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  By: hotdevotchka

You really are a curious kitten, always enquiring about my gf and wanting to know how she takes hard merciless brutal cock in all her holes, and how she chokes on cock while on her knees, swallowing cum.


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Naughty level to be set later

Since you want to know here's the story.

I have a mate, well not really a mate, just a guy from a work, who broke up with his partner. They'd been together for about three years, so he was pretty upset.
 So I told the gf about it and said maybe I ought to invite him round, but that really he was a pretty boring guy and it was only out of charity, and that he was reduced to eating beans on toast and jerking off at night. She thought I was a bit of heartless bastard, so I feigned reluctance and invited him over. We had a take away Indian, since she can't cook, and I was too excited to spend my time cooking, as i had something else beside watching TV with a mate on my mind.

We drank a bottle of wine and smoked a couple of joins and settled down to watch a film - The Swimming Pool, as it turned out, which wasn't an accidental choice. Nothing too overt - just a film about a dry old woman, Jaqueline Bissett sharing a house in France with a horny young girl, Ludovine Seigner. There was a lot of sunbathing and sloppy wet fucking, and I made a few remarks about how horny watching Ludovine was getting me, and stroking the gf's thighs, which drives her crazy.

She was a bit embarrassed, but the wine and the joints made us all a bit mellow, so she ended up with me sucking her tits and then offering one of them to my mate while I carried on sucking the other. He looked really nervous and I thought he was going to leave, but I made it sound like an act of charity to a guy who was starved of a bit of female affection, and what's the harm in a little tit sucking...

You know what's coming next - with a little prompting, she stroked his cock, and it would be unfair to leave a guy with a huge hard on, having to go and jerk off in the loo, then it was her mouth round his cock, with me tonguing her clit and fingering her asshole, which had her writhing like an eel. But I didn't let her cum - just teasing and toying with her, until she was just desperate for cock.
 My mate blew his wad into her mouth, and then with drips of cum drooling down her face, I started whispering in her ear about what a horny slut she was and how she would do anything for a good hard cock, and that she was a cum swallowing little whore and lots of other filthy words, kissing her all over and telling her I loved her.

 My mate was looking a bit bewildered but she didn't care. She just wanted to come, and i wanted to see her even more slutty.

 In the end she got a DP. Me in her ass (of course) and my mate in her pussy.
She'd never been DP before, just a vibrator in her pussy while I fuck her ass.
 I couldn't believe it.
 I didn't want to come - I just wanted to keep ramming my cock in and out of her ass for ever, but after my mate shot his load I couldn't hold back any more and I nearly died from the excitement.
I was moaning and grunting and coming for about 10 minutes - well, OK, about a minute, which is a long long time to keep spurting cum, until I filled her gaping asshole to overflowing with my hot globs of sperm.
 My mate and I both admired her well-fucked holes, all red and wide open, from which rivers of thick salty cum were sliding, covering her thighs and dripping on the sofa.

We invited him around again a week later and that time we ended up in bed, instead of on the sofa, and she loved it. I knew I had her in the palm of my hand when she agreed to inviting him a second time.
The next day I bought the roses and champagne and we went out for a meal - and I told her she was the sluttiest girl I knew and that I loved her, and that the most erotic thing i had ever seen was her smiling at me, as someone else's cum slid down her face.

 Now my mate and I plan to  bang her ass and then make her lick our cocks and swallow our hot cum.
 She is  in sore need of a real savage ass fucking, and no mistake and we'll just have to give it to her.

 And I'll give her a good warming up first. I bought a little cane a few months ago, one of those thin willow ones, and it's about time I used it on someone .

So my gf is in for a  good time! She'll get plenty of cock in all her holes and she'll be fucked so hard she won't be able to walk for a week.  And she'll swallow loads and loads of cum. And if she doesn't like it, well, that's what ballgags, canes and bed restraints are for, eh ?

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smoothballs    (2013-08-19 06:19:56)    Flag as inappropiate
enjoy a woman that loves more than one cock
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redpyjamasuit Mmmm ... made me cream in my panties ! You naughty, naughty girl ! You ought to be spanked !

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