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  By: LondonSmut

I like the idea of me coming over to yours and using your vibrator on you for the first time. Right from the start I'd be rough with you, using your hair to pull you around and slapping your face when I didn't think you were paying me enough attention. I'd make you crawl up the stairs on your hands and knees, spanking your arse hard every now and again. I'd make you pretend to wag your arse like a dog to show how much you like feeling my hands slap your cheeks.

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I'd roughly strip you down to your underwear and then fasten your wrists together with leather cuffs. I'd put a cuff around each of your ankles and attach them to a spreader bar - that's a solid metal bar which stops you from being able to close your legs. the bar would be quite wide, so you'd have to stand with your knees slightly bent. It wouldn't be comfortable, and you'd be very aware just how vulnrable your little pussy is, legs not able to hide it. I'd tie a rope to your wrists and tie it to the ceiling so that you'd be unable to close your legs and unable to move your hands below your head.

I'd pull your knickers high up, so the material just started to dig into your pussy and rode between your arse cheeks.

So, time for vibrator lessons is it. I'd start by beating your arse with a light cane to begin with, you'd probably be making quite a bit of a noise after a while so I'd gag you. Defenseless and helpless, all you could do is focus on each stroke of the cane over you arse. Your face would be red with shame and your pussy would be throbbing from the excitement. I'd then run the cane between your legs. You'd feel it stroking it's way up your inner thighs until it's gentley resting on your pussy.

I'd start by just gentely tapping it against you - it would be feeling amazing. Your clit starved of attention would be aching , swollen and loving the gentle taps of the cane.

Then I'd give you one hard stroke, right on your clit, shocking you with the intensity, making you squeal into the gag.

I'd be back to giving you the gentle taps that I was before and it would be building up, feeling better and better, then I'd give you another hard blow. You'd be half way between feeling so good and feeling scared - you'd feel powerless - aware that what you are feeling is comepletly out of your control. You'd look me in the face and I'd be looking right at you, smiling a wicked smile tht told you that I knew exactly what I was doing to you.

You'd search my face for any sign of then the next hard stroke would come but only I'd know. You'd feel like there's no way you could take any more torment, but each time you'd think it I'd effortlessly take you that bit further.

After a while I would stop and would bring out a knife and cut your knickers off. At the same time, I'd pull your bra down so your breasts were hanging free. I'd squeeze your tits until you started to writhe, then I'd start on your nipples, firstly gentely stroking them, then alternating between gently flicking them and firmly squeezing them.

I'd bring out some nipple clamps and clip them on to your nipples. The sensation would be very intense, the pain in you nipples would be amplifying the trembling in your pussy. You'd be squealing into the gag and I'd have to slap your face to get your attention.

I'd bring out the vibrator and say "now you feel that pain you're feeling in your tits - this vibrator will make it all go away" I'd switch the vibrator on and gently touch it against your clit. the senstations flowing through would be electric. Your legs and arms would be uncomforatble from the position, your tits would feel on fire and yet pleasure would be overwealming you from you pussy. You'd start to buck your hips against the dildo, desperate to get more of your pussy against it. Feeling the stirings of an orgamsm not too far away.

Then I'd take the dildo away and the pain would wash over you from your nipples. Would you like the dildo back I'd ask. You'd be nodding and arching you hips desperate for the pleasure again.

I'd smile broadly at you and hold the vibrator just touching the enterance to your pussy. "Go on, fuck it then" I say. You try and bend your legs further so that the dildo will start to slip inside you. You can feel the juice from your pussy funning out of you, down the sides of the dildo.

"come on, fuck it if you want it" I say. You're desperatly working you body down, your thighs complaing about being bent for so long and you feel your little pussy start to be pushed open by the sparkly pink invader. The relief you feel as you start to feel the vibrations working their way to your aching clit washes over you along with waves of pleasure and before long you're squatting up and down on the vibrator, feeling it work its way deep inside your body. Your orgasm is building now and you know it's not going to be long before you cum and you're slightly scared abou just how hard you're going to orgasm as you don't ever feel like you've been this turned on before.

But then you feel me sliding the vibrator out of your pussy. The senstations in your nipples, lega and arms hit you hard. I take of the nipple clamps and although you're glad to be free of the pain, you're also sad to see it go.

I'm now standing behind you, my lips just by your left ear. I whisper softly "now we've broken one virgin thing in, it's time to break in another" You feel my hands running slowly down your body from your sholders, down your back until they come to rest on you buttocks.

I'll spread you cheeks apart and you'll squirm with embaressement, wishing you could close your legs to stop me from being able to look at your most private hole.

I run my finger down your arse crack and around the puckered skin sending shivers up and down your spine. My finger comes to rest with the tip right at the opening of your little arse. it clenches involuntarilly and I laugh making you blush with shame. I put my finger in your mouth to get it moist and then start stroking your litle hole. You start to move your hips and I whisper in your ear "ohh, look you're likeing that"

As your hips are moving forward and back you can start to feel my finger just beginning to press against your arsehose.

"Go on slut, work your arse back against my finger" and you do, bit by bit pushing back onto it. You're trying to avoid my gaze as I'm looking straight at you with a wicked grin on my face. You're filed with a mix of shame for what you're doing, pleasure in having my finger slowly penetrate your arse for the first time, and feeling proud that you're pleasing me by being such a good little slut for me.

After ages of teasing and gentally getting your arse used to being used, I'll work my hard cock into you. You'll feel tiny, and powerless, and I'll stroke your hair and tell you you're doing well and making your master proud. You'll feel like I'm controlling your body as surely as a glove puppet. I'll make you cum with my cock deep inside you and as you cum, your arse will contract, causing me to shoot my spunk deep into the condom inside you.

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easypeasy    (2009-03-15 03:03:35)    Flag as inappropiate
Mmm, so very good. Wow. My cunt is soaked.
shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-14 00:21:36)    Flag as inappropiate
You are a great master......i'd serve you

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