person in the room wearing street clothes. My Wife hands her the robe, along with the missing sash. "I hope you don't mind wearing a slightly used robe, dear. It's our gift. Please wear this, and only this when your shift ends and you come to join our party."


my Wife explains to the guests that i am to serve them in any way possible. But, She's denied me any sex this weekend, i will be allowed to masturbate for them, i can help them with any toys, but i'm not available to fuck them.

She brings out a few toys, and tells me to pass them to the ladies. They take great pleasure in comparing my cock to the toys. "Ooooh, this one is TWICE as thick as he is." my Wife brings out a butt plug, lubes it up and demonstrates its use in my ass. "This is a good item to use before you peg your boy." The girls look over the strap on harnesses available. "Do we get a demonstration of THAT?" one asks. my Wife replies that she's not in the mood to fuck me, and besides this is Her boy's masturbation only weekend.

"Speaking of masturbation" She continues "now's as good a time as any for him to demonstrate these warming lubes." She hands me a bottle, and tells me to make the demonstration good. i lie in the center of the room, and pour some goop into my hand. "Spread your legs,bend your knees and tilt your ass up so the girls can see that plug." i follow Her instructions as i rub my freshly shorn balls. my cock had been mostly hard all evening, but it comes to full staff as i stroke, surrounded by women who are watching one thing. As i rub up and down, i hear one lady tell another that she now she KNOWS why she HAS to get a butt plug for her boyfriend.

"you may as well finish." i masturbate furiously, now with permission to cum, i release hot sticky goo all over my chest and stomach. one strand shoots over my shoulder. my Wife instructs one of the girls to retrieve a spoon and asks for a volunteer. As i lay panting on my back, i notice a couple hands raised. "Gather what you can of his spunk from his chest. Feed it to him." A blonde wearing the same model teddy as my Wife, hers in a sheer red, spooned the cum off my body and into my mouth. i love eating my own spunk, but i am still embarrassed to be forced to do so with a spoon, for an audience.

my Wife stands over the cum on the floor, and dips her toe in it. "THIS is a slip and fall lawsuit waiting to happen. Lick this off My toes." i do. "And the floor." i do. "Take that plug from your ass." i do.

The door opens, and Dinah walks in. She looks much better than i did in the yellow robe. "What did I miss?" The girls explain what happened, with embellishment and five part harmony. my Wife asks if anyone has selected a toy to try, but adds Her caveat: "You insert it, you buy it."


that takes us through about half the fantasy. guess who gets to peg me in part two?

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Comments for forced to eat my own cum at a party

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dannymike    (2009-02-24 11:17:13)    Flag as inappropiate
Really enjoyed your fantasy. Think you will ever live out something even close to it?
farker    (2007-10-31 20:17:26)    Flag as inappropiate
farker close! part two. "i'm ass-fucked at a party"

dana    (2007-10-25 04:02:06)    Flag as inappropiate
dana Dinah? ;)

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