A Love Story Between Friends   added 2 years ago    

  By: LadySub

'Yes, I agree the female body is beautiful and just maybe I've thought about what it would be like to make out with a girl, but I couldn't imagine myself doing much else."


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"Typical response. I can kiss a girl and maybe even tweak her tits, but don't ask me to go down her," my friend, Jules, spat back at me. "I don't see how it's any less gross than going down on a guy."

"I didn't say it's gross, I just don't feel the want or desire to do that like I do when I think about a guy's penis. I guess that's the way I'm wired."

"I think you could do it if you really loved the person and wanted to give them pleasure."

I shrugged, "Who knows. I guess we will see if I'm ever in that situation."

Jules smiled, "You love me."

I squinted my eye and quirked my lips up. "You are an entirely unique situation," I said.

"But, you do love me, right?"

I sighed, "Yes, I love you, but I love you as I have always loved you. Not romantically."

"I hate when you pull back with the we are just friends line," she huffed.

Jules has been very persistent about her thoughts of getting me into bed and has expressed them since High School. However, back in High School Jules was Patrick and didn't have some of the attributes she has now. She has always been my best friends and I considered her my platonic soul mate. So, I didn't bat an eye when Patrick came to me after college and said he wasn't comfortable in his skin and hadn't been for as long as he could remember. With the support of friends and, thankfully, a very understanding family, Patrick has slowly made his transition from Patrick to Jules. Jules is all woman, except for one little, big thing. She has yet to go through the last step. I don't ask much about that decision and I have no idea what demons she wrestles with or what holds her back. That's between her and her therapist, but I'm willing to listen should she ever want to talk about it.

Now just because Jules is transitioning doesn't mean she likes guys. No, she very much is attracted to females, but because she is in transition, her romantic life has been...um...complicated. So my usual lines of you will find someone just aggravate her, so I don't even say it anymore. It's not that I'm afraid of her transition, it's just I never saw her or Patrick as a romantic possibility. I stare at her now and yes, she's very beautiful and so much taller than me, which is kind of attractive to me. I mean who hasn't thought about their best friend under the sheets at least once? Why ruin a good friendship and even go there, though. I know she doesn't want to hear that. So, I just sigh and give up. "I'm going to bed, Jules." Oh, yea...we share an apartment too. I forgot to mention that. We are true besties.


I narrow my eyes as I watch Merri head to her room. I know mine is a weird situation, but I know we would be good together if she just open her mind a bit and imagine the possibility. She was open-minded when she entertained dating jerk after jerk in the past. If there is something everyone learns from watching John Hughes' movies is, the one you are suppose to be with is usually right in front of you. I guess I just have to be more aggressive.

*** 11:00 p.m. ***

I crack the door open to Merri's room and peek in. "Merri," I whisper. Silence. I walk in and stand by her bed. She's in a deep sleep. I move a curl off her face and trace my finger along her jaw line. She stirs a bit and opens her eyes. "Jules, what time? What's wrong?" she stutters as she starts to sit up. "No, lay back down." I gently push her down, "Nothing is wrong." She looks at me puzzled. "Can I sleep in your bed tonight with you?" Now this isn't an odd request. I've slept in Merri's bed many times. Sure, it might sound odd at 11 p.m. at night, but Merri must be too tired to think so as she opens the covers for me and scoots over. She turns to face outward and go back to sleep.

I slip under the covers and immediately smell Merri's lavender shampoo and can\'t help but smile over the familiar scent. I wait another hour or so and slowly make my move. I scoot over to Merri's sleeping form and spoon myself to her body. I circle my arm around her waist and under her arm and slowly move my hand to my goal.


As soon as Jules body shifted, I woke, and felt her spoon me. I knew what she was up to. This isn't the first time she copped a feel in the night. I tried not chuckle over the thought of the many times I pretended to sleep and how she probably thought she got away with it. I felt her palm cover the top of my breast and start to knead it gently. Her fingers felt for my nipple through my silk pajamas and when she found it, she rubbed it until it was erect and then took it between her two fingers and the material of my pajamas and rolled it around. I pretended to sigh in my sleep and stir a bit. She paused and then ran her hand over my tummy and started to bunch up the silk material so she was pulling it off my legs. This was new. She usually stopped at my breast.

Once the material was pulled into a ball, she snuck her hand underneath my pajamas and caressed the warm skin of my stomach. She pulled me closer into her and I felt the gentle probe of her cock against my bum. A cool sensation prickled down my body and warning bells started going off. Surely, she was going to stop here and just lay close to me and bear the uncomfortableness of her erection, right? No sooner did that thought come to me when I felt Jules run her hand down my panties over my mound. She rested it there and I felt the warmth of her hand add to the heat of my mound. An aching sensation was developing that was part nervousness and part anticipation. Was she going to stop here? She slowly pushed her finger into my moist slit and I forgot to breath. She bobbed it in and out once then twice and then moved it over my clit. The aching need was getting satisfied, but in it's place was a delicious sensation. Oh God, what am I thinking. I have to stop this.


