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  By: Michael

I was out shopping last night. While in the check out line I looked over and caught a very attractive woman of about 30 over in the next line looking at me. I smiled and she smiled back and looked away, a little embarrassed at being caught staring I think. She had shoulder length black hair, a very pretty face, she wore tight, very tight jeans that looked so good on those long legs and perfect ass, and an OSU t-shirt, she also had a wedding ring on. I don’t know if she noticed mine, but I started thinking how perfect this situation could be. She was obviously a little curios about me, I was definitely interested in her, we were both taken, so we could both be discreet, my mind started wandering.

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I guess I should describe myself. I’m 6’4”, 215 lbs, blue eyes, blond hair – when I don’t shave – and in pretty good shape. I’m not a health fanatic, but I do watch what I eat and lift weights 4 days a week, so I’m pretty solid.


I thought about the two of us in my car in the dark parking lot, sitting next to me in the front seat I leaned over and kissed her, her lips were so soft and wet, I ran my hand through her hair as our lips opened and our tongues slid back and forth against each other. My other hand slid up her side against her t-shirt and cupped her heavy breast in my palm, I heard her moan softly into my mouth and felt her hand slide up my thigh until she was lightly stroking my hard cock with her fingertips through my jeans. I reached under her shirt as our kissing got hotter and ran my thumb back and forth over her swollen nipple. I broke our kiss and leaned my head down to take her tit into my mouth, flicking my tongue across the nipple, nibbling and sucking as she whimpered and moaned even louder.


Her hands were both in my lap now, fumbling with my zipper and opening my jeans, my cockhead was already wet with pre cum and her finger slid against it like hot satin as she brought it out. She held the shaft in a firm grip and lowered her head as I leaned back in my seat. She stroked it slowly as she dripped saliva down the head from her tongue, she got it so wet as she stroked it hard and firm, then she looked up at me, her big brown eyes looking so innocent as she took me into her warm wet mouth. She knew how to give head, stroking with her hand in time with her mouth, sucking hard and wet and deep into her mouth, I could hear the sucking and gurgling sounds, so wet and hot. She took it out and pressed the head hard against her soft open lips and stroked it hard against them. I wasn’t going to last much longer.


I reached down and brought her head up to mine, kissing her passionately as we both pulled her jeans down around her legs and off onto the floor of the car. I reclined the seat all the way back and she straddled me, reached down and slid the head between her hot dripping pussy lips. She began to lower herself down the shaft as my hands cupped her ass and slowed her descent. I let her take half of my long thick cock, could feel her pussy gripping and tightening around it, heard her whimpering and gasping in pleasure and frustration as she tried to take more of me in her. I raised her up and started slowly fucking her in and out with only about half my cock; I was still too close to cumming from her knock out blow job, plus, I do love to tease a little, the anticipation of what’s coming is so exciting.


I brought her up until just the head was still inside her, I could feel her hard nipples against my chest, hear her hot breath in my ear, I held her ass tight in my hands and then brought her down hard and fast, burying every inch of my thick hard cock deep inside of her. Her head arched back and she grunted in pleasure and surprise as she took it all. She opened her eyes and gave me a look of pure hot lust as we started fucking hard and deep, our tongues flicking against each other. We were both moaning loudly now, grunting and bucking against each other as she rode me harder and faster, I could feel her wetness dripping down my balls, here nipples crushed into my chest. I grabbed her hips and start pumping harder, slamming my cock into her, I could feel her start to cum, her whole body stiffened against me and her pussy started rippling and squeezing my buried cock, it was too much, I slammed into her one last time and exploded deep inside her shaking pussy, throbbing and jerking and shooting load after thick load of hot cum deep inside her.


We lay there for a while afterwards, my cock still inside her, feeling the aftershocks and tremors, smelling the hot scent of sweat and well fucked pussy. Then It was my turn at the check out. I looked over at the other line and she was putting her stuff on the belt, so I don’t know if she ever noticed the huge bulge in my pants, but the check out girl sure did, she was a little red and distracted as she rang me up and took my money.


Maybe someday it’ll happen for real.

Any takers?

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Comments for Shopping

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nautigurl    (2010-02-20 15:12:04)    Flag as inappropiate
nautigurl any takers???? I'll have two please!!! Where do you shop!!
unknown    (2008-05-14 07:52:18)    Flag as inappropiate
whew!!! Liked it!!! I think I'll pay more attention to those around me at the grocery store :P It's always a pleasure to see a nice package ;)
wisteria    (2007-10-14 16:28:55)    Flag as inappropiate
Hey Michael, if you ever cum to Ireland ... I'l pick ya up at the airport! You wont see much of the country though!!! LOL
BrunetteCutie    (2007-10-02 12:46:35)    Flag as inappropiate
wow. I'd love to meet you at the grocery store. ;)

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