More tales of masturbatory indulgence and exhibitionist fantasy   added 2 years ago    

  By: easypeasy

I feel weird that I seem to have stopped posting mostly anything but masturbation accounts.  But you seem to like it, and it completely turns me on to write about what I do and share it, and to hear feedback about how hard or wet it gets people, what people want to do when they read it, what they want to do to themselves, to me.  I love that.  It's making my cunt wet and hot and throbbing right now, just thinking about you all reading that.


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I finally got a new dildo I'd been eyeing for a while.  And god, this new dildo is really good.  So fat and thick I can't close my hand around it.  But not too long, only about 4 inches.  Perfect for when I want to really get fucked wide open.  I like it deep too, but that usually hurts when I give it to myself really deep and hard with my big purple dildo--in a good way, but I'm not always in the mood for the extra edge of the pain, so this one is great for when I just want to feel really, really full.  I almost always have to use lube to finally take it all the way in my cunt, even when I'm super turned on and wet.  It's just too big!

But I love it.  I've got it hard and full in my cunt right now, and I've been rocking and fucking my pussy on it while I watch porn.  I've been watching good clips of pussies and asses getting fucked hard, and also some video I've taken of myself, dildos and vibrators fucking in and out of my own ass and pussy, and few fingering my clit and pinching my nipples.  It's hard to get a good shot, but I've managed it a few times--even once when I had a dildo in my ass and a vibrator in my pussy, and you could see both sliding in and out when I fucked up and down on them.  It really turns me on to watch my own cunt and ass get fucked, and I especially love to watch my pussy come.  So hot, especially when I'm fucking myself as I watch it.  Coming while I watch myself come is like this infinitely recursive loop of hot fucking wet goodness, and it never really gets old.  :)

There's plenty to fantasize about in my new apartment.  The landlord has been over with a couple different contractors.  A new guy moved in downstairs who is kind of rough in a dirty, sexy, I want your big calloused fingers in my tight wet cunt kind of way.  Another guy moved in a few doors down the hall who has a suspiciously close best friend, though I've seen them with some women, too.  Oh, the three-way fantasies I've harbored about those two.  And sometimes I throw in my gay ex-military neighbor, who could probably top any of us without breaking a sweat.  I think a lot about any of them coming to my door, and finding me wearing very little, maybe my pussy is wet enough that they can smell me because I've been fingering or fucking myself.  Now that the weather is warming up, I've got my bedroom window open a lot at night, and I love to moan and whimper just a little too loudly as I finger my clit at night, or when I start muttering filthy dirty humiliating things to get my pussy wet, I let my voice get a little louder than I should.  I love to think about any of my neighbors hearing me, maybe touching their pussies or jerking their cocks listening to me. 

Today I shaved my pussy for the first time in a long time, so I've got quite a nice curly thick soft bush above my smooth wet pussy lips.  And I've got the new huge dildo all the way up my cunt, stretching me open every time I rock and grind my pussy on it.  I almost came earlier just fucking my pussy up and down and back and forth on the huge cock fucking my hole open, grinding my clit on the towel I have covering the couch, moaning loud enough I wonder if anyone in the parking lot or the apartments near mine can hear me.  So hot.  I started pinching my nipples, and it made me shout and whimper a lot, and my pussy got so wet around the dildo, and I couldn’t stop rocking and grinding, feeling my pussy lips slide up and down the cock fucking inside me, my clit rubbing on the soft terrycloth of the towel, moaning too loud…I just barely stopped myself.  It was good, but I love delayed gratification, and I wanted to draw this out since it's been a while, and it might be a while again.