It was like rubbing velvet and I could feel Merri's body respond to my touch by getting wetter and it urged me to go further than I planned. I moved my finger and found her clit and started rubbing hard circles over it and then dipping my finger further into her pussy. I slipped in another finger and I felt Merri stir and open her legs a little. "Jules, what are you doing?" I heard her say.

"Shh, Merri, I want to give you pleasure." I turned her on her back and before she could protest any further I came down on her lips hard and practically forced my tongue inside her mouth. I felt her hands come up and press against my chest and I guess once she realized I was naked, she immediately moved them to my shoulders and started pushing me up. I didn't budge as I am much bigger than she is and I continued to assault her mouth with my tongue, willing her to kiss me back. I pulled my hand out of her delightful cunt and grabbed her arm and pushed it down to the mattress. I scooted to where I was towering over her for better leverage and I pulled her other arm to the mattress and continued my kiss. I felt her slink back into the mattress and I rubbed my tongue along hers and she whimpered. She started moving her head from side to side until she broke the kiss.

"Jules, stop! I don't want this!"

"You are enjoying it. I can tell."

"You stuck your finger up my pussy. Of course, it's going to get wet!" She yelled at me.

"Can you have a fucking open mind."

"I just don't think it's right."

I froze. She never said that to me before and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she knew that cut me deep. I let her go and I rolled over to my back. She rolled over to her side and sat up on her haunches.

"I'm sorry, Jules. I didn't mean it the way you think. It''s just that it's unnatural for me to think of you as Jules when your cock is pressed against my backside. All I keep thinking is Patrick and I don't think that is right. You've worked so hard on your identity and I think if I were to have sex with you, I should see you as Jules, not Patrick." She looked down and continued, "I've imagine you pushing inside me and thinking 'Oh God, Patrick.' What would you do if I said that instead of Jules?"

I smiled up at her, "So, you HAVE imagined us together." She blinked at me and then smacked my shoulder. "I just bared my heart to you and that's all you got from that?! Yes, yes I have imagined us together, but then I realize we have a good thing going, why muddle it up?"

"Can you stop with that, already? Some of the best loves start off as friends."

She stared at me and bit her lip and finally said, "And what if I call you Patrick instead of Jules?"

I sighed and sat up so I was staring face-to-face. "I was Patrick for most my life. I don't care if you need to call me Patrick until you get use to the idea that, at least for now, I'm a chick with a dick."

There was a brief silence until both of just started cracking up over that comment. She fell into my shoulder and I held her as we both had a good laugh. Finally, I asked her, "So, what do you say?"


I pulled away from Jules and thought for a couple of seconds. If I do this, despite what she says, it's a road we both can not come back from. Should I risk it. I looked at Jules and the decision was made. I pulled my pajamas over my head and tossed them to the floor and I said, "Okay, let's do it."

Jules leaned in and pressed her lips against mine and slowly laid me back. This time I kissed her back and let her tongue mingle with mine. I wasn't sure where to put my hands so I dragged them slowly down her back to rest on her side. She pulled out of the kiss as brought her hands to my breast and pressed them together and then brought her lips to them. She covered my nipple with her warm mouth and twirled her tongue around it and gave a firm suck. I arched my back to give her more access and awarded her with light moaning. She made sure to pay attention to my other nipple until both were hard like cherry pits.

She shifted her body so that she was now in between my legs and rested her full weight on me, so that her head was positioned just right over my breasts. "I've been waiting for this moment for so long, I'm not quite done with these," She said. She brought her head down my left breast and assaulted it with her tongue - giving long licks over my nipple and sucking in random places. All the while she kneading and pinching my other breast. I thrashed my head from side to side and rotated from arching to laying flat. I entwined my fingers in her hair and pressed her harder on me and grinding my pussy along her body. Jules moved to the other side and made sure there wasn't a single inch neglected. Then she rose up and kissed me again while she grinded into my pussy.

"There's something I've been wanting to do for so long, " she said with a smile and with that she moved down my body until I could feel her breath over my slit. She spread my legs wider and bent down. I felt her tongue dart into my slip and run up along it. mmmmmmm...she was so warm. She darted her tongue in and out of me and then pushed it in further and gave me a long lick from bottom to top and ended on my clit where she gave a little suckle. I tilted my hips up. She held my clit in between her lips and started to give it hard, long licks. Then she made little circles on it applying more pressure with each circle. I felt a gush and I moaned and closed my legs a bit. Jules placed her hands on my thighs and forced them back open. She then moved her tongue down and lapped up and sucked the extra juices and moaned into me. She then went back to my clit and started twirling circles, not on it, but around it.

