I would do anything for money...but I wont do scat   added 3 years ago    

  By: BDavis90

My ex boyfriend left me with a lot of debt when he took off, never to be heard from again.


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My day job at the local bank paid well enough for me before, but now I had red letters coming through my mail box everyday demanding money.  So you can see why I was desperate.

I had heard of an online forum where people would advertise for work wanted, I was willing to do anything legal so I looked through the advertisements one night.

Then there it was, perfect for me. Only weekends, Friday night through Sunday, $200 per day.

"Couple seeking young female for 'unusual' work. Not for everyone, please e-mail for a meeting"

Without hesitation I emailed the couple back, within minutes I had a response to meet them the next afternoon.

The next day I pulled up to the couple’s house. A typical 2 storey, with a porch running right around the entire house. As I got out the car and walked up the front path, I saw the curtains twitch in the left window. 

Before I could knock on the door a tall man appeared, he was your classic tall, dark and handsome, but with a boyish quality about him in his low riding jeans and hoody. He looked very happy to see me.

 "Hi! you must be Ellie" he held his hand out for me to shake, which I took nervously, he was far too excited "I'm Max, come in, come in" 

I stepped past him into the bland hallway, with a beige carpet and a pot of sticks in the corner. Ahead of me were the stairs leading upstairs and a door on either side of me.

 Max gestured me through the door on the left, into a beige living room, with beige sofas and furnishings. It was a very bland house to begin with, but then I saw the woman sitting on the sofa, brown hair pulled back into a bun, brown cardigan and matching skirt combo. She shifted nervously in her seat, but then looked up at me with a stern expression.

"This is my wife, Cecila" Max said, practically bursting into the room

"Please, sit Ellie" Cecila said, pointing towards the chair opposite the sofa she, and now Max were occupying. I sat down, took my jacket off, as I looked up I caught Max staring at my chest

"So, what is it that you need me to do?" I asked, pushing my chest out further and sliding forward slightly so my skirt rode up to reveal the top of my thighs, this was obviously a threesome.

"Like the advert said" Max began "This is not a normal request"

I glanced at Cecila, she had taken to staring at a spot on the wall next to me, she obviously wasn’t happy with the situation

"I'm willing to do anything" I said confidently, although I wasn’t sure if I was confident at all.

"My wife and I, we have-" Max glanced upwards "different, ah, sexual fulfilments" I swear I heard Cecila snort "but we love each other and we both think this will help our marriage"

"We have compromised on this, and I am in no way happy about it" Cecila started, not once taking her eyes off the wall "but I am willing to help my husband get past this...this fantasy" she got up from her seat "I'll allow him to fill you in, I have to get back to work soon" Cecila walked out of the living room, and I heard her go upstairs. I looked over to Max, he seemed hurt by her departure, but suddenly looked happy again as he turned his gaze back to my chest.

"Ellie, I need someone to help me with my fanstasy...have you heard of scat porn?" I looked at him, not really quite sure of what I was hearing

"As in, faeces?" I asked

"Yes...I know, it’s weird, but I can’t help it" he said, he looked down at his hands. I felt sorry for him, but I wasn’t sure I could do

what I thought he was asking

"What exactly would you want me to do?" I asked, trying to pick up his gaze

He looked at me, a smile forming on his mouth "there is no intercourse" he started to explain "I would need to you come over on Friday nights, where you would stay all weekend, just around the house we will pay for any travel and food of course, except I want you to wear a diaper" he looked at me expectantly.

My first reaction was to refuse, I couldn’t do that! But the thought of the money kept me listening; I nodded slowly, allowing him to carry on.

"I just want to be able to...change you" again he looked down, as though he was ashamed. I thought about it, I suppose I could do it for one weekend, it’s not a contract, if I hated it I could leave.

I moved over next to him "Is this Friday good for you?"


I arrived back at their house Friday evening after work. I climbed out the car and again noticed the curtains twitch, within a couple of seconds Max was at the door, beaming.

