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  By: Michael

We’d been friends for a few years. She was the girlfriend of someone I worked with, and I could never understand what she saw in him. He didn’t treat her very well and I always thought she could do so much better. She was beautiful, about 5’4” 125 lbs or so, long dirty blond hair, big brown innocent looking eyes, but she always had this evil grin on her face that you knew there was a little devil in there. She knew how to dress too. Whenever we would all go out, wherever we went, all eyes would be on her, especially mine, short skirts, low cut tops, heels; she always looked stunning. All eyes would be on her except her boyfriend’s, I should say.

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He’d always end up completely ignoring her and going on and on about stupid crap that bored everyone at the table but him, but he was always to dense to notice. So she and I would always end up sitting next to each other talking and laughing. I developed a strong friendship with her, I came to respect her immensely; she had a fast and funny sense of humor, a real appreciation for music and art and reading. We would talk for hours, and when it was time to go I would feel a real sense of sadness, not just because she wasn’t going home with me, but because she was going home with probably the one person in the room who wouldn’t know a good joke if it fucked him.

When they inevitably broke up, I stayed in touch with her, we had become very good friends by then, although there had always been an attraction and we were both very good at flirting, I always tried hard not to cross that line into an actual physical relationship. I wanted her badly, and spent many a night pleasuring myself thinking about her, but I was married, she had moved on with another boyfriend, she was a lot younger than me, about 10 years, but more importantly, I really liked having this friend I could share anything with and didn’t want to jeopardize that.

Well, a few years ago my marriage began to fall apart and I found myself leaning more and more on her as a friend, she was there for me, anytime I needed an ear or a shoulder she was there. I remember the first time we kissed, it was the most erotic and electric kiss I ever experienced, the first time we had sex was unbelievable, that’s not the time I want to talk about in this story, but I will never forget looking down and seeing this beautiful woman, this gorgeous face that I had talked to and laughed with and longed for for years with my cock between her lips. It was by far the hottest and most memorable sex I had ever had before or since.

I was very happy, and shouldn’t have been so worried about it, that our friendship didn’t turn ‘weird’ after that. We both continued with our separate lives, but our friendship entered a new level, now we could talk and share everything, be there for each other on every level. One afternoon I was in her dorm room and we were talking and having coffee together, enjoying each other’s company and I excused myself to use the bathroom. When I came back out, she had stripped down to her bra and panties and was kneeling on the floor by the bed. Needless to say I suddenly realized this was going to be a very pleasant afternoon.

She had her hands behind her back, as if they were tied, her chest out, her large c-cup breasts spilling out of her pink lace bra, her ass barely covered by matching pink panties, and her kneeling legs covered in a pair of thigh high stockings. I almost came in my pants. I walked over to her and she looked up at me with wide innocent eyes and pouty lips and said “I’m here for your pleasure, sir, to use as you wish.’ I had smacked a few asses in my life, and had some semi kinky experiences with tying someone up or being tied, but there was always a shared level of power, I had never been in a situation with someone being this completely submissive, and I hate to say it, but somewhere deep inside of me, this was turning me on incredibly.

I unzipped my jeans and she pulled them down my legs along with my boxers. My cock was already rock hard and it sprang up to smack into the underside of her chin. Her lips quivered and her eyes widened, she put her hands behind her back again, my cock was now pressed against her cheek, she slowly opened her mouth for me, never taking her eyes from mine and I slid the head between her full soft lips. “Suck” I said to her, and she began sucking and mouthing the tip, “very good” I said as she looked up at me expectantly, “such a very good girl.” What was wrong with me, I was thinking, this is so not right, looking down at this woman who had been my best friend and sensual lover, and I’m using her mouth like a sex toy. And I was really loving it, this was a side of me I didn’t know I had, and I was really liking it.

I moaned as she took me deeper into her mouth, her hands still behind her back, I reach down with mine and took her head in my hands, guiding and adjusting the rhythm and force of the blow job. She moaned and whimpered as I used her more forcefully; she began rocking back and forth moving her hands to undo her bra. She closed her eyes and began pinching her nipples hard as my cock found its way to the back of her mouth; she made a soft gagging sound as it entered her throat.

I was pumping her very wet mouth hard now, saliva and pre cum dripping down her face and onto her tits, those beautiful eyes looking up at me with a mixture of fear and lust. She had one of her hands inside her panties now, working her clit fast and hard as my cock went deeper and faster into her whimpering little throat. The sensations of her moaning sent vibrations up and down the shaft and head. Her mouth got wetter and wetter, I could hear her fingers working her drenched pussy and feel her body shake when her slippery fingers would graze her clit, we were both going to cum soon, and hard.

She came first, her hand stopped moving in her panties and froze with her fingers plunged deep inside her, her whole body tensed and stiffened as she reached her peak and then began shaking as she flooded her fingers, she groaned loudly against my cock and arched her neck and back, my cock leaving the warmth of her mouth and resting on her heaving chest as she closed her eyes tight, enjoying the waves of pleasure wracking her body.

Her breathing began to slow and her eyes slowly opened as she came back down, she looked up at me with glazed over eyes and then put her hands back behind her again and opened her mouth obediently. My turn. I was so fucking on the edge I grabbed her head in my hands and buried my cock down her throat as far as it would go. I think she was taken a little off guard by the ferocity of my needs; she made a loud whimpering/gagging sound and her eyes widened quite a bit. I couldn’t stop though; I pumped and pumped harder and deeper to her grunts and moans until I finally drove deep into her throat and pumped load after load of hot cum down into her stomach. She took every drop my throbbing cock jetted into her mouth, pulling me out slowly as the spasms quieted, licking and sucking the cum from it, cleaning it as it left her abused and thoroughly fucked mouth.

It was by far the most amazing sexual encounter in my life, and opened up an appreciation in me for sexual flavors that I never knew I would enjoy.

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OMG you I love to face fucked

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