Whos Boss   added 3 years ago    

  By: SoakingCunt

He pushed me onto the bed and immediately clamped my wrists and legs to each of the four bedposts. The bed was small, causing my legs to bend up, revealing my wet pussy.


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"I'll fuck you till you beg for mercy." he whispered. He clamped my nipples before he started his torture.

He went down to my pussy and started teasing my fully engorged clit with his hot tongue. I moaned and just as I thought I was going to come, he stopped, causing me to moan in frustration.

"Tell me what you and your slut pussy and clit want." he asked.

"Please tongue fuck my slut clit, sir." I begged. 

"Thats a good slut." he praised. His tongue started working on my clit again, and this time, I came faster than I thought I would. I shivered and shook, pulling at the handcuffs. He lapped up the come immediately, savouring every bit of it.

He pulled down his boxers and his thick cock sprung free. It was fully erect, pre-come oozing out of the tip. My pussy was wet already, leaking. He used the tip and started circling my pulsing entrance. He uncuffed my ankles and continued to tease me. Soon, my wrists were free too and I was moaning for his cock.

"Fuck me, sir. Fuck my slutty whore pussy until I come." I begged. He slammed into me, groaning. I let out a yelp of pain but soon, no pain mattered. Pleasure waved over me as his cock pumped in and out of me. A few pumps and he squirted his hot load inside me. I came seconds later, come squirting out of the edges of my sore pussy.

He continued pumping into me and I was splashed into waves of pleasure. I didn't know when one orgasm ended and when the next began. He pulled himself out of me and come leaked out of my pussy.

"Sir, I need more of your hot beautiful cock in my slut pussy." I begged.

He pulled his boxers back on, leaving me wanting.

"I'll come back to your pussy tonight. Play with yourself until then." he replied.

"Yes sir."

My fingers moved down to my clit and started teasing myself before rubbing harder on my throbbing nub, awaiting for the night to come. 

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