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  By: aussiemerk

So as you would know if you have read my fantasies, I shave everything. I like being smooth all over. I started shaving just my balls and pubic area about ten years ago, and it has gradually become my whole body.



Naturally I am fairly hairy all over, so keeping smooth requires weekly maintenance with several different methods suited to the particular body part. My back and balls get waxed regularly. The rest of me gets gone over with an epilator once a week, followed by a razor to clean up.



Being summer down under, the sun comes up early in the morning. It’s not uncommon for full sun by 5:00 in the morning. So at least once a week I head out side in the early morning hours, with a cup of coffee and my shaving equipment.



So this morning I head out to our patio area naked: coffee in one hand, shaving equipment in the other.  I sat down in a comfortable chair, soaking up some of the sun. Head leaned back, legs spread wide open. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my cock and balls.



I finished off my coffee and grabbed the epilator. Standing up I started my ritual. Arms first, then arm pits. It was at this point I through I heard something from the other side of the fence. I turned off the epilator and waited a few seconds, not hearing anything. 



I switched on the epilator again and finished up my arm pits. As a started epilating my chest I saw a bit of movement. It was at that point I realized that someone in the neighbors yard was peaking over the fence and watching me.



At first I got a but nervous, but then I realized they are actually watching me. They didn’t catch a glimpse and then turn away in disgust, the person kept watching. So I decided to play along and see where this would go.  I worked the epilator along my chest slowly with long strokes, making sure to give the fullest view I could to the person on the other side of the fence.



After a few minutes the person got a bit careless, and I could see more of her. It was the woman that lived next door. Dark hair, long legs, tight ass, the kind of woman you dream about fucking when you are alone watching porn… and married to my neighbor. She wasn’t doing a very good job of hiding any longer, but I was careful not to reveal that I was watching her watch me.



Anyway the idea that this hot woman was watching me shave got me a bit aroused. My cock was growing hard, and I hadn’t even gotten to work between my legs yet.



I finished up my chest, brushing off the hair that remained. Then I sat down. I made it a point to spread my legs wide, giving a full view to my audience. I put one leg up on a spare seat and started shaving one of my legs, slowly.  When I finished I glanced up slightly and could see her attention was fully focused on my naked body and what was going on between my legs.



My cock had softened a bit. I reached down between my legs and gave a little squeeze around the base. God it felt good. Between shaving, which always makes me a bit Horney, and knowing that I was being watched, I was ready to fuck anything that walked.



I turned slightly to the side, giving my watcher a slightly side view as I lifted my other leg to the arm of another chair. Slowly I went to work shaving my other leg, making sure to brush against my cock to keep it hard.



I switched off the epilator and put it on the table, then leaned back. My leg was still up on the arm of the chair. I leaned my head back with my eyes closed. Or so it would appear, in reality I had my eyes open just enough to keep an eye on my observer without her realizing.



Her eyes were fully locked on my body. She had one hand on the fence, the other was no where to be seen.  I reached down with my right hand and took hold of my cock. Between the sun, knowing that I was being watched, and the hold I had on it, I was rock hard. My entire shaft was slick with precum.



I stroked slowly up and down. As I did I could see my neighbor squirm a bit, her grip on the fence tightened. I could tell that the other hand, the one I couldn’t see, was furiously at work below.  I stroked more, slowly at first, then building up the pace. It wasn’t long before my balls started to tighten, building up to my orgasm.



My neighbor was still there with me. I could see her bighting her lip trying to stay quiet. I couldn’t hold back any longer, I closed my eyes tightly, leaned my head back and went over the edge. I could feel a massive orgasm, as cum shot out of me, and landed on my chest.



When I was done I opened my eyes slowly. My neighbor was no where to be seen. As quiet as I could I walked up to the edge of the fence. I could hear some heavy breathing. Carefully I peaked over the edge. My neighbor was there, leaning up against the fence. Her t-shirt was discarded, her skirt was around her waste, her hands were madly at work down between her legs rubbing her clit madly with one hand, while fucking herself with as many fingers as she could cram inside of her as fast as she could manage. Her eyes locked on mine and a lustful grin spread across her face. It was the last thing it took for her to push herself past the point of no return. He legs snapped shut, her back arched, and she let out a huge groan as she came.



When she was done she stood up. “Hi there” she said in her Eastern European accent. She looked over the fence at my freshly shaved body. “Nice…” she smiled. Then she reached over the fence and with one finger scooped up a bit of the cum that was still dripping from my chest. She locked eyes with me as she sucked the cum off her finger. Raising an eye she said “Nice…” a bit of a laugh. Then she turned around and went to collect her top. She made it a point to stand with her back to me, and bend over at the waste, giving me a full view of her tight ass, little pink asshole, and dripping pussy.



Luckily I was still out side, because a cold shower from the hose was what I needed to cool off.


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easypeasy    (2013-07-14 02:07:32)    Flag as inappropiate
Mm, very nice! Made my pussy tingle thinking about watching

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