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  By: eleventeen

whenever my wife goes out with friends, she always comes home drunk. it's a toss up whether she comes home horny or comes home mad. this time she came home quite late, quite drunk and quite horny.


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well, it was past 2am and i heard the door open. before i knew it, the sheets were pulled back and her cold mouth was all over my cock. i was balls deep before i even had a chance to open my eyes and her cold tongue felt amazing. in between slurps and licks she purred: "i have a surprise for you" and she got up and walked away, leaving me hanging with a giant dick, soaked in her saliva... a short moment later she came back nude, her beautiful body glistening in the reflection of the night. she climed up onto the bed... bypassing my wet, hard cock, and sat on my face, her damp pussy smothering me. she straddled me, facing the headboard, grinding her perfectly manicured cunt into my wanton mouth. i love eating her this way, so i went right to business, doing her with my mouth just the way she loves it -- from her taint, slowiy up to her clit, really lightly and really slow... over and over for about 30 seconds, until i feel her juice drip onto my chin and into my mouth. before i got a chance to move on to the main event that always makes her squirt: alternating between rimming her asshole and sucking her clit... i feel a mouth on my throbbing cock. it feels great and since i'm so deep into my wife's crotch, i dont even bother looking.... and i was enjoying the mystery until i felt the persons hands touch my thighs. those were a man's hands. i kinda flinched, my wife felt it and said "chris is going to make you come tonight, and you're going to make me come now".

in all of my sexual experiences in my life, i had never come via blowjob. not sure why, because i've been on the receiving end of marathon bjs to no avail, and on this night, my wife had mentioned this to her group of friends, and chris took it as a challenge. 

well, with the way my woman was grinding her perfect pussy on my face, and the way this experienced challenger was sucking me, i knew tonight was the night. chris worked his magic on my stiff dick, slurping and sucking all the right places, taking moments here and there to service my balls, taint and the odd graze of his tongue across the rim of my ass, and i was doing my wife the same way, but with a little more fervor than usual. feeling his prickly lips on my unit, his strong hands on my lower body in addition to devouring my favorite taste, i blasted a huge load of come into chris' mouth, while swallowing and drawing more and more of my wife's liquid orgasm from her quivering swollen pussy. they both got off me in unison... my wife collapsed next to me, her legs draped across my chest, we looked down to chris, who swallowed, cleared his throat and said "told ya, michelle!" 


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