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We gaze into each others eyes, and I lose myself for a second, thinking about how lucky I am to have met you. We kiss log and deep, our bodies entwined in a delicious embrace. I can feel the juices from your pussy overflow onto my leg as you roll me onto my back. "My turn now" you smile, as you take first my left, then my right and put them in the restraints that you were just bound in.


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You throw back your hair, kissing me on my neck and slowly kissing down to my left nipple. You bite it, then the other, and every time cock tiwitches against your belly. "What's this?" you ask as you take my cock in your hand and lick the underside of the head. I moan as you begin to lick by shaft from top to bottom, sometimes stopping to suck on my sack. Your mouth completely encloses my shaft. Our eyes meet with my cock deep in your mouth, and I think that there may not have been a better sight anywhere, anytime.

Your hand travels up to my chest and you dig your nails in, taking the sensation almost to pain. I gasp in pleasure as you run your fingernails down my chest, leaving pink traces down to my bellybutton, my cock twitches uncontollably in your mouth. "Fuck, fuck fuck..." I gasp as I strain against the restraints, almost ripping them from the headboard. I feel the cum rise in my shaft, and explode into your mouth. You swallow every drop, and give me a wicked little smile as you undo my restraints. We embrace once more and just lie there. I need a few minutes to recover, and I think about how I am going to drill my cock deep into you.

You sense I am getting ready again and take my cock in your mouth once more. "Swing that ass up here" I tell you, and I gaze a pretty sight of your sexy little cunt and sweet ass before me. I dive in like a man at his last meal and you stop sucking me momentarily to gasp in pleasure. I lick your pussy up and down, pausing to sink my tounge deep into your hole. I lick all the way up to your other sexy little hole, and lick it. "Oh fucking god, lick my ass" you moan, and I am only too happy to oblige. But my cock is hard again and I move you off of me, laying you on your back. I need to fuck you, and I need to fuck you now.

I take my cock in my hand and rub the tip all over your hard little clit. You squirm under me as I continue to stimulate your clit, sometimes putting the head of my cock at your entrance, only to pull it out again. We make eye contact and I can feel your desire through our gaze. I keep looking into your eyes as I slowly sink my cock into your overflowing pussy. Your eyes clench in desire and I am in heaven. The world could end right now and I would be fufilled. I bite your neck as I start up a slow rhythm of thrusts, getting you warmed up for the savage fucking I'm about to give you. You wrap your arms around me and we kiss again. I break off the kiss and whisper "Remember how I told you I was going to fuck you the last time?". You nod, eyes still clenched in desire, and a little smile crosses your lips.

I pull out and turn you over. I grab your beautiful ass in both hands and knead it, pulling one hand back and smacking it hard. You let out a cute little yelp as your ass and pelvis jumps off the bed with the sensation. My head dips down and I lick your pussy and ass, my desire taking control of me to experience every taste, smell and sensation of you. I put the head of my shaft at your entrance and jam it in hard. You let out a little scream as I begin to fuck you hard and fast. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" you gasp through clenched teeth. I grab your hair and yank it back, your head following. I bite your ear, breathe my hot breath into yoru ear, and we kiss again. I am once again amazed on how well our bodies fit together, that I can be driving my hard cock into you from behind and we can still share a kiss.

My tempo changes, and I start to thrust as deep and as hard as I can. Every time I go deep into you you moan. You thrust your ass into my cock every time I drive it deep and it starts to push me over the edge. You sense the rising desire in me, feeling the delicious sensation rising in your pelvis as well. I continue my rhythm as I start to feel the walls of your pussy clench my cock, milking it. "I want you to fill me up with your cum.." you gasp as we are both reaching our climax together. I continue thrusting my cock into you as I let out a yell, hearing you scream in desire. My cock explodes, filling you with my hot cum. You writhe under me, deep in your orgasm as you feel my load splash on the walls of your cunt. I collapse on to you completely satisfied. We kiss deeply once more, both of us knowing that this was a great beginning to a fun filled weekend...

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