the lady across the street - part 1   added 3 years ago    

  By: boobman

The lady across the street occasionally shows herself naked at the window - just for a few seconds. Well to be fair, she might do it regularly, but I have only seen her occasionally.


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A few days ago I was just closing my living room curtains, and I happened to notice there was a small lamp on in her bedroom. Unusual. It is normally dark or just the main light on. I would have dismissed the fact from my mind, but at that moment I saw her come into the room wearing just a towel. I could hardly stop what I was doing and look as I was clearly visible at the window as my light was on. Reluctantly I continued closing the curtains. As soon as they were closed I moved over to the edge of the window and peeked out round the curtain.


The lady was right up at her window now, presumably to draw the blinds. But no, she was opening the net curtains. Very strange, but not to be missed. I literally flew upstairs to the dark spare bedroom, dived onto the bed and peered over the window sill. She was back close to the lamp and from this window I could see right in. I wondered what was going to happen. I didn't have long to wait.


The lady is called Helen, and that is pretty much all I know about her, from our brief exchanges in the street, except that her husband, Martin works away during the week. I surmise that she is in her mid to late forties and from what I have glimpsed, she has a pretty good figure.


Her figure is suddenly confirmed to me now as she just lets the towel drop away and stands turning this way and that as if admiring herself in the mirror. She has a fantastic pair of tits and possibly (from this distance it is hard to tell) a smooth shaven pussy. Nice legs too.


Helen starts to massage her tits in a most sensual manner, rolling her nipples between her fingers and lifting each one in turn and letting them bounce invitingly. I am torn between running to look for my binoculars and risk missing something or staying put and viewing in low resolution, so to speak. I decide to stay put.


She reaches down to a low table and picks something up. I can't see what it is. Oh hang on, it’s a vibrator and she is running it over her nipples and throwing her head back in pleasure. Slowly slowly she works the vibrator down towards her pussy and then starts to tease herself (and me) with it. Obligingly Helen puts one leg up on her bed and turns a little so I can see exactly what she is doing. I wish I had those binoculars. Round and round her clit she goes and then pushes the vibrator deep inside. I am not sure whether she or I is enjoying it more.


Keeping one hand on the vibrator she lifts one of her substantial tits with the other and proceeds to lick her nipple while seemingly looking straight at me. Of course it is just her own reflection in the glass she

is looking at. I just happen to be in her line of sight. But hang on, if it was just her own reflection she was interested in, then surely a mirror would give a better view? She is clearly exhibiting herself for pleasure. At this point it occurs to me that unless there is someone in the street - and there clearly isn't, then the only place she can be seen from, is my house. All of the other houses would miss the view because she is at the back of her room and the angle would be wrong.


I let that point float about my mind for a few seconds. Could this show be for me? Did she see me at the window and now hope I am watching?


She stretches out her arm towards me and points toward the window where I am. Gulp! She beckons with her finger, and points again. Gulp.


Now what do I do. If I don't go over there I will wonder what I missed for the rest of my life. If I do and the show wasn't for me, then I am going to feel a right plonker. It’s a no brainer. I have to go over there and see.


It takes about twenty seconds to leave the house and cross the street, but it feels like an eternity. I half expect to meet a few neighbours doing the same thing. I ring the bell and wait. I can see her coming down the stairs in the dark. She is still naked! I hear the lock turning. Oh well here goes.

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