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I come to your house. You open the door naked just like I'd told you to on the phone. I'm standing off to one side so the passing traffic can get a good look at you. You are blushing with embarrasment but feel a heat between you legs. I hold out a bag with your present in it. We go in and go to your room. You open the bag and it's a black leather collar. You put it on and look at yourself in the mirrir and I attach my leash to your collar. I gently pull you over to your closet to find you some clothes.


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I pick out a long coat that goes down past your ass. You start to protest but a swift smack on your ass shuts you up. You put it on but I don't let you zip it up. Knowing that our date was to go to the movies you start to panic that people will see you. Then you feel the juices run down you leg and you know this is what you want.


In the car I tell you to open you coat so that everything shows. You hesitate and I pull it open and give you a smack on your inner thing that turn red. When we get back I'm going to punish you for you attitdute today, I say. I pull a vibrator from a side pocket and tell you to use it. You comply and, have no lack of wetness, slide it deep inside you and turn it on.

Lost in bliss we arrive at the mall. I valet park and the attendant gets a good eye full. You tug your coat closed and follow me to the movies. It's hard to keep the coat covering all of you when you are walking quickly. Soon, we are in our seats aling with 2 other couples. You are thankful that I did not choose a new release! You just start to relax when I reach over and start rubbing your clit. The lights have not gone down yet.


One finger slides into you. Then another. Still another is rubbing your clit threatening to make you cum, Not yet, my pet I command in a soft but stern voice. The lights go down and the previews start as I pull you down in front of me. Kowing what I want you undo my pants and go down on me. I place my hands on the back of your head and make sure you go all the way down. You choke a little a first but then learn to relax and let me slide to the back of your throat. You swallow when I come inside your mouth. It makes you cum too....


Naked, cum leaking from your mouth I allow you to sit in your chair for the rest of the movie. I give a napkin to clean the cum of your face. But I hold you coat your only clothing on the other side of me. Finally the credits start to roll. Just as the lights are coming up I tell you to stand. You hesitate then obey. A stern look tells you that you'll be paying for your hesitation later. Standing up naked for the world to see... for about a second as I flip the coat over your shoulders. Did anyone see your naked ass, you wonder? Not knowing make it all the more exciting. I lead you by your leash to the mens bathroom.


We wait for a few minutes for people to stop coming out then I lead you in. Once past the threshold I pull your coat off. I leave it hanging on the wall as I take you into the handicap stall. Pushing you up against the wall I reach down and slide 2 fingers into your once again drenched hole. It's rough and hard, just the way that suits your mood in this collar. Your moans echo off the tile walls, as you come for the 2nd time today. I smile at you and hold you as you wobble a bit then find your balance.


I open the door, usher you out of the stall and help you into your coat the proper way. The leash stays on but under your jacket. You like the feel of the cold chain against your hot flesh. Come, pet I say lets find you some panties... And with that we venture back out into the mall to go shopping in nothing but a coat. Adventures in underware. Next time...

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