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  By: talk2me

Once more your lovers pull away from you and leave you naked, exposed and helpless on the bed. Your face is slick with female juice, your tongue is aching from its exertions, your nipples hard and tender and your own nectar continues to pour from between your engorged lips, forming a pool on the sheet between your thighs. You feel something cold touch your breast. Something very cold, hard and wet, sliding over your hot, smooth skin. Evidently it is an ice cube, and it is being slid round your breast in ever-decreasing circles. Finally, it reaches the centre, and you let out a short moan as the ice meets your erect nipple. He (you feel sure this is the man) plays with your nipple a little, clearly enjoying the effect it has on you as the ice slowly melts and a trickle of freezing water runs from your breast and courses down your flat stomach to collect in a puddle at your belly button. Your lover takes a second ice cube now and begins to administer the same treatment to your other breast, so that soon there is a river of icy water running between your breasts, down to your belly where your other temptress licks it from your skin, drinking this divine mixture of melted ice, saliva and the sweat from your skin.

At last both ice cubes have melted to nothing, and you are almost glad, as you are not sure you could take any more of the intense cold, even though the sensation was so exquisitely pleasurable. But you feel a third one arrive – this time it is placed on the tip of your nose and is slid slowly down to your upper lip and your waiting mouth. You flick your tongue over it, enjoying the cold now, cooling your hot lips. He plays with your mouth a while, allowing you to cast your tongue all over the smooth cube. But not for long, as he pulls it from your mouth and slides it over your chin and down your throat, leaving a cold damp trail behind it.

Down and down he slides the ice, through the valley between your breasts and down over your belly. You know where he is heading and you cannot wait for him to arrive. Again you feel a tongue on your skin as the girl follows the path of the ice, licking up the melted water. She also begins her journey at your nose, pausing to plunge her tongue into your mouth before following the path laid for her down your body, The ice has arrived at your shaved area now, and he takes time sliding it all over your soft, silky skin, never quite reaching your most sensitive parts, but allowing the water to run between your lips, where it mingles with your juice to drip, stickily, onto the bedsheets.

At last he can sense you can take the suspense no more and brings the ice to your open lips, sliding it up one side and down the other, avoiding the pointed hood at the top for the moment, but just rubbing and teasing your hairless pink lips. Your juice is flowing freely now and the whole area is soaked and shiny as the ice cube is passed up and down, up and down across the entrance to your lubricated hole. Then you feel her tongue arrive at the end of its journey and the ice is plucked from your skin as your accomplished new girlfriend drinks up the wetness it has left behind. She, too, traces a path round your shaven mound, then between your thighs, up and down along your sensitive lips, also ignoring your tiny button, now standing proud and begging for attention.

Not wishing to be forgotten, your male admirer is not standing by idly while this is going on; he has returned to the top of your bed and is kissing you passionately while fondling your soft breasts with his hands. He is less gentle now – not rough, but firm – kneading the soft flesh in his strong hands, trapping your nipples between his fingers, squeezing, pinching and twisting them. His tongue is long, fast and strong as it reaches deep into the back of your throat, fighting with your tongue, making love to your mouth and exploring every millimetre.

Then it happens: the moment you have been waiting for. She plunges her tongue deep, deep inside you and scoops up a mouthful of your sweet juice which she savours for a moment before swallowing it greedily and returning for another helping. Her mouth is deliciously cold and you realise she has a fourth ice cube in her mouth, which she uses to cool her tongue between licks. She starts at the bottom of your slit and, holding the ice in her teeth, rubs upwards, between your drenched lips to place the ice firmly on the hood at the apex. You cry out with pleasure as she first chills it, then licks it and then takes it into her mouth and sucks it, biting it gently and bringing it to full arousal before once again applying her soft mouth to your gaping, dripping hole. You feel her use her tongue to push the ice between your lips now, deeper and deeper inside you she slides the frozen cube, and then sets to with renewed vigour to lap up the stream of chilled juice that is gushing from you.

Suddenly you feel an altogether different sensation. Something hard and smooth is probing under the girl’s drenched chin, searching for an entrance. With her tongue still deep inside your gaping slot, this new object has located an alternative way in and you instinctively open your legs a little wider to allow easier access. The whole area is so soaked with your slippery juice that no lubrication is necessary, she simply forces her tongue half an inch deeper and as you arch your back in pleasure you feel the tip of this new intrusion slip swiftly and effortlessly inside this other orifice.

She does not break the rhythm of her licking, but eases the device inch by inch into the tighter of your two holes, sliding it easily in and out in time with the motion of her tongue. After about a dozen strokes you feel her thumb and finger touch the skin around your stretched hole and you know this means it is now fully inside you. You feel your first orgasm approaching, but she is an expert and knows how to keep you on the edge without allowing you to reach your climax. Had you not got a man pressed tight to your mouth you would have been crying out in pleasure, but as it is, you have to gasp for breath whenever he breaks the kiss, so the only sound you can manage is the occasional muffled moan.

Yet again your two lovers break contact with you. You still have the toy planted deep inside your other hole, but no hands, lips or tongues are touching you now. Again you wonder what is next; again you feel the now familiar touch of a woman’s parts on your mouth and you lick her hungrily, spreading her lips with your tongue, drinking her sweet juice and biting her button in the way she had been biting yours just moments earlier.

Her companion, however, has not yet returned to touch you, but you know he must be lower down your body now, and you hope, pray, beg you know what he has planned for you next.


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naughtygirl2011    (2012-11-01 17:46:13)    Flag as inappropiate
loved your stories, i do hope there are more to come

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