Just another day at the Beach   added 8 years ago    

  By: Spartan

It was a nice day for a beach walk. I called up best friend Sam. She loves the beach. She quickly agreed to go. I drove to her house just 4 blocks up from mine and we were off.We knew of a beautiful secluded beach. It was always deserted and absolutely beautiful.

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She was wearing a bikini top and a pair of short shorts. The strings of her bikini bottom were peeking over the side. I had always been attracted to her. She had bright blue eyes, long brown hair, and long sexy legs. I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt un buttoned and some swimming trunks. We finally reached the hidden drive down to the beach and quickly pulled in and drove right up to the sand. She jumps out and almost rips her shorts off. I get out and run after her.

She got to the water before me and swims out a ways. She is so beautiful with sun reflecting off her wet skin. I jump in and swim towards her. She goes under and comes up right in front of me. She then does something i never expected. She wraps her arms around me a kisses me. The she swim back to the beach. she undoes her top and throws it aside. I approach her and cup her breasts in my hands, a soft moan from her as i caress them. Were are both so lost in our built up passion we dont see the just in eyes reach.

I untie one stirng of her bikine and she gets the other- the bottom falls to the ground. She crouches down and slips my trunks down. She goes down on me, just to start the excitement. She stops abruptly and runs down the beach aways with me hot on her heels. Finally she stops and lys in the sand right where the tide is rushing over her body. I get on top of her. Slowly i start with the motion of the waves. All we see and hear is each other and the waves. The soft moan of the ocean and her become one. The waves and my thrusting are the same. We lay there feeling the waves rush over us coming every time. It was amazing.

Suddenly we hear a horn blast. I look up to see a coast guard boat approaching. Its full of women. They ask what we were doing and i standing there naked with a massive erection ask if i really need to explain. They laugh and start taking off they're cloths. I stand ther looking at 6 beautiful naked women including my friend. And i dont know where to begin. But i didnt have to. They all surrounded me and i was engulfed by six women. All i felt was tits against my skin and something always tugging at my cock. Pure ecstasy. I woke up the next morning still naked on the beach, with six women all around me. Just another day at the beach.

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Spartan    (2007-09-11 12:03:08)    Flag as inappropiate
Spartan any girls who like beach sex or who havd done anything similar to this let me know how it was

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