"Her Pleasure Toy" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 2 years ago    

  By: paperman83

She walked into my candle lit room with a red lace top, a pile of newspapers in her hands and a strap-on cock around her waist.  She dropped all but one newspaper on the bed.  Her eyes were fixated on me, while she slowly ran the pages over her attachment.  “Get over here and suck this cock.” She demanded.  I rolled to her side and placed my lips upon the tip of her toy cock.  “No! Lick it first. Slowly.” She added.  I placed my tongue onto the rubber cock and licked it from the cock tip to the end of the shaft.  “Good! Just like you are licking a real cock.” She said.  My penis had hardened to her voice as she pretended to be a man, guiding me onto her joy toy.  She gently grabbed my lengthy hair and pulled me into her.  I want you to wet my cock real good, before I stick it deep, into your ass.” She stated.  While standing, she grabbed the newspaper and began to read it, as I continued to suck on her.  Enjoying her toy as I went down on it.  Her eyes paid no attention to me as she read the newspaper.  This made me want her cock inside me, even more.  She glanced down upon me with inspection.  “It’s not wet enough. Continue.” She demanded of me. 

After ten minutes of sucking on her toy, she took her eyes off of the newspaper and spoke to me.  “You’re a dedicated little cock sucker, aren’t you?” she asked.  “Yes mistress.” I replied, while her toy cock was still in my mouth.  “Good! I want you to be.” She said.  She pulled my head from her cock and bent over to look me straight in the eyes.  “Your dedication will serve my cock well.” She said.  She gripped the newspaper and swung it lightly but forcefully upon my face.  She began continued to smack my face with the newspaper, while I sat there.  “What do good slaves say?” she asked.  I kept my face and eyes straight as to not look up at her.  She stopped whacking my face with the newspaper.  “May I have some more. Please mistress.” I asked.  “That’s a good little cock sucker.” She replied.  Then she continued to whack my face with the newspaper. 

After a moment, she stopped and pulled me to my feet.  “Turn around and place your hands upon the bed.” She instructed of me.  I turned around and put my hands on the bed.  “Spread your legs.” She told me.  I spread my legs for her as I heard the lid of a bottle of lube opening.  She squeezed the bottle of lube onto her toy cock and rubbed it all over.  “Are you ready to accept my cock into your ass?” she asked.  “Yes mistress.” I replied.  “Yes mistress, what?” she demanded a better answer from me.  “Yes mistress. I am ready to take your cock into my ass.” I replied.  She grinned to my answer.  “That’s better! Now keep them spread as I enter your ass. I’m going to fill you up, now.” She said.  I felt a hand grasping my ass cheeks and two cold lubed fingers enter my anal region.  Her fingers entered my ass, lubing my anal walls.  Then she placed the rubber cock up against my anal hole.  And with a short thrust, I felt her cock entering my ass.  She played gently inside of me for awhile, then she began to go deeper.  Her toy cock shaft filled my ass, lubing the rest of my insides.  “I’m about to thrust myself inside of you.” She warned.  And she continued with short thrusts.  I felt pleasure mixed with pain and I wanted more. 

She pulled out of me for a moment.  “Grab the newspapers and lay them out over the bed.” She instructed.  I laid sheets of newspaper over the bed and waited for her next demands.  “Lie down on the bed and face me, newspaper slave.” She instructed.  I lay upon the bed of newspaper and faced my mistress.  She grabbed a full sheet and tossed it to my chest.  “Cover your chest with the paper and lift ass up to me.” She instructed.  I covered my naked chest with the newspaper and used my legs to prop myself up as my mistress guided her toy cock back into my ass.  She began to penetrate me again.  I groped the newspaper against my chest.  My nipples hardened as I played with them, through the newspaper.  Her cock filled me up with quicker thrusts.  “I want you to masturbate your cock, while I fuck your ass.” She said.  She grabbed a single sheet and tossed it over my hard cock.  I grabbed the sheet of newspaper and placed it over my shaft, gripping it to the side of my cock.  I began to masturbate myself as my mistress penetrated me.  She stared down to watch me with the newspaper.  “Does that newspaper feel good?” she asked.  “Yes mistress.  But I love your cock inside me, more.” I replied.  She grinned again.  “That was the answer I was expecting from you, my little cock loving newspaper fucker.” She replied.  The feeling of the newspaper upon my cock and my mistress’s cock in my ass felt intense.  “I have a surprise for you at the end. This isn’t any ordinary cock, I assure you.” She expressed.

My cock was throbbing to explode into the newspaper.  My mistress began to moan with me as I was ready to complete myself.  She grabbed a newspaper and began to fan herself off in the heat of the moment.  A giggle had left her lips to say she was enjoying this moment as much as I was.  Suddenly, as I let out one last moan, I burst with cum into the newspaper.  Then I felt fluids squirting into my anal region.  My mistress waited for the relaxing moment.  “Surprise! I came, too!” she said.  After the moment was over, she explained that the new strap-on models came with a feature that allowed the dildo to cum with special lubrication.  “I enjoyed it. Thank you, mistress.” I replied.  My mistress dropped her newspaper and with her toy cock still inside me, she laid down upon my newspaper covered chest.  We rested for the remainder of the night.


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