I felt an ache that started out as pinpoint and grew with each circle. I tried to close my legs again, but Jules wasn't having it. She kept them firmly in place. Then she moved her hand and I felt her push her finger into me, followed by another. She began to move them into a hook position inside of me and then straighten them out. She started hooking and unhooking her fingers inside me faster and faster and circling my clit with her hot tongue with an occasional suckle. The speed and friction was building up and the ache now permeating further from clit to encompass my whole pussy. I started breathing harder and rolling my hips as if trying to escape her, but she held me firmly in place. I felt I was in flight response, but I couldn't get away. I had to take it. I felt my legs tense up as the pleasure grew and grew and just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, it shot out in a wave that wracked my whole body. My clit pulsed and with each pulse a new wave of cum spilled out of me. Jules abandoned my clit and was lapping it all up. My body convulsed around her tongue until I was spent and there was no more to give.

Jules continued to clean me up and when she was done she rose over me and said, "You taste so good, Merri. I want you to taste yourself." and she leaned down and thrust her tongue inside me. I sucked on her tongue and tasted myself and she was right. I grabbed her face and covered her mouth with mine and even licked her lips. I was drunk on the taste of myself and maybe that is what made me loose myself in the moment. I leaned up and pushed Jules onto her back. I straddled her and leaned down to continue kissing her. I felt her cock resting along my pussy and I started grinding on her. She was so hard and I was making it slick as I moved back and forth. She moaned in my mouth. I moved down her neck and gave her light kisses and sucks and finally I was cupping her breasts.

I didn't know what I would do when it came to her breasts, but in this moment, I just let raw instinct take hold. I took her nipple into my mouth and let my tongue wrap around her nipple and began to suck. "Mmm..Merri, suck harder." I heard her say. I sucked harder and tickled it with my tongue. "Harder, pull it!" she demanded. I did what she asked. I grabbed her nipple in between my lips and pulled it until stretched from her body and then I sucked hard. I thought I was hurting her, but she was moaning and asking me to do the same thing to the other one. "I want you to brutalize them!" I didn't know what she meant because I know I hate when a guy goes to hard on my tits, but apparently that's what she wants. I squeezed her boob hard and pitched her nipple and twisted while I sucked and pulled on the other one. Jules shifted her hips up and down so that her cock rubbed against my slick pussy. She was chanting, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God." over and over again.

I finally grabbed her cock, slick from all the rubbing and positioned it under my slit. I slowly came down on her and let her in slowly, savoring every inch and feeling her open me up. I finally came completely down on her and grinded into her pelvis in a wide circle and squeezed her hard inside me. She threw her head back and yelled, "Yes! Fuck me, Merri! Ride me hard." I squeezed down on her again and moved my hips in a forward motion and then back again. Jules groaned and I pumped forward again and again until I was pumping at tempo. I watched her boobs bounce and strangely it turned me on even more. I reached down and twisted her nipple and Jules arched up, "Fuck, yea! Fuck me hard!"

I repositioned my legs and then started bouncing up and down on her cock. I was coming down so hard and fast, I could feel her hitting my cervix. The added pain was making the ache grow faster. "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!" That was coming from me. My boobs were bouncing and grabbed them to old them in place as I bounced on Jules\' cock. I brought my fingers over my nipples and started pitching them hard and looked up and I saw Jules staring at me with heat in her eyes.


Dear God, Merri is an absolutely fucking good fuck! I can\'t take my eyes off of her bouncing on my cock, holding her massive breasts, and pitching those delicious buds of hers. Gah...her pussy is so warm and slick and I love the way she is squeezing me so hard when she comes down. I feel like she's milking me with her tight cunt. Her lips are so full and my image of them wrapped around my cock probably doesn't even come close to the real thing. "Oh God, I'm going to cum, Merri!"


I hear Jules shout she is coming. She grabs my hips and shoves me down hard onto her and I feel her cock pulsate inside of me as she pumps cum into me. The best part is feeling a man spill inside of you. I love the feel of a cock swelling up inside of me only to release in short, numerous spasms that rock against my clit. I press forward and feel my orgasm course through my body and sway back and forth as each wave passes through me. I fall forward and let Jules cradle me. She wraps her arms around me and kisses the top of my head.


After hours have gone by and I hear the deep breathing coming from Jules' side of the bed, I'm still awake. I enjoyed the sex and yes, it was probably up there in my top 3, but I'm coming to terms with a couple of things. One, I don't mind that Jules is a girl and has breasts. In fact, I enjoyed playing with them. Two, I love dick too much. It's not that I need penetration. I can get that with a dildo. I need to feel the sensation of being filled up to the brim with cum and that's something I'm afraid Jules can't give me when she decided to go all the way with the transitions and I'm sure as shit don't want her to keep the one thing that she most likely wants to get rid of because of me. I'm just wondering how I'm going to approach the subject with her.

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