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  By: Diudndinchg

This is a story about a fourteen year old boy and a 19 year old girl. The boy is wearing a blue t-shirt and shorts. The girl is wearing a white blouse and skinny jeans.


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As usual I walked home from school, I took my usual route, I unlocked my door and walked in. As I went upstairs I thought I heard something. I looked towards my living room, I saw Stephanie. 

"Hey baby" she said.

"Hi" I responded. See, I'm 14 and Stephanie is 19, we have had a few sexual encounters before, though I haven't ever penetrated her. She is the dominant, I like it when she tells me what to do. 

"I want you" she said.
I could feel my dick getting hard.

"Bend over for my baby"

I leaned forward. She felt my ass, then she rubbed my asshole with her finger. I stood back up and she asked.

"Have you been masturbating for me?" 


"And saving the condoms?"

"Yeah" I said. I went to my room and got 7 used condoms from my bedside cabinet. I went back to the living room and gave them to Stephanie. 

"How old are these?" She asked. 

"The oldest one is from 3 days ago." 

"Still good." She said, looking at them. She walked over to the counter and grabbed a glass. She turned the condom upside down and squeezed the semen out into the glass. When she was done she licked her fingers and swirled the glass around. 

"Drink it." She said, commandingly.

I took the glass and looked at it. 

"Drink it bitch."

I shot the cum into my mouth, and I quickly swallowed it. 
"Good job." She said. Then she said

"Put a condom on, I want to watch you jerk off." 

I got a condom from my room and put it on. I came back with my laptop, I put on some porn and started jerking off. After a while I filled the condom with cum. Stephanie took it off. She turned it upside down and swallowed the cum. 

"I love the taste of hot jizz." she said. Then she went to her purse on the couch. She pulled out a container of white liquid and a strap on dildo. She looked at me and said  

"you wanna drink my piss, then I'm going to do you up the ass. And if you're lucky, I'll let you put your dick inside me."

"Ok" I said. 

"Undress me." 

I walked over to her on my knees. I pulled her pants down, then I took her shirt off. I stood up and looked at her.

"You're a horny little fucker aren't you?"

I took her panties off with my teeth and she took her bra off. I wanted her body so badly. She put on the strap on. 
"I'm going to fuck that ass hole until it bleeds." She said. 

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