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  By: crysw77

So this isn't a fantasy but a true experience. It's my first shared here too, so be kind!


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Naughty level to be set later


A few years before this, probably around 1999 or so (I was 22 I think), me and a boyfriend of mine decided to go to the local adult bookstore. At the time, they were still selling VHS pornos and had little viewing rooms with VCRs that you could watch the movies on before buying them. We picked out a couple, paid the $5 "booth rental fee" and went in to a booth. Now this wasn't the booths with the TVs that you paid per minute or whatever. These were larger, a little more well lit, and private (to a degree).


 I have a thing for sex in odd places, so the idea was to have sex in the booth. We started the tape and soon we were making out, feeling each other up, etc. soon I was on my knees, him sitting, and me blowing him. After he came, we switched places and after eating me out for about 10 or 15 minutes and making me cum, I might add, we switched again, and I straddled him and rode him. We then got up, I bent over the chair and he pounded me from behind until I came. He came right after. 


Now, I have to add that I am a moaner and screamer. And I didn't do much to keep myself from doing it, even there. When we walked out,several guys in the store area, including the clerk were staring at me. To be honest, I felt a little embarrassed. We handed the tapes over, bought one (just because it felt weird if we didnt), and left. I remember telling my boyfriend it was hot, but I was embarrassed afterwards. So we never did it again.



Skip ahead a few years. I believe it was 2004 or 2005, I was about 27. At the time I was living with a couple and it was a threesome type deal (that's another story in itself). We were all active with each other, either all together or separate. Well, me and the guy of the couple were talking and I told him about that experience. He liked it and asked if I ever wanted to do it again. By now, the idea did interest me, especially with him. So one night we headed to the same place.


 When we got there, we found that those viewing areas were gone, they now only had the booths in the back. We were both horny and really wanting it, so after looking at the toys and all, decided to go in the back. He had to encourage me a little, but it didnt take a lot.


He had been there before, just to check it out, and had said there were booths with glass between so the person in the other booth could see (and vice versa). We bought our tokens and went in the back. He led me to one of the larger "viewing" booths. On the way, there were a couple of guys that saw us and gave us a good look over.


we went in the booth and locked the door. It was cramped. He put tokens in, and we found a good video. I straddled him and we made out and he was undressing me. Again, I had worn a skirt, so soon it was pulled up around my waist. He managed to pull my top off and my bra. We went at it for a few minutes, before I stood, pulled his shorts down and leaned over, sucking his cock. I would have kneeled on my knees, but I knew the floor was nasty, as it felt that way under my shoes. 


As I was sucking, there was a knock on the other side of the glass. At first you can't see, I later found out both sides have to push a button that allows you to see through. He asked me if I wanted to let them see and after a little bit of thinking, I said...sure, why not.


he pushed the button and the glass cleared. On the other side was a middle aged guy, pants down, and jerking his cock. I recognized him as one of the guys that saw us walk in. He had a nice cock, not long, but thick. I looked over and noticed when he saw me, he started jerking faster and got closer to the window. I was looking at him (mostly him stoking his cock), while I kept sucking.


He pulled me around so I was now facing away from the guy. I was stumped at first why, but when he reached around and started rubbing my ass, I knew it was to give the guy a show of my ass. I couldn't see, but was later told the guy bent over to get a better look. He then made me spread my legs, and reached under and through my legs. He pulled my thong to the side, I'm sure to give the guy a view of my pussy. Instinctively, I pushed my ass out some, to give a better view.


After a little bit of rubbing my pussy, he then grabbed my thong and pulled it down. I stopped sucking just long enough to help him get them off, then bent back over, and started sucking again. He once again put his hand under and through my legs and started to finger me good. Soon he had two fingers pumping in and out of me fast. I started to moan and was dripping wet.


during this, our door shook several times, obviously someone trying to come in to our booth.