We're a fairly small apartment complex, and we do occasionally knock on each other's doors for things.  I wonder what I'd do if, say, Dan from downstairs knocked on my door to ask for our landlord's phone number because he lost his phone.  Would I answer wearing the old ratty nightgown I've got on, that barely covers my tits, lace showing my nipples, and crotchless panties underneath, trashy homemade crotchless panties that show my newly shaved pussy lips under my dark curly cunt hair.  I must look really wet, with all my own pussy juice and the lube I keep adding.  I bet my cunt looks so good stretched around the dildo.  I'd keep it in when I open the door, feeling it fuck into me when I walk, my nipples so hard rubbing against the lace in the thin cups of the nightie.  Maybe I'd drop something and bend over to pick it up, ass spread toward Dan, letting the slit in the nightgown part and show my legs and then my cunt and ass.  Maybe he'd reach out and finger me, or his dick would get hard, and he'd just grab my ass and fuck his cock into my cunt.  Fuck, I love to think about that.

And it's another day now, another horny weekend day when I can't stop thinking of ways to get myself off and haven't done anything public in a while, and my pussy got wet just thinking about it when I made my plans.  So, today, I have a short story of a hot adventure in my new neighborhood.  I haven't really indulged my love of public masturbation and toy play since I moved in here.  Just in my apartment, maybe with the blinds cracked a tiny bit, imagining someone seeing me or coming to the door.  Today I thought about going to the grocery store on the bus, but that seemed like a little more of an expedition than I have the patience for.  I've just been seriously horny, like, feeling like I'm going to crawl out of my skin if I don't come hard and soon.  So instead of the bus and the grocery store,  I got stoned, got a big plug in my ass, put on the red lace bra with holes cut out for my nipples, and pulled my red lace panties up into my pussy and between my ass cheeks, holding the plug in my asshole.  I put on jeans and a low-cut black top, a red sweater over the top so I could zip up to cover my tits if I got uncomfortable.  And I went for a walk.

My neighborhood is great for walking, nice wide sidewalks, lots of flowering bushes and various kinds of greenery.  A lot of people go out walking or jogging, and it's on a bus route, so there are also people waiting for the bus along the street.  In a few places, there are benches that used to be bus stops, but the stops got canceled, so now walkers and joggers just use them to rest. 

I went out walking, and after starting out with my tits covered by the sweater, I unzipped and let my nipples get hard pushing out through the holes in the bra, rubbing against the soft fabric of my top, especially when a cool breeze would blow past them.  I can't explain how hot it gets me to see them, to see the soft flesh of my tits pushing through the hole in the bra, getting squeezed out tightly, and my nipples turning into hard dark pink little points at the end.  It just does something to me.  Especially when I can pinch them hard, really work them between my thumb and finger.  I love to hold my nipple hard and let my tit swing, gravity creating a delicious pull on my nipple that sends heat straight to my cunt.  So walking along today, even with the soft black fabric covering them, I could see the shape of my tits and nipples pushing through the bra, and I could feel them brushing against the fabric, and it made my heart race and my pussy tingle whenever a car or another person would pass by and maybe see them like I saw them, notice what I was doing, wet heat flooding my pussy whenever it looked like someone was noticing me. 

I used my biggest black silicone plug today, lots of lube.  Before I went out, I fingered my asshole for a while with a latex glove on, my middle and ring finger fucking in and out of my ass over and over.  I bent over in front of the big mirror in my bathroom, using one hand to hold my ass as open as I could, and looking over my shoulder to watch the fingers of my other hand fuck in and out of my asshole.  It looked so good, my asshole tight and pink and wet from lube, my fingers smooth in the latex, pumping in and out, my asshole fucking back onto my fingers a little because it felt so good.

I gave myself my little plug and watched porn for a while, getting my ass used to being fucked open, held open by something hard and unyielding.  It's been a while.  It was good, though, to rock on the little plug, feeling like fingers grinding in my ass while I watched porn.  I've continued to shave parts of my own cunt hair, but I've been really super into watching hairy pussy porn lately, especially fingering and licking.  So I watched a bunch of that, mouths and fingers fucking wet cunts surrounded by dark sticky bushes of cunt hair, wet with pussy juice all over as a tongue pushes between the hairy lips and licks over a clit, or fingers rub in and out of a tight pussy hole, spreading more cunt juice around to make the hair even stickier.  God, it's really getting me wet even now thinking about it. 

