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John had been talking to Stacey for awhile, now.  They used to be High school sweethearts, till she had to move away.  In those years, John had moved a few times, putting an even further distance between them.  They lost touch for so many years, until finding each other online.  Now, they talk about how much they miss each other.  The weekend arrives and John has a surprise planned for the both of them.  He packs a few things and heads off to once again be reunited with her. 


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As John approaches Stacey’s house, he notices she doesn’t look the same.  She grew taller and her hair is darker, than he remembered her.  But none the less, she is still as beautiful as he remembered.  As he parked his car, she ran up to greet him with a long hug.  A smile filled his face as tears of joy ran from her eyes.  “God I missed you so much!” she said to him.  He looked to her eyes as they met with his.  “It’s been a long time coming!” he replied.  He grabbed his bag and she led him into the house.

“You can put your stuff in my room.” She offered.  John took his bag to Stacey’s room and sat it next to her computer desk.  He came back into the dining room and sat at the table for their much needed talk.  Then after a few hours of catching up, they went on a long walk.  In the past, they took walks together and had amazing talks about nature and life.  The hours started to get late, so they headed back to Stacey’s house to relax.

As they walked into the house, Stacey guided John to her bedroom upstairs.  She turned on the lights long enough to light all her scented candles.  They were strawberry and both their favorite scent.  Stacey even lit a strawberry scented incense to help fill the room.  She turned off the lights and walked over to the bed to sit.  She starred at his bag for a moment.  “Your bag looks heavy. What did you bring?” she asked John.  John looked nervously at his bag and then back to Stacey.  “It’s nothing, really.” He replied.  Stacey gave a slight laugh, thinking John had brought her a gift.  “Nothing doesn’t weigh a ton on the shoulders.” She replied.  She stood to her feet and walked over to the bag.  John became even more nervous.  Stacey picked the bag up and took it to her bed.  She began to unzip the bag and open it.  Instantly, she became confused.  “Why do you have a bag full of newspapers?” she asked him.

“I need to take a seat for this.” John said.  Stacey became even more confused to John’s reaction as she sat on the other side of the bag and John.  John starred at the wall not knowing how to explain himself.  “I can’t see why someone would carry so much reading material, let alone multiple copies of the same newspaper.” She added.  John looked at her in embarrassment.  “Well that just made it more complicated to explain.” He said.  Stacey pulled out the first newspaper and looked at it, pondering John’s intensions.  “Paper mache?” she asked, thinking that would be the correct answer.  John was overwhelmed with embarrassment, now.  “Not exactly.  I never told you something about me and I’ve been thinking about telling you, since we started talking again.” He replied.  Stacey looked at him with puzzled eyes.  “You like to read the newspaper?” she guessed again.  John dropped his head.  “Well yes, but it’s more complicated than that.  Stacey was about to give up, till she realized she needed to have an open mind.  “Well, whatever it is, I promise you can tell me.” She assured him.  John took a deep breath and reached for the bottom of the bag.  He pulled out a bunch of printer paper that contained fantasies he had written and handed them to Stacey.  “These may help explain the newspapers.” He said.

Stacey began to read the fantasies that John had written.  Her eyes widened to what John had written, but she was also intrigued by the fantasies.  Some parts even made her giggle.  After a short time spent reading John’s fantasies, Stacey looked up at John.  She stood to her feet and grabbed him by the hand and led him to her computer desk.  “Sit here for a moment and close your eyes. No peeking.” She said.  John closed his eyes and waited for Stacey to tell him what to do next.  Stacey walked to the bed and undressed herself slowly.  She wanted to build up John’s curiosity, before telling him to open his eyes.  She tossed her clothes out of site and grabbed the newspapers from the bed.  She began to open them up and lay them down over the bed.  She read that John liked the classifieds, so she mainly used them.  She lay down on her side, naked on top of the bed with her glasses on and the classifieds in her hand.  She pulled a single sheet out to place between her legs.  “You can open your eyes now.” Stacey said.  John opened his eyes to see Stacey lying naked on her bed with the newspaper.  She knew from the fantasies he wrote, that he would enjoy seeing her naked and reading the classifieds, while another sheet of newspaper covered her lady garden. 

Now that John’s eyes were wide open, Stacey laid her back to the newspapers on the bed.  She arched her leg with one knee erected and left her other leg closest to John, flat on the bed.  She pretended to read some more as she placed her free hand over her breast.  She glided her hand down her naked body and over the newspaper covering her lady garden.  Stretching the newspaper over her lady garden with her fingers, she used her index finger to massage the newspaper onto her lady garden lips.  John stood from the chair and walked over to the bed.  He couldn’t help that his male rod had hardened to the site of Stacey embracing his fetish for the first time as he watched her.  Stacey brought her hand back up from the newspaper and placed it under the newspaper, then placed her finger upon her lady garden’s flower.  “It’s a tickle me flower. You touch it and the rest of the flower moves.” She said.

She laid the newspaper she had in her hand over her breasts and reached over to John’s pants.  She cupped the bulging hardness and began to massage him.  “Take off your clothes.” She said.  John began to undress himself slowly as to stay true to the moment.  This would be their first time together, intimately.  And John couldn’t imagine anything more special than this moment they are in.  As he took off the last piece of his clothing, she motioned him to lay beside her.  They began to kiss slowly with just the tip of his tongue gently passing her lips and touching hers.  “I missed those kisses!” she expressed. 

n a stroke of passion, Stacey forced her lips to his.  She laid the newspaper over John’s chest and massaged him with it.  Then she tossed her leg over his waist with the newspaper still between her.  She rubbed her lady garden into the newspaper over his hardened rod.  Massaging both their parts on the newspaper between them.  As the passion grew, Stacey grabbed the newspaper and tossed it to the floor.  She grabbed John’s rod and guided it to her lady garden and inserted it inside of her.  John placed his hands on her lower back to give her support as she guided his rode further inside of her.  She grabbed the newspaper from his chest and placed it onto her breasts and groped them with it, while they made passionate love.  Stacey fell to his chest and he rolled her onto her back.  It was his turn to give to her.  Their fire for each other grew more intense as he slid his rod deeper into her valley.  She soon burst out with a moan, for her lady garden was nearing the fruits of their passionate moment.  His rod would not contain the warm fluids she so desperately seeked to welcome into her lady garden.  Her flower tickled so intensely, that her moans became louder with excitement.  John’s rod burst and his fluids squirted from it, into Stacey’s valley, lubricating her chambers.  John rolled to Stacey’s back side as he wrapped his arm around her waist.  Her chest still covered with the classifieds.  She cuddled with him as she let her arm hold the newspaper to her chest.  They fell asleep, surrounded with the newspapers and the moment could not have been any more special than the experience they just shared. 

In the morning, John had to leave.  And an hour later, Stacey turned her eyes to see a message written in marker on a clean sheet of newspaper.  She grabbed the paper and began to read it.  “I had an amazing time with you and I will return! BTW, you have some new tattoos.” he wrote and ended with a smiley face.  Stacey smiled as she laid her head back down to her pillow and held John’s message close to her. 

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