BB\'s Rough Weekend Part Two   added 3 years ago    

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Naughty level to be set later

BB was exhausted, and even though she was tied to the cot she fell to sleep in a matter of minutes. MJ who had left the room came back in and watched the young blonde beauty sleep. MJ was not as much a ruffian as his good friend Rick. He felt a little bad that he had used her in such a way. He at the same time was pleased that he got laid, his love life was not stellar by anyone's imagination.

Rick had been gone for about an hour now, he finally came back with some of his drunken companions. Always looking to make a buck, Rick had offered his captive to the men for $20 a pop. BB was in peaceful sleep when MJ and Rick quietly untied her ankles from the bed and retied them to the hooks in the ceiling previously used for drive belts and such.

BB still asleep was unaware as the first of the drunken horny men lowered his pants and attempted sex with the young woman. His limp dick hung down due to the booze coursing through his veins. With Rick's suggestion he instead opted to fuck her mouth for the time being.

Rick tickled BB's chin and she opened up. The drunken fool nearly fell over as he attempted to mount her face. His hairy and smelly ball sack touching her nose as his limp weiney entered her lips. BB dreamed that she was having a lollypop, so she sucked on the cock like one.

Dreamily she would look up on occasion and see the scrotum, up close and personal. The hairs tickled her nose but she did not awaken.

The man's cock soon rose to the occasion and he wanted to switch holes. He stood up and looked at her pussy still stained with the sperm of her first fucking. He poked her and she jumped some, never waking. The next man stepped up and shoved his cock to her lips, again eagerly taking it in. BB now getting cock in both ends, stirred in her turpitude but, was so sleepy she could not be conscious. BB was a very naughty girl and often dreamed/ fantasized about being taken by to horny men.

Fucking her face and her sweet wet pussy the men soon squirted their juices into her. Her body twitched with the desire that filled her and continued moans of pleasure even after the men had finished in her.

The next two men likewise used the poor girl to milk the creamy semen from them and spray it in her pink orifices. The six man to have though was devilish in his desires. He saw the pretty young girl tied to the cot and wished to wake her for his pleasure.

Rick I will pay you twenty extra if I can spank her bare bottom and take her from the rear,” he offered. Rick, hungry for cash greedily accepted the offer. MJ and Rick quickly loosed BB and turned her over. Tieing her again to prevent her escape. The man salivated at the sight of BB's firm round ass and smacked it hard with his large work worn hand.

BB jumped and awoke suddenly, crying out from the pain of the hard slap. Again and again the man spanked her hard on both cheeks. BB shrieked in pain from the hard spanks, her buttocks shook as he landed swat after hard swat. BB cried and teared up, the tears rolling down and matting her beautiful blonde hair.

Please, please stop, why are you hurting me?” she cried.

Because, you beautiful blonde bitches need to be spanked for being so stuck up all the time,” he sneered.

But I'm nice,” BB insisted.

No, you’re not you are teasing bitch just like the rest,” he exclaimed.

No really, I am nice.”

How can you prove it, would you let me fuck you in the ass?” he asked.

No, please, it hurts too too much, I will give you the best blow job of your life though,” BB offered.

I could just shove my cock in your mouth and make you suck it,” the man said loudly.

Yes you could, but wouldn’t it be just so much better if a woman would service you with some real enthusiasm instead of being forced into it?” BB asked.

Thinking a moment the man replied,” mm mm you are onto something there Blondie, I 'll do it .”

BB sighed in relief when he agreed. Her poor abused pucker hole was still sore from the night before last. Rick and MJ loosed her again, and BB dropped to her knees on the rug by the cot. The man she made the deal with sat naked on the cot and spread his legs as an invitation to her attentions.

BB took a deep breath then closed her eyes, taking the hard cock into her mouth. The round knob of his pecker went all the way to the back of her throat. She blocked the urge to gag and bobbed her head up and down, with her lips tightly pursing the shaft.

BB cupped the man's balls in her right hands and stroked his thigh with her left. Her tongue circled his shaft giving him a pleasure he had not remembered for some time. The hapless wench started moaning like a whore while she serviced the man. The vibrations visibly affected the now fully sober man. She was giving the best cock sucking of her life to save her sweet abused ass. The motivation was real in her and was pleasing to the man who wanted her.

Sliding up and down the shaft with her lips, her right hand squeezed his balls, not hard put close. Close enough to plant the seed of doubt in his mind as to just hard she would press his most tender parts. He trusted the young woman though and allowed her to do him her way.

Her left hand moved from his thigh and grasped the bottom of his shaft, holding him firm while she stoked faster with her mouth. The man's face grew astonished at the feeling rising up inside him. He tensed, then nearly lurched off the cot, but BB held him fast as jets of his silky white seed spurted into BB's receptive mouth.

Using her hand to run up the length of his shaft she gulped down every drop of his love juice, as the remaining jizz slid out and onto her tongue. The man smiled and put his pants back on while BB, relieved that she had avoided the ass fucking she dreaded, smiled back.

The men all satisfied after shooting there loads in BB's body left to go back to the bar and wet their whistles yet again. BB looked around for her clothes to make her escape. She could not find them, but all of a sudden MJ was there standing in front of her.

I suppose you are going to tie me up again?” BB sneered in disgust.

No, I just wanted to say, I really like you,” he said quietly.

BB looked at him, in amusement.

You have an odd way of showing it,” she replied, her heart softening some now.

Can I, you know, make it up to you by giving you some pleasure, with my tongue?” he said in a low tone.

BB smiled and was touched by his gesture. “Sure, but it's going to be a little bit nasty, I don't have a place to properly wash in this dump.”

That's OK, BB, I think I like you a lot and I really won't mind.”

You are sweet, aren't you?” she said.

BB took her place on the cot again,”I'm ready,” she said as she spread out for his pleasuring.

He started to kneel down beside the cot.

BB, stopped him and said,” no, lets do this thing right, get your pants off, I want to suck you while I am getting sucked.”

MJ smiled broadly and did as he was told.

The two unlikely lovers serviced each other till the morning light came peeping in the window.

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