It was pretty hot, but after just a little bit, I really just started craving that feeling of illicit public exposure, the feeling of being watched and seen, wondering if anyone notices what a filthy little slut I am for this stuff. 

So I got my big plug up my ass, fucked my asshole a little first just to enjoy the feeling of the tight hole being forced open again and again to take the thick head of the plug.  I got my panties back on, pulled them tight over the plug and up between my cunt lips, reaching down to pull my pussy open wide so the crotch of the panties would be pressed right over my clit and my pussy hole, then got my jeans and top on. 

I started out covered, but once I got my sweater open, I started to feel so turned on as cars drove by, or other walkers passed me going the opposite direction on the sidewalk.  A few high school skater boys went by, a bus full of people looking out the window, a couple joggers and some elderly couples.  I could feel the panties rubbing in my pussy and my cunt getting wetter and wetter, soaking the inside of my jeans where my cunt was rubbing against them.  I wondered if it would soak through if I got turned on enough, if people would see how wet my cunt is because I want them to see what a dirty whore I am, walking around with my nipples out and my ass full of a hard fake cock. 

Eventually, I got to one of those benches, and I decided to sit for a few minutes and watch other people go by.  I left my sweater open, and my nipples were hard and poking at my shirt.  I loved looking at them, and I wanted to reach down the low v-neck of my shirt and pull one of my tits out and just play with it right out in the open.  I wanted to so bad, and I let myself just look at my tits and think about it for a while, what it would feel like to get my tit out like that, the cool breeze, my fingers pinching and rolling my nipple and squeezing my whole soft tit while cars drive by and watch me, fuck, fuck, I can't stop squirming my pussy and clenching while I write this because it got me so hot.  When I sat down, the plug pushed hard into my ass, and it made me gasp a little.  I looked around but fortunately, or unfortunately, nobody was around at that moment to hear me.  I had brought a little notebook and a pen with me, just in case, so I sat and wrote about what I was doing, and how I was feeling, letting myself rock and squirm just a little on the plug and feeling it move in my asshole, the lube making it slick still.

Here's what I wrote:

"Well, this is different.  Sitting here on a bench in my neighborhood, big silicone plug up my ass.  Nipples hard, ass cheeks and cunt sticky and slick with lube and my cunt juice.  Red lace panties pulled up into my pussy, pressing on my clit, up between my ass cheeks, pushing the plug hard into my ass.  Feeling my asshole squeeze around it, feeling my clit throb when the crotch of my panties rubs over it.  Wish I could just stick my hand down my jeans and finger my pussy until I come, right here."

And I did want to.  My cunt was so hot and wet, and the plug felt so good fucking into my ass, and I just wanted to do it.  Get my jeans unzipped and pushed down a little, sprawled back on the bench, and maybe people would see my red panties, see them pulled to the side so I could get my fingers in my pussy, rubbing at my clit and pushing down into my hole while I squeeze and grind my asshole on the plug, and I'd come so fast, rubbing at my pussy and fucking my asshole like that, mmm, fuck, I wish I was brave/stupid enough, right??

Instead, a jogging dude came and sat on the bench by me to retie his shoes while I was writing that.  I acknowledged him, finished up, and then played with my phone for another minute or so as he drank some water, and I thought about how he had no idea what I was writing while he sat like a foot away from me, no idea what dirty things I was thinking about letting him watch, maybe doing to him, letting him do to me.  Could I give him a hand job right there?  Could he reach over and finger my pussy?  I let myself think about it while I deleted some texts off my phone before leaving.  I sat there, wondering if he noticed the weird shape of my tits with the nipples squeezing out from the holes in my bra, hard little points at the tip rubbing against my top and clearly visible.  It made my pussy throb and my asshole clench around the plug.  The whole thing just got me hotter and wetter and more ready to get home and get myself off.

