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I continue to rub your pussy through your jeans.  You begin to move your hips in rhythm of my hand and let out a long sigh.  I kiss your neck and start to undo your jeans.  My hand slides into your jeans, and I rub your start to rub your mound through your panties while I whisper in your ear "I am going to fuck you so long and slow".  You thrust your hips into my hand and moan breathlessly.  I take my hand out of your pants and take your jeans off.  I've been looking forward to eating your cute little pussy, and I'm going to take my time with it.


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I start by licking your inner thigh.  I pull one side of your panties to expose your sex, and lick my lips in anticipation.  Juices from your pussy are leaking everywhere, and I am only too happy to lick them up.  I breathe deeply, smelling the scent that is you.  I lick your clit through your panties, and continue to kiss all around your pussy, somtimes pulling your panties to one side, sometimes not.  You squrim all over the bed and I can sense that you are starting to lose control.  I slide your panties over your luscious ass, down your legs and off. 

I have to stop and look at the sight that is laid out before me.  You look absolutely amazing blindfolded and bound.  Your chest is heaving with anticipation and your shirt is in tatters around you, a casualty to our passion.  Your legs are spread wide, and I dip my head down into heaven once more, this time focusing on your already hard clit.  I suck it between my lips, and I hear you gasp.  I continue to suck on your clit for a moment and then place two fingers over your lips.  You take my fingers in your mouth, sucking and licking them all over, knowing that I am going to sink them deep into your pussy.  I slide up your body and kiss your beautiful lips as I slide my fingers in.  You moan around my tounge and grab my lower lip between your teeth.  My fingers curl up, and start to stimulate your sweet spot, and you break off our kiss to throw your head back and moan.  I move down your body and start to suck on you clit again, still fucking you with my fingers.  "Oh my fucking god...." you breathe as suck your hard little clit into my mouth.  Your hips start to buck, and I know that you are close to cumming.  I continue to suck on your clit and fuck you with my fingers as your back arches and your whole body tenses.  You cum for what seems to be an eternity, and finally relax back on the bed.  I undo your blindfold and arms and gaze into your depthless eyes as we embrace completely, knowing that the best is yet to come...

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