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I met this girl in a night club, got her number and thought she would be into some unusual, man was I right. We organise our little day of fun. I told her to meet me at an abandoned warehouse n asked her to wear as little as possible. She comes, wearing a short tarten skirt and a tight low cut top. We kiss, the passion was fantastic it was so hot it made me go erect immidiately. Her eyes cast up to a chain hanging from the roof. I guide her over and attach the shackles at the end of the chain to her wrists, she looks apprehensive at first but I whisper everything will be fine, she smiles back at me reassured.

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When the shackles are tight around her wrist i hoist her up so she is six inches off the ground. Shes smaller than me and i can still reach her lips with mine i kiss her hard, our tongues flick over each other. I put my hands up her skirt and begin stroking her pussy through her underwear, she feels soaking wet, this makes me want her even more. I cut off her clothes so she hangs there nude wanting me to take her and make her cum. I kneel down and i wrap her legs around my head and begin to suck and lick her pussy my tongue flicks over her clit n then parts her pussy lips n flcks in and out of her. As her moans get more and more intense I feel her whole body start to shake. She won't cum, not yet.

I stop and take off my clothes, she looks at my throbbing cock hungrily. "Do you want this inside you" I ask, she nods n licks her lips, i move closer. I tease her by going behind her n press the head of my cock to her pussy she wriggles n tries to push herself onto my cock but to no avail. I walk around to her front, i grab n pull her legs into my arms so her pussy opens, wet and throbbing wanting my cock. I gently put my cock inside her and begin fucking her deep, so she feels every inch of my hard cock slowly going into her as i push in i her her moan in pleasure.


As we keep fucking I begin getting faster, my mouth and tongue meet hers and travel from her lips down to her nipples as the erect nipple is enclosed between my lips and is flicked by my tongue, i feel her pussy throb around my cock and the moans get more intense. This really gets me going; i start to push into her even harder n faster pushing her into such a position that when my cock slides inside her it touches her clit. I go faster and harder she screams "I'm coming" as soon as i hear it i feel her pussy get soaking wet and start to throb uncontrollably around my cock, i start to moan, and my rock hard cock starts to throb inside her "i want you to cum inside me she says", with that i push my whole cock into her and begin to cum, I shoot my massive load inside her as i pull out i see the horny sight of my cum dripping from her pussy down her leg onto the floor.

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damn thats crazy bro

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