But finally I got up and walked back home.  I was so hot by then that as I walked, I couldn't help reaching up to rub my nipples a little bit.  I could feel the plug moving and fucking in my ass, and my pussy was soaking wet and my clit was throbbing, and I couldn't help letting a hand drift up to rub back and forth across my nipple.  I even let my fingernails scratch over it, and I pinched it with my thumb and forefinger a couple times.  I really couldn't stop myself.  I have no idea if anyone noticed because I was too busy thinking about everyone I saw on the sidewalk or in a vehicle pulling me into a car, or an alley, or a house, and sticking fingers or tongues or cocks in my pussy and my ass, and making me finally come so hard, taking it from whoever, the mailman, the guy coming out of the church, the old man mowing his lawn, the skater guy calling his girlfriend, the jogger, the soccer mom walking her dog.  I wanted them all to fuck me, and it was all I could to get home thinking about it and just playing with my tits a little.

And now here I am back in my apartment, wearing nothing but the bra and panties, plug still up my ass, but now I've got a vibrator worked into my pussy, and I've been periodically buzzing my clit and pretending my cunt is getting eaten out while a cock fucks my ass, or fucking the vibrator into my pussy and pretending I'm taking it up the ass and cunt from two big cocks, pounding into me until I almost come.  But I've been stopping myself, so I could write this while I was still super turned on.   And I am.  I've got the vibrator up my pussy, buzzing on low, and the plug in my ass, and I've been pinching my nipples, and I'm about to go fuck myself so hard until I come, and then make myself come again with the vibrator just buzzing my clit, like getting my cunt licked after I get fucked.

And that's exactly what I did!  I spread my ass cheeks open so I could really fuck my asshole down on the plug where I was sprawled out on a towel on my couch, and I got a vibrator up my pussy, and I fucked my cunt and my ass steady and hard and fast until I was almost coming.  I started pounding my pussy so hard with the vibrator and let my asshole clench and grind and fuck down onto the plug, and I came like that, moaning too loud and fucking and grinding while my asshole and pussy spasmed and squeezed the cocks fucking into them, and my cunt flooded with come, and I couldn’t stop arching up off the couch and whimpering and coming for a good long while.  It was pretty great.  And then I did pull the vibrator out of my cunt and turn it up to high, and I made myself come again with it just buzzing my clit, my asshole still squeezing the plug, and coming again like my pussy got eaten out while a dick still fucked my ass.  Whenever I make myself come a second time like that, focused on my clit like that, it usually kind of just goes on and on for as long as I like to let it.  I can keep coming slowly, over and over, just rolling spasm after spasm, for minutes.  I get really flushed, and my tits get so sensitive, and my cunt is always soaking wet by then and feels really hot and swollen, and I just keep coming and coming as long as I keep at my clit.  I just discovered this about a year ago, and it's been super awesome, as you might imagine.  :)

So now I'm getting turned on again--I don't know what it is about today.  After all that earlier, I put on this pair of men's cotton briefs that one of the dudes in my building left behind in the laundry room.  I totally stole them.  I love to wear them when my pussy is freshly shaved and clean, and I jerk off by fingering myself through the flap in the front.  I love the way it feels to reach into men's underwear and find a smooth slick hot pussy.  I also love to wear them at times like this, when my pussy and maybe also my ass are already wet and used and I need something comfortable to wear while I let myself feel it for a while.  Only today I think I may end up fucking myself in some way again because my cunt just feels *hungry* and it keeps throbbing, and I'm still really wet.  I might finger my ass a little again, too, because I love how soft and open it feels after I get fucked, how easy it takes my fingers, and I can just fuck in and out of my asshole for a while, letting myself feel how raw and sensitive my hole is.  

