A Hot Summer Night   added 3 years ago    

  By: pie106

The summer night was warm, BB was sound asleep on the queen bed in the small house by the edge of the lake. She loved staying at the secluded cabin for a week or two every summer. Clearing her mind of the hustle and bustle of the city, she craved the solitude of the woods.


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Naughty level to be set later

BB heard a noise but quickly went back to sleep. Minutes later she felt a hand go over her mouth. She tried to scream but could not and a glint of cold steel caught her eye as she broke abruptly out of her slumber.

Now feeling the blade along side her neck, BB froze and blinked to see two shadowy figures, one at her side with his hand on her mouth the other standing next to the door. Her fears were soon confirmed when the man with his blade to her neck said,” look at this nice piece ass, she's all naked and ready for us.”

BB, terrified at the words, quivered in fear, knowing that these men were there for more than the few trinkets of jewelry she had. Her stomach churned at the thought of these strange men violating her.

Bring the ropes over here MJ,” the one holding the knife said.

He tied her wrists and secured them to the head board of the large four poster bed. The man with the knife now removed his hand and BB could breathe again. The man with the knife said,” are you going to be quiet and cooperate or do we need to cut you, bitch?”

I, I'll be quiet,” BB stuttered.

Good, a pretty piece of ass like you needs to be compliant, and blood free if you get my meaning?” said the man with the knife. He then tied a kerchief around BB's eyes so she could not identify the men.

MJ, turn on the light. I want to see this pretty piece of ass, so I know what I'm fucking,” said the man with the knife.

The dim overhead bulb revealed BB's smooth naked body to the view of her captors. Her chest heaving, and her breasts quaking at the fear that filled her being. The man with the knife pulled off his trousers and briefs in one smooth motion, kicking off his shoes, then kneeling on the bed, close to BB's head.

Turn your head toward me and open wide,” demanded the man with the knife.

He then stuck his semi hard cock up to her lips. As soon as it touched she knew what it was and recoiled in disgust, spitting as she turned away. The man grabbed one of BB's nipples and pinched hard then twisted it. BB screamed out in pain.

Are you going to suck my cock bitch or do I need to do both of them for a few minutes,” he asked.

BB, tears now streaming from under the kerchief, turned her head and opened her mouth. Once more the man's pecker touched her lips and she dutifully sucked it in. She moved her head up and down as much as she could, sucking and licking the growing penis. It soon grew to full size and filled her mouth with his maleness.

MJ watched as his friend fucked the helpless girl's face, his own cock stiffening with anticipation.

The man with the knife now fully erect moved to straddle her face while bent over to smell the sweet aroma from her pussy. His balls raised and fell on her nose as the hard cock in her mouth nearly choked her as it exited and reentered her gullet. The man felt her opening and remarked, “ you must be enjoying yourself after all bitch, you are soaking wet!”

He pushed too fingers into her snatch and began fingering her, while his cock fucked her mouth. BB, to her horror was starting to feel horny, her body was responding to the stimulation, moaning around the cock that filled her. He fingered her faster, soon making her cum, shaking the bed and the man in her mouth as the orgasm surged in her body.

Shortly after, the man emptied his load down her throat, BB's passions now on fire she sucked every drop from his prick. The man, deed done got up and said, “ she's all yours MJ, why don't you eat her pussy, it smells really tasty.”

OK Rick,” MJ replied as he eagerly got up on the bed and bent down to BB's wet pussy. He began kissing the soaked snatch, then licking up the juices that seeped out of her. BB, was in ecstasy again in a matter of minutes, shrieking out her pleasure when he licked her clit.

MJ savored the thick oozing s of her cunt, furiously kissing, licking and sucking the wanton fuck hole till his cock grew hard and straight. He pulled away from his feast of pleasure and started to climb up her to fuck her pussy, with his hard tool.

Wait,” said Rick. “Lets double team her.”

BB, was confused for a moment, but as MJ released the ropes, he laid down face up beside her, pulling her over on top of him. Her fate was soon clear in her mind, but she was so horny, she welcomed the double pleasure.

MJ pushed his cock in BB and started moving in and out of her. She relished the hard cock and moved in rhythm with him. BB's large tits draped onto his chest and rubbed him in a pleasant massage of lust.

Rick was watching BB's firm round ass moving up and down, wriggling round and his penis soon revived it's hardness. Pulling up close, Rick smacked BB's beautiful cheeks a few times, just enough to add a nice deep pink color to the lovely butt.

BB had all but forgot that this was a rape and was fucking the lucky man beneath her like a highly paid whore. Rick eyed the object of his desire, he spit on two fingers, then rubbed them on her oscillating asshole. First one finger then two, BB groaned as they went in, but went on engrossed with the cock in her pussy that was giving her such pleasure.

Rick coming up behind her, forced her down and poised his rod at the sweet entrance to her ass. With one quick plunge he forced the hard cock deep into her bowel, a cry of agony left her lips, but she kept on moving, never missing a stroke.

Rick was so pleased with the nice tight hole, he slowly moved his dick in and out, fucking her in the ass. Increasing his tempo, he relished the feel of the nice round ass cheeks against his belly and the tight vise like grip she had on his cock.

BB soon cried out again, this time in the sweet pleasure of orgasm as the two cocks inside her rubbed her to ecstasy. Tingling with desire she was lost in her fleshly delights for some time before the two men spilled there jizz in both her tasty holes

All three spent in their passions, they laid there, a human sandwich of sex.

Rick climbed off first, then BB rolled off of MJ.

Don't take off that blindfold girl or I will cut you yet,” Rick demanded.

I'll be good,” BB replied.

The two men go dressed, leaving BB to her self. After she heard the door slam and a car start up to leave she pulled off the blindfold and looked around the room. They had not stolen anything, she was surprised by this, but kept looking.

There on the floor under a small desk was a business card.

The card said, “Rick Morgan, Auto Detailing.” and a phone number.

BB just smiled and decided then and there, she may need to have a little detailing done, before she leaves the sleepy little lake side cabin.

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