Can I take off my top?   added 3 years ago    

  By: fawna

I have been busy at work lately because now I write computer programs.  It is a big step up for me. I know I should be professional now and not fantasize about showing my body to men.  Or men showing me their body.  But I can Not help myself!  I get worked up just thinking about exposing myself to this guy at work, Larry. He is such a weirdo that he would not even know what to do with a woman.  And that gets me hot!


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Naughty level to be set later


 I imagine the dummy is getting comfortable on my couch and I start by sitting right next to him, teasing him by laughing at his bad jokes while touching his arm. I keep my thigh pressed against his, rubbing a little harder every time I shift in my seat. Then when I finally get sick of his terrible sense of humor I casually let my hand drop to his knee.


He gulps and twitches a little at my touch. Now is my time to take action.  I slip off my ballet flats and pull my bare feet under me on the couch.  When I turn to face him, I cross my legs to let my skirt ride up past my knees.  He is so pathetic, trying to look at my eyes instead of trying to look at my panties.


I just come right out and ask him, Is it okay if I take my top off??  Of course he is too stunned to say anything understandable.  That is why I like to show off!  I Know he wants to see my naked tits.  I am rubbing my thighs together right now just thinking about his discomfort and his anticipation.


While he is mumbling something about the weather I quickly whip my shirt right over my head.  His eyes open wide when he sees I don’t have a bra on.  He doesn’t even bother to look at my eyes and stares right at my bare breasts.  At least that shut him up.  While he is trying to figure out what on earth to say now, I just reach out and grab his crotch.  He is already a little stiff but I get him hard by rubbing his penis through his pants. I take a break to unbutton and remove his shirt.  He is too stunned to figure out the next step. I actually have to pick his hand up and put it on my breast for him.  Then he finally gets the idea and moves closer, caressing both boobs now.  I am swimming in pleasure.  When he starts playing with my nipples I gasp out loud.


I jump right into his lap and plant my mouth hard against his.  As we kiss he releases my boobies and we hug tightly, our chests squeezing together.  I wrap my legs around him, grinding my pussy on his hard dick and we open our mouths.  I practically suck his tongue out of his mouth when I feel his hands kneading my ass under my skirt.


I reach down and grasp his zipper.  If his tongue wasn’t halfway down my throat I’m sure he would be moaning and groaning when I tug it slowly down.  All the way down.  Now I have him straining, wanting and waiting for me to reach inside and release the building pressure.


But I don’t!  Instead, I release his tongue, kiss him once and stand up.  He is So disappointed.  But do not worry because he won’t be for long. I pretend to be shy and ask him: Is it okay if I get completely naked??  And I hope you don’t think I wait for an answer.  I yank my skirt to the floor in one pull.  He does not have time to appreciate my sensible blue panties because they go down almost as fast.


I let him study my nude body for a while.  Seeing him aroused is making my pussy wet.  Now he will be rewarded for being patient.  I tell him to strip, which he does in about 3 seconds. His penis is sticking straight out at me. Even erect, his penis is smaller than average. So cute. I obediently kneel between his legs and pick up his cock with both of my hands.  It is huge inside my delicate little fingers.


I look up at him and smile while slowly rubbing it.  He closes his eyes and relaxes.  I lower my face into his crotch, his dick hot against my cheek. I kiss his balls then poke around for the base of his cock with my tongue. I know he wants me to suck it but I will torture him and I Know he will not mind.  I kiss my way up the short little shaft but stop before I get to the tip. It is straining to be touched, the poor thing.


I dab the tip with my tongue and it oozes some clear fluid. I lick the head clean like an ice cream cone, holding the base tightly with both my hands.   The knob is practically throbbing now!  I circle it with my lips and move down. Then back.  Up and down. Then again. Faster. And faster.  When I grab his ass with both hands and pump my head I know he is ready.  I pull back and pump his cock furiously with both hands.  He shudders then shoots stream after stream of hot come all over my boobs and face.  When he is finally done I lick his limp dick clean.


I really want to jump into his lap but I am disgusting, covered in semen. It is even dripping off my hair. I feel like a dirty whore but in a good way.  At this point I don’t even care about the moron any more so I kick him out of my house. Now finally I can lie down and masturbate in peace like a good little slut. Maybe I am not professional enough yet.

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