I got out my short thick dildo, too.  It has a really well-functioning suction cup, so my current favorite thing is to stick it on the bathroom wall, and bend over to take it from behind, fucking my pussy back onto it and really banging myself.  The advantage there is that I can also look up and see myself in the big bathroom mirror.  Watching my tits sway every time I shove my pussy back hard onto the dildo, my ass slamming into the wall over and over as I force my tight pussy to open up and take it.  It never takes long before I'm fucking my cunt smooth and easy, and it's all wet fucking sounds and me moaning and gasping every time I change the angle so it rubs me inside just the right way.  I love to get a hand down and finger my clit, one hand braced on the sink, and can fuck my hole back onto the fat hard cock as fast as I can take it, fingering my clit until I come, and watching my face as I whine and fuck and whimper and take it hard and over and over. 

Maybe I'll do that tonight, or maybe I'll sit on the couch and fuck down onto it while I finger my clit or buzz my clit with the vibrator again.  Either way, I'm going to get fucked, and I’m going to come at least two more times tonight.  That's apparently just the kind of day it is.

I've actually been buying porn this afternoon, watching it on my tv in the living room, wondering if anyone hears the moans and wet sounds of fucking coming from my tv.  I haven't even touched my pussy yet, no toys out.  I've just been watching and letting myself rock and grind on the couch.  I can feel how wet my cunt is, and I have been letting myself play with my tits, so I've got my shirt off, and I've been pinching and rolling my nipples while I squeeze and rock and grind my pussy against the couch.  I'm so turned on, so wet and horny, that I almost think I could come just from that.  I don't want to, of course, but I bet I could make myself come just from rubbing my pussy on the couch, letting the fabric of my panties catch on my clit a little and pull on my pussy hair.  I've been growing out my bush again, so I've got lots of soft curly hair around my wet cunt, all sticky and wet from my cunt juices. 

I'm planning to fuck myself with my big purple dildo.  I've been mostly taking my huge thick black one, the shorter one that stretches me so full I feel like I could take cock forever.  But today I want to bend over on my bed, turn my wet cunt and naked ass to the open window, and really fuck myself down onto a hard dick. 

I'm not sure how I'll turn the dildo, whether I'll make it feel like I'm riding a cock, grinding and slamming my tight pussy down onto it until I feel fucked open enough to come like that, bent over, my tits swinging, fucking and grinding and bouncing my wet hole down onto the thick shaft of the dildo, like a dude is just lying there letting me get myself off on his dick, letting me fuck him however I need to so I can come on his cock, my wet pussy spasming and clenching around his hard prick when I do.  Fuck, that would be good. 

But maybe I want to turn it the other way, like I'm getting bent over and fucked from behind.  I've been really into fantasizing about doggy lately, something about being bent over, my face smashed into the mattress with my ass and pussy in the air.  Presenting myself like a whore for a cock to just use my holes, some dude to grab my ass and hold me there, rubbing his dick in my cunt until he finds my pussy hole and then just slamming it into me.  Holding my ass up and reaming my pussy while I just hang there, feeling my face rub against the sheets and my cunt get fucked open, my asshole spasming as I think about how he can see it, is watching my holes spread wide for him as he pumps his dick in and out of my cunt. 

I'm not up for the effort of fucking my ass today, but I might think about it if I decide to fuck my pussy like that, fucking my dildo up my cunt from behind and thinking about the guy pulling out of my cunt and forcing his dick up my ass, slicked only with his own precome and my pussy juice, burning with friction as he makes my ass open up and take it, but wanting to come anyway with his hard cock ramming my poor tight hot little asshole.  Fuck, that would be hot, too!  Decision, decisions.  :)

I've been so super into the idea of public fingering lately.  I can't stop watching that porn of ladies getting groped and fingered and fucked on the train or the bus.  It's so messed up because it is an actual problem, and it's in no way okay or wanted, but the fantasy of it gets me so fucking wet.  I love to think about being on the bus and someone reaching under my skirt and working his fingers under the crotch of my panties and rubbing my pussy.  Making me come like that, fingering my wet hole and rubbing at my clit until I come whimpering and shuddering right there on the bus, knowing somebody has to be noticing but not able to stop myself from coming, thinking about them watching me only making me come harder until my cunt juice is running down the guy's hand, and he's got four fingers buried up my cunt.  Sometimes I think about watching a guy get his cock out and jerk it as he watches me, or a woman who spreads her legs and slips her hands under her own skirt, letting me see her wet slit as she pulls her panties aside and fingers her own pussy.  Fuck, yes.