"Hi! how are you?" he asked

"Hey, I'm good...wheres Cecila?" I asked, I noticed their car was missing

"Oh, she's gone to stay at her sisters for the weekend...you know..." he trailed off "anyway, come inside, I'll show you your room"

Max led me upstairs to a bedroom, again as bland as the rest of the house but still nice. I put my weekend bag on the bed and took off my jacket. I knew it wasn’t a sex thing, but I dressed in a pair of cut off jean shorts and a shirt buttoned down low. I turned around to


Max, almost bumping into him

"Oh" I laughed, brushing my boobs again his arm "sorry"

"Its...ok" he said nervously. There fell an awkward silence. I looked at him expectantly

"So, when do we start?"

"Now!" he blurted out, he looked embarrassed but quickly regained himself, he gestured me towards a door on the right, it looked like a walk in closet "this is the changing room" as I walked in, he turned on the light. In front of me was a large table that had been padded out with a shiny cream material, and underneath there were wipes and creams. There were large drawers next to it the table, Max walked over to them and opened the top drawer. He pulled out a adult size diaper. I felt myself getting embarrassed, what had I got myself into?


I couldn’t wear that, but I had promised myself to be more open minded.

I started to unbutton my shorts and kicked off my sneakers at the same time; I slid my shorts off along with my thong and tossed them to the side. I looked up at Max who looked like he had frozen in time "do you want me to get on the table?" I asked him. He nodded, swallowing hard.

I hopped up onto the table, swung my legs around and lay down. I could see Max in the mirror to my right walking towards the end of the table. He grabbed a hold of my ankles together and lifted my lower half up, sliding the diaper underneath me. I wave of self consciousness washed over me as I thought of the fact that he could see my asshole.

He lowered my bottom half and spread my legs, he lingered for a few seconds, a soft curve forming on his mouth before he folder the diaper  up and fastened it around me. It felt strange at first, as I moved to sit up, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

"I have something I would like to show you before dinner" Max said as he took my hand to help me off the table.


Max led me to his office, the computer was already on, he led me to a chair and I sat down

"There are quite a lot of people who do this, I just think it might help if you saw some photos of other people"

I nodded, as he proceeded to show me photos of people lying on tables like I just had, and getting diapers put on. But then the photos of them getting taken off,  Some of them just cleaned their partner up with wipes and creams, but others dug their hands in, fingered their partners shitty asshole, and in some of them, fucking them in their dirty ass. Those last photos surprised me, Max could see

"Dont worry, we're not going to do that" he said quickly. It was strange, I almost felt sad at that thought.


Later that evening, after Max had served me a healthy (fibre packed) dinner, we sat with wine and watched TV, but mainly talked. I told him all about my debt and my ex boyfriend. He told me about him and his wife, how they came to this compromise. I wanted to ask what the compromise was but he didn’t seem like he wanted to share.

Soon I felt my bladder getting full, Max must have been the same as he excused himself, I looked at him, a bit confused as to what I should do

"Oh, you need to go now?" He asked, his eyes almost bulging out, I nodded shyly "I would like it if you did it in front of me every time"

"Ok" I said, as I moved off the chair and sat on my knees on the floor, he sat back on the sofa watching me intently. It was hard to do straight away, but soon I felt myself getting wetter. Max's eyes kept darting back and forth as he looked from mine to my crotch.

As soon as I finished, he asked me to wait there and excused himself to go to the toilet. He was gone for about 10 minutes, I imagine he did more than pee. He came back into the living room, and led me back upstairs to the changing room.

As I lay on the table, I could smell myself, I nearly retched but he seemed to smell more than was necessary. It was like watching someone open their Christmas presents as he undid my diaper. He lifted my ankles again and disposed of it. He got a wipe and started to wipe down my pussy, moving between my ass cheeks, pressing against my opening. The he stopped, and looked like he was gathering himself, he quickly put a new diaper on me and helped me off the table.

"I'm kinda tired" he said "you can stay downstairs if you want?"

"No, I think I'll go to bed" I said, yawning "goodnight" I called as he left my room

"Night, sleep well" He said as he closed my door.