Just when I was getting read to get him to fuck me, the guy shot his load. He told me just as he started and I stopped and turned, just as he shot on the glass, right in the direction of my ass. After he was done, he pulled up his pants and left, of course without cleaning up. :/


but it was kinda hot to see that cum on the glass like that.


it was only a few seconds later when another guy came in. The window was still clear, and we both noticed the surprise on the guys face. I was standing now, skirt pulled up, no panties, topless. The guy was younger, maybe our age, and I remember thinking that I hope we didnt know each other. He pulled his shorts down and he was already hard. He started jerking slowly and came closer to the window.


I made a show of rubbing my tits, and then turning, so he could see my ass. I then bent back over and started sucking again, making eye contact with the guy watching and putting on a show of sucking his cock. After a few minutes he told me to stop (one of only a few times he ever did...). I stood up straight and he stood up. He pushed me toward the glass and bent me over. I put my hands on the glass and leaned over, sticking my ass out for him.


I felt him rub his cock up and down my pussy and when he pushed inside, I couldn't help but let out a loud moan. I made eye contact with the guy several times and watched as he stroked his cock. It was slow strokes at first, then faster and harder. He was pointing it at my face and was only inches from me, but with glass between us. I remember thinking how I wish the glass wasn't there so I could take it in my mouth.


he was fucking me hard now and I was moaning loud. I'm sure everyone could hear. The guy was now stroking faster and from the looks on his face, I knew he was close. He started fucking me harder, almost slamming me into the glass. At one point I was pressed against the glass, my tits against it. The guy put his hand up on the glass, as if touching one, while still stroking. It wasn't as comfortable, and soon I was bent over again, his cock right in front of me.


When he came, I flinched, as it shot out and hit the glass, right beside the other load, which had now ran down the glass and dried. Stream after stream hit the glass and splattered it as he kept jerking it out.


The guy took a step back, still stroking a little. My friend stepped back too, pulling out of me. My legs tired, I sat down, and he brought his cock to my face and I took it in my mouth. I licked my cum from in, sucked it. And about a minute later, knew he was ready to cum. He started fucking my face. Several times I looked over at the other guy, who was still standing and jerking some. When I felt him ready to cum, I pulled away and stuck my tongue out, hoping the other guy could see. He shot a big load that hit the back of my throat and I quickly wrapped my lips around the tip, sucking his cum completely out. After he was done and pulled away, I turned to the other guy, opened my mouth to show the cum in it, then swallowed and stuck my tongue out for him to see. 


We were done, and hit the button to close the glass. We got dressed and walked outside, and noticed several guys around our booth. This time I didn't feel embarrassed at all, but rather turned on by all the attention. I even winked at a good looking guy on the way out. As we went back through the store part, towards the exit, we heard someone call out to us.


it was the younger guy that had just watched us. He said it was hot and thanked us for the show. He was extremely nice and not pushy at all. We talked for a few minutes and then walked outside with him. He said he enjoyed it and wouldn't mind seeing it again, if we were willing. Before my friend could say anything, and before I could stop myself, I said, Sure!


he said, really? And I said, sure...sounds fun! He then offered his number and I took his and gave him mine.


I heard from him in a text later that night. We exchanged messages, and yes, we did meet up again. Several times! And me and my friend also went back there a couple more times, which I can write about later.


i hope you enjoyed. Any feedback, thoughts or comments are welcome!


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smoothballs    (2013-08-19 06:28:28)    Flag as inappropiate
what a good girl you are!!! wish I was there on either side of the glass
oowboy    (2013-07-07 05:31:37)    Flag as inappropiate
great story and well written, you have talent. Like to read more from your mind...
buster    (2013-06-04 22:11:30)    Flag as inappropiate
buster Did similar thing with my girl and we both really loved it. You make it come so alive in us and you sure made us horny as hell... this next fuck is for you sweety!
paulcs    (2013-05-28 07:17:23)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice story, hot like hell. Wish you would share more of these.
G0Long    (2013-02-22 14:15:50)    Flag as inappropiate
great share, thats why we are here.
CanadianCasanova    (2013-01-28 18:20:16)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova That was a really hot story! I'd love to read more!

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