I basically like to fantasize about getting snuck up on and fingered just about anywhere.  Public transportation is fun to think about because I do ride the train, and there's lots of porn to watch that helps me visualize.  But also at the grocery store?  Someone comes up behind me in the beer aisle late at night and gropes my pussy from behind, rubbing a hand between my legs over my jeans, but hard enough to make my cunt throb and gush hot cunt juice down onto my panties.  Or at the library, I'm bent over to look at the bottom shelf somewhere way back in the stacks, engrossed in reading down the titles, and someone sneaks up behind me and runs a hand up under my skirt, going right to my cunt, rubbing over my panties once and then rubbing underneath the crotch to slide right between my cunt lips, already a little damp with sweat from the warm day.  It happens before I can even react, and once I'm aware of it, I'm bent over, bracing my hands on the shelf in front of me, with a strange guy's fingers buried up my pussy.  I freeze, and he pushes my legs wider with his knee.  I push my ass out before I even realize it, spreading wider and opening up for him, and he starts fingering my pussy.  He rubs my clit and fingers my hole until I come like that, and then jerks his cock until he paints my ass with his jizz, wet streaks all over the silky fabric of my panties on my ass cheeks.  Jesus, that's a hot one.

Anyway, that's the idea.  Sneaking up on me and getting fingers in my cunt before I can even react, and then fingering me until I come, or sometimes progressing to eating me out and fucking me in the pussy and even the ass on the days when I'm really letting myself go all out with the fantasy and can hold off long enough to build up to it.  Taking a stranger's cock up my ass in public after being licked and fingered and fucked until I'm almost coming is like some ultimately hot fantasy for me. 

I've also been fantasizing a lot lately about someone sneaking in my open window at night.  It's been so hot that I've been sleeping naked with the window open, so it's a natural choice.  I've been fingering myself and using my vibrator to get off, whimpering and moaning as I fuck myself and tease my clit, wondering if any neighbors can hear me with the window open.  I would be willing to bet I've been heard at least once--I'm *that* neighbor, haha--and it always gets my pussy so much wetter to think about.  And then sometimes I take it further and imagine someone sneaking up to my window one night and watching me come before climbing in and fucking me.  Or sneaking in after I've come and dozed off, starting to finger me and suck my nipples before I wake up, and then holding me down and making me suck his cock before he fucks it up my pussy and bangs me hard, coming in my cunt and leaving me messy and fucked open.  I imagine he stays and watches as I finger myself again, my fingers rubbing his come and my come all over my cunt until I finger my clit hard and come again while his eyes are on me.  Yep, another hot one, right?  :)

That's why today I want to come with my ass and pussy spread at the open window, fucking myself and coming like that, moaning as loud as I think I can get away with.  It's going to be so hot to imagine if anyone hears me, if anyone gets hard in his jeans, or feels the crotch of her panties get wet.  the few times I've heard someone coming off in the distance somewhere, in another apartment or upstairs or something, it has made my own pussy tingle and throb and get wet. 

One night years ago, I was awake in bed at night, a little insomnia, and I heard some woman getting fucked nearby, my window open because it was a nice warm summer night.  I lay there and fingered my pussy while I listened to her moaning and grunting and whimpering, and occasionally the man who was fucking her letting a grunt or groan, too.  I let myself moan loud once or twice, wondering if they would hear me and know someone was getting off to the sound of their fucking.  I could tell when she was getting close to coming, and I fingered myself so hard, trying to come with her, but I couldn’t quite get there.  It was so hot to hear her wailing and moaning as she came, though.  Fuck, my cunt was so wet.  He hadn't come yet either, and she was making these little barking grunts as he kept fucking he, and I was rubbing and rubbing at my clit, feeling my pussy squeeze on nothing as I thought about him plunging his prick in and out of her sopping wet cunt, and I wanted to come so bad, I remember. 