I climbed into bed, it wasn’t until now I realised how aroused I was. I couldn’t get my hand into my diaper, and it was too thick on the outside to feel my clit, so I fell asleep frustrated and confused.


The next morning I woke up to Max knocking on my door "Morning, you sleep ok?" he asked as I sat up in bed

"Yea, really well thanks" then I felt it, I needed the toilet, but not to pee this time. My stomach growled.

"Hungry?" he asked

"No...not hungry" I said, looking up at him through my lashes. His eyes lit up as he realised what I meant, he walked over to sit on the bed. I took this as my cue to get on my knees again. I made a point of looking at him this time. I started to push, and was surprised at how easy this was for me. As I felt the first dump, I looked at his crotch; his dick was hard and twitching. Surely watching isn’t enough for him. I kept pushing feeling the rest squish against me. When I had finished I stood up and walked to the changing room and lay on the table.

Max quickly followed me and started to undo my diaper. As he pulled back the front panel the smell hit me, even though it was disgusting, his face turned me on so much, he just stared at it, not knowing what to do

"What exactly was the compromise Max?"

He looked at me, and back at my shit "that I wouldn’t fuck you" he said almost in a hypnotic state, I knew I could get what I wanted...or what I think I wanted

"But you want to?" I asked

"Yes" he said, "but I can’t" he started to remove my diaper, there wasn’t a lot in it, most of it had been smeared in and around my ass cheeks

I lifted slightly off the table, turned around onto all fours so my ass was in his face "But shes not here, and I'm not going to tell her...are you?"

He was silent, but I felt his finger start to run down my ass crack. I could see in the mirror his other hand was rubbing his dick "I can’t..." he said "I can’t" he repeated but his finger started to circle my asshole, wiping the shit from my ass cheeks down to it.

When I felt his finger on my opening I pushed back sharply into his hand, his finger was buried deep into my asshole and I clamped down around it. I had never had anything in there before, but it felt amazing. He started pumping it in and out of me, using my shit as a lubricant; he added another finger as he pumped harder. I let out a loud moan

"Harder, harder!" I moaned "more" surprising myself he added more fingers until only his thumb was left out, I felt my asshole stretching so much it hurt, but I didn’t care, I wanted more.

"Fuck me in my ass Max" I screamed. He didn’t think twice, he released a lever on the table so it lowered to his waist level. His shitty finger undoing his jeans and practically ripping off his boxers.

He placed the head of his cock at my hole and started to push. My shit was well lubricated but it still felt like he was tearing me, he didn’t seem to care about my moans of pain mixed with pleasure as he popped the head of his cock past my sphincter muscle. The pain was intense as he ploughed his cock deep into my asshole, but then he stopped and left it there as I adjusted myself around him. After a few seconds, he started ramming me. The pain was excruciating to begin with, tears streamed down my face, but the pain subsided as his cock pounded against the thin skin between my ass and my g-spot. He moaned, shouting so loud I thought the neighbours would hear

"You flithy slut! you like my cock in your shitty ass?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!!" I half-answered, half came. The waves of pleasure made my head go fuzzy, I thought I was going to pass out before I felt him sharply pull out of me. I turned around and shakily hopped off the table. Max was standing there, pumping his cock so hard, pieces of my shit were flying off

"Suck it" he ordered. I ‘ know what came over me, I didn’t think anything like this would ever turn me on, but I did as he said. I got onto my knees in front of him and licked the head of his penis. The smell was vile, but it turned me on so much I wrapped my mouth around his shaft and forced it right to the back of my throat. The taste was weirdly salty, but I didn’t care. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth and then it was filling me, almost choking me and he held my head and fucked my mouth. I tried to breathe through my nose but had to swallow his cum, mixed with my shit. It was all around my mouth as he pulled out of me. He knelt down in front of me and kissed me, he tongue gathering all of the remains. He licked his lips and looked at me

"Back on the table, we need to get you cleaned up"

I think this could solve all my problems.

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