Fantasy #9 - Part 1 Mother, Daughter or Both?   added 2 years ago    

  By: saintstephen

Fantasy #9 Mother or Daughter or Both Part 1


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At a party this past weekend hosted by a couple we have been friends with for many years.

She and I are always flirting in a harmless way but in my mind have had my way with her many times.

Attractive and a set of very lovely tits.

Daughter was visiting and is now about 26. Oh my God, her chest is spectacular along with the rest of her amazing body.
That night while having sex with the wife, my mind wandered first to the mother and then the daughter and then I exploded inside my wife's pussy......hope you enjoy.

The Fantasy:

Somehow I'm single. The mother and the daughter you have already met.

The husband in this fantasy has been very successful but always traveling on business, frequent golf weekends, loud, very full of himself.

Doesn't have a sincere bone in his body.

Like with the real mother, she and I flirt as the husband rarely pays attention to her and is actually rather demeaning in front of others.

I'm looking for a place to live and she suggests that I take up residence at the guest house on their property or their estate is a better characterization.

The husband reluctantly agrees, feeling that a male presence across from their huge home offers an additional level of security while he travels.

In addition, the daughter is moving back homeafter completing her Masters, a nasty breakup with her fiance and looking for a job.

My New Digs:

In the weeks following my move settled into a nice routine. Worked hard during the week, relaxing weekends and was allowed access to their large pool. The wife would frequently find a way to join me at the pool and we would chat.

She was grateful for the company since the husband was typically off at a golf weekend with clients out of town. I enjoyed catching glances of her breasts. A couple of times she caught me and just smiled.

The Daughter Returns Home:

It had been a few years since I last seen their daughter and recalled that she was developing into a beautiful young woman and a younger version of her mother

Was not prepared for what I saw when she and the mother joined me at the pool that Saturday.

OMG is all I could say to myself. We hugged, a kiss on the cheek and admired that exuberance that comes with being young, beautiful and ready to conquer the world.

She then removed her cover up and was wearing a small bikini and very comfortable with showing her body. Noticed the mother's one piece bathing suit was a high cut up the legs.

Clearly both mother and daughter waxed.

We talked and laughed the afternoon away.

At about 3 pm the Margarita's appeared. "5 pm somewhere", daughter announced. Had a couple and we were all feeling the effects. The daughter thanked me for taking up residence in their guest home.
"Nice to have a real man around", she said and focused on my body. Then to the embarassment of her mother commented, "dad is never around, always on those golf trips virtually every weekend"

The mother shot her a look that could kill and I felt a big time buzz kill coming on.
Not wanting to loose the fun vibe going on quickly commented, "well it's my gain, being with two beautiful women on a beautiful day.


Cocktail hour had ended and I was getting hungry and planning on checking out a new hot restaurant that my friend recently opened. Invited both of them to join me.

The daughter having just arrived home said she promised a rain check for next weekend.

She quickly suggested that I take her mother out.

The mother tried to beg off but the daughter persevered, "go ahead mom, have some fun".
I shrugged and said, "have reservations in 90 minutes and would be honored if you would enjoy me".
"What the heck" the mother acquiesed, "See you in an hour" as she headed up to get ready.

The Conversation:

After the mother departed, the daughter and I cleared the glasses and picked up the towels.

She looked at me with those baby blues and said, "show my mother a good time.

She needs to be treated like a woman. My father is rich but a slug and those golf trips are a convenient way to fuck other women".

"In fact, you should fuck my mother.
And if you get my mother feeling like a woman again, I will fuck you too"
I was speechless and finally spit out, "you want me to fuck your mother and you will fuck me too?".
"Yes. She and I have been talking and she admitted that she finds you very, very attractive.
I told her to have an affair and while she said could never do that, I know she is interested".

She hugged me and I felt those big tits pressing against my body. She pushed her mound into me.

"Remember, fuck my mother and you can fuck me. Haven't had any sex since my breakup and my pussy is yearning for a nice hard cock".

Part 1 Respectfully Submitted
Saint Stephen

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jayjay    (2013-04-09 11:30:57)    Flag as inappropiate
jayjay Mmmm. Typical Saint Stephen story. Love it!
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jayjay Mmmm. Typical Saint Stephen story. Love it!
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jayjay Mmmm. Typical Saint Stephen story. Love it!
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jayjay Mmmm. Typical Saint Stephen story. Love it!
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jayjay Mmmm. Typical Saint Stephen story. Love it!
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jayjay Mmmm. Typical Saint Stephen story. Love it!

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