I just kept fingering my clit, and squeezing my pussy, and grinding my hips up into the air, until I finally I started coming, and I let myself wail out a pretty loud moan, too, hoping they knew I was coming so hard because of how hot it was to hear them fuck.  Finally when I was just lying there coming down, my pussy twitching and spasming and soaking wet in the cool breeze from the window, I heard him grunt loudly and really fast a few times and then shout, and I knew he was coming.  Even though I had already come so hard, it made my pussy spasm and throb and gush a little more wetness listening to him and imagining him dumping his load in her cunt, fucking his dick into her over and over while his jizz pulsed into her hole, how sloppy wet and open her pussy would be by now, how thick his cock must have felt in her cunt right before he shot his hot thick come into her, fuck.  It's making my cunt throb and spasm and get wetter right now, too!

I also like to think about getting eaten out from behind, in general.  Like, it just always gets me hot to think about being bent over, again, face down and ass and pussy in the air, spread open and presenting my holes for somebody to lick and suck and fuck with their mouth.  I like to think about my pussy hole and my asshole getting licked over and over, just back and forth and all over my cunt and my ass, tongue-fucking and licking at both holes until I'm whining and begging for it. 

I'm pushing my cunt and my ass back onto their mouth, grinding myself back onto the tongue that keeps poking inside my pussy hole and licking my asshole until it opens, pushing inside my ass and licking me out until I feel so hot I want to explode.  Licking down to my cunt hole and eating me out fast and hard until I'm moaning and grinding my cunt back onto their mouth in rhythm with their tongue fucking into my cunt hole.  It feels so good, a phantom of a cock, not even fingers, and I want to get fucked but the warm wet lapping at my pussy feels too good to stop.  Then they lick down to my clit and start lapping at it, and I spread as wide as I can, trying to open up and angle my pussy up so they have better access. 

I feel my cunt throbbing, and my asshole is so wet and loose and open, and I'd love to get fucked, love to take cock in both holes until I come filled with cocks plowing me open, but right that second I just want to keep that tongue on my clit until I can get some sweet relief and come all over their face.  They just keep lapping at my clit, licking and licking and letting me grind myself on their tongue, rubbing my clit back onto their tongue as it licks me until I feel it start building deep in my cunt.  I can almost come, know I'm going to come on their tongue, know I can get there, and then they close their mouth around my clit and start sucking, and when their tongue licks over the hard little button as they suck, I start to come, my whole body spasming and jerking as I moan and writhe and fuck my pussy back onto their face as hard and fast as I can.  They try to suck me through it, try to keep their mouth on my clit and lick and suck as much as they can, and every time they good a good suck in, I jerk and moan and come harder.  They eat me out until I finally stop writhing and coming, my cunt soaking wet and twitching every time their tongue licks lightly over my clit or my sticky pussy lips.  Fuck, yes, that's what I want.

Okay, I thought I was done, but I just got the big purple dildo up my pussy, and it's just so good.  It's so good, and I love to get fucked so much.  Fuck, I'm just insanely turned on.  My nipples are hard and aching, and I'm panting.  I can't stop squirming and whining a little every once in a while.  I've got the huge cock up my pussy right now, and I'm sitting on the couch, and I just really banged myself with it.  I braced myself and leaned forward and just bounced my cunt on it so hard and fast, and I'm soaking wet.  I feel my pussy juice leaking out around the cock in my hole, making my cunt lips and my pussy so sticky wet. 

It feels amazing when I reach down and finger myself, work my finger between my swollen cunt lips and rub at my clit while I grind my hole down on the dildo.  My cunt is so hot and sopping wet, and I love how my hole feels stretched around the hard cock when I rub around it.  I could have come like that, bouncing and moaning and rubbing at my clit, but I still want to fuck myself at the bedroom window.  I heard voices out there earlier, at least one man and one woman, and it made my pussy get tingly hot.  I'm going to come for them in a little bit, but first I had to write about how much I love to take cock.

