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  By: lesbirena

It was a Saturday morning.  The monsoon rain was lashing out the city.  I was in the kitchen preparing tea and breakfast as I was expecting my close friend Evelyne to arrive shortly.  She promised me to spend the weekend with me.  As I took off the tea kettle from the stove, I heard the doorbell ringing.  I hastened to the door and opened and found Evelyne standing there, completely drenched in rain.  She drove her scooter all the way to reach my place braving the heavy downpour.  The thin and transparent fabric of her dress in its wetness got pasted to her body and revealed everything it was supposed to conceal.  I was stunned when I saw her lacy bra could hardly hide her nipples and the lace panties revealed her vaginal crease, in a perfect cameltoe view.  Suddenly I realized that I am making her to wait.  I said "Hi" which she promptly reciprocated.  I let her inside and guided her to the bathroom.  I gave her a towel and told her to dry herself. I have shown her my wardrobe and said, "Find something to put on from here".  I know we are almost of the same size. She nodded and went into the bathroom.  I returned to the kitchen and readied everything before Evelyne joins me for the breakfast.  As I was setting the breakfast table, Evelyne emerged from the room.  She looked beautiful  in a crimson red mini skirt and a white sleeveless top with a low neckline revealing her fabulous cleavage.  I suddenly realized something was happening deep inside me in between my thighs.  My tits were growing bigger, I could feel my bra was slowly becoming tighter.  She was more sexy than I used to imagine about her.  She came near me and asked, "Did you prepare anything special?  I replied "No, I made the usual omlette and sandwiches".  "Okay, that's perfect", she sat on the chair as she was adjusting her blouse.  I placed the tray in front of her and another one for myself and sat opposite to her.  She was looking like an angel and I realized she was staring at my cleavage and scantily worn blouse that was showing off my bra straps.  She said in her sweet voice, "You look pretty even without make-up and a casual dress, Irena".  I acknowledged, "Thank you, Evee"  What happened later that day will be described to all of you tomorrow.



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