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From : norieelantra@*****.com

Hey girlfriend! Its been a long time since we've e-mailed each other. Just here to tell you that I fucked a girl last night. Do you remember Mandy? Yeah. It was her!

We were hanging out at her house after dinner together and then out of nowhere, she kissed me. Like, with tongue. I was SO shocked.

Her nipples were hard and her breasts were just waiting to be kneaded. I could tell that her pussy was already waiting for me. Her skirt was so short, even a small move could let you see her panties.

She let herself on the counter, her legs still on the ground parted slightly. She touched her wet arousal through the thin lacy material and let out a soft moan.

"Spank me, baby." she whispered. I gladly took her offer. I was just so turned on. Her ass was soft as I stroked it. It was like a never-ending rhythm. Stroke, slap, stroke, slap. She whimpered slightly and moaned like never before. She grabbed my hands and guided them up to her plump breasts. 

Giving them a gentle squeeze, she was already dropping her panties to the ground. Roughly tugging my shorts off, I could tell she wanted me badly. She gasped at the sight of my exposed arousal. No panties.

She rubbed my clit slowly in circular motions. I lowered my head to muffle my loud moans. It was so good, I could've died on that spot. I was feeling a tingling sensation when she slipped her finger in.

Rubbing against my g-spot, I grazed her nipple slightly. I sucked harder, making loud sounds. I didn't care anymore, I wanted to come. And I did.

I came onto her fingers which were earlier soaked with my juices. Slipping them out as I tried to stop shaking, she sucked on them. She lifted me onto the counter and removed my blouse.

My legs were spread wide, my juices glistening in the light. Mandy walked to the fridge and got out a bucket of ice, whipped cream and a jar of lollipops. Putting them next to me, I stared. I wondered what she was going to do.

Taking out an ice cube, she glided it across my clit and slipped it into my pussy. I shivered in excitement. It was already melting. She continued this two more times so that there were three ice cubes inside me.

The whipped cream was next. She squirted them onto my nipples, clitoris and pussy lips. It felt cool on my skin.

Lollipops. I was already moaning and ready to come. The ice cubes were already melted. She slipped the stick spiral one into my pussy. It was like a sweet candy cock. It was sticky but pleasuring at the same time.

"I'm gonna come!" I screamed. I came within seconds onto the lollipop. Taking it out of me, she put it back into the freezer. My come was still on there. I was wondering what she was going to do.

Licking the whipped cream with her tongue, it was gone in seconds. She took every chance she could to pleasure me. Grabbing my handbag, I took out a vibrator. It was 10 inches long and really thick, way too big for her.

"Thats too big for me." she whispered. She was frightened.

"Shh, it okay. I promise." I replied. She nodded and got onto the kitchen counter, her legs wide. Her pussy lips parted easily, her wetness spilling.

Carefully, I slipped it into her, inch by inch. The first 4 inches were in.

"Its too big!" she whimpered. I continued sliding it in. Once it was in here enough, I turned it on high. She screamed in pleasure and tossed her head back. Within seconds, she was coming all over the counter.

I lapped up every single drop and gave her pussy a lick before taking out the vibrator. She was breathing hard.

"Norie," she whispered. She went to the fridge and took out the come flavoured lollipop. She licked it. "You taste good." Getting onto the kitchen counter, we crossed our legs and sucked and licked on the lollipop. It tasted like me.

Once the lollipop was gone, we were licking each others tongues. We kissed again before pulling back and collapsing into each others arms.

It was just so awesome! I hope to hear from you soon. Tell me if you get fucked. Would like to know! Love you, slut.


Love, Norie.

P.S, I miss that pussy of yours too. Next week at noon? 

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