It just feels so good to have my pussy stretched open like this, to feel a hard long prick grinding so deep inside me.  I've been using my really thick dildo mostly recently, and it's much thicker than this but pretty short.  It feels amazing, too, stretching me open so wide.  I love it.  But sometimes I want to feel it just really deep and hard, and this dildo is perfect.  It's so deep in my cunt, stretching me and filling me so hard and unyielding, opening my pussy up all the way inside me.  I love it, it feels so fantastic I can hardly stand it.  I really am panting as I write this and feel it in me, think about how hard I'm going to take it later. 

I love the feeling of hard fullness when I take it up the ass, too, the feeling of being stretched so wide open, so vulnerable and exposed, taking whatever there is to take inside me, imagining how tight and hot I must feel when a cock shoves into my asshole.  Feeling my hole stretch and burn to take it, rewarded by that amazing fullness, the throbbing and pressing deep inside me when I'm fucked, the friction burn of thick hard flesh rubbing on the rim of my asshole when a cock fucks in and out of me.  Thinking about jets and pulses of thick creamy hot jizz shooting inside my ass, filling me up even more with a thick cock there to hold it in me. 

So now I think I really need to fuck myself on my bed, grinding my wet pussy back at the window as I fuck my dildo into it, feeling my tight little asshole spasm in the breeze and letting myself whimper and moan and grunt.  I'll work my vibrator under me and get the head of it on my clit, let my face smash even further into the mattress as I grind and fuck my pussy back onto the dildo and the vibrator until I come like that, filthy wet and completely naked and moaning for the neighbors to hear, facedown on my mattress while I fuck my pussy onto a huge purple cock and grind my clit on the vibrator.  Mmmmm.

And today I'm watching more porn, lots of double penetration and pussy-fingering, lots of hairy cunts all wet and sticky, lots of huge hard cocks plowing assholes and pussies, some pussy-licking and some cunts and assholes getting fucked with toys or bottles or baseball bats.  I'm kind of into a little bit of everything today.  I showered, and I put on a loose very low-cut top and skirt with tiny tight little panties underneath, and I've been doing my laundry, walking out into the sunshine and over to the laundry room, past other apartments, past the street on the other side of the parking lot with cars going by, past the neighboring apartment building.  I can feel my nipples hard under the top, and I wonder if anyone is noticing them, so of course my pussy is all wet and hot right now.  I figured it was a good time to finally post this and then go fuck my cunt with one of my dildos or my vibrator and get off nice and loud with the window open.  Sounds like a good Saturday afternoon plan, right?  :)

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CelticKnots    (2013-11-03 17:55:52)    Flag as inappropiate
CelticKnots You make ME throb! I've been trying to message you but the darn code won't take.
easypeasy    (2013-10-27 18:33:09)    Flag as inappropiate
Jesus, Celtic Knots, that's incredibly hot to think about. My cunt just throbbed at the idea.
CelticKnots    (2013-10-08 11:46:15)    Flag as inappropiate
CelticKnots Let's try that again: I got all my vibrators and spent the morning reading your story while fucking my ass with one toy after another.
CelticKnots    (2013-10-08 11:42:09)    Flag as inappropiate
CelticKnots I got all my vibrators
easypeasy    (2013-08-11 15:28:49)    Flag as inappropiate
Always glad to hear my stuff is making people hot or hard or wet. So thanks!! ;)
easypeasy    (2013-08-11 15:27:29)    Flag as inappropiate
Hi guys! Thanks so much for commenting! Been having probs w/the site, so mail isn't working. :(
CanadianCasanova    (2013-08-03 00:46:49)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Long time no see Easy! Loved the new stuff!!
Clarkee    (2013-07-22 11:40:21)    Flag as inappropiate
It's good to have you back, easypeasy, your posts are always so hot....

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