"Dressy Surprise" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 3 years ago    

  By: paperman83

I thought to myself, “I want to make a newspaper dress”.  The idea came from a fashion show I had seen.  Newspaper is a hard material to work with, so it won’t be perfect, but I was sure to look good in it.  I already had a high stack of newspapers saved from the month, so I started with them.  My idea was to double them up and glue them together.  Then, I drew a pattern all over the side that would show.  I wanted it to look pretty, so I drew some flowers and some abstract designs to fill the pages up.  Once the designs were drawn, I cut them out and used paint to color inside of the designs on the other pages.  “Very beautiful” I said to myself, when I finished.  I quickly undressed, till I was completely naked and began to wrap the newspaper around myself.  “I need shoulder straps and a belt” I included.  So I picked up some more newspaper and began to fold some pages into straps.  Once the straps were complete I attached them with staples to keep them secure.  Then I folded a bigger strip to make a belt around my waist.  When I finished, I quickly applied the belt and fastened it.  Then I walked into my bedroom to look into a tall mirror.

“Awesome!” I thought, as I watched myself twirl around in the mirror.  The paint really brought out the designs of this newspaper dress!  Oddly enough, I felt like dancing.  So I went over to my radio and turned on my favorite ballad song.  Then I walked back over to the mirror and began to dance.  The volume must have been too high, because I didn’t hear the front door open as Kelly and some friends of hers walked in.  I kept the radio on, as I walked out of the bedroom and into the living room.  “Kelly!” I said in a panic.  Kelly and her friends started to laugh.  “What is this and what were you doing with your clothes off?” she asked.  I didn’t want to answer.  One of her friends spoke.  “I think he’s all skin, under that newspaper. Nice dress, by the way!” she said.  Another one of her friends spoke as well.  “I see you watch the fashion show.  That was one of my favorite episodes.” She commented.  The girls requested I twirl and dance for them.  They admired the designs I made, as they watched me make a fool of myself. To lighten the mood, each of the girls offered to slow dance with me. “You have to wear that newspaper dress, of course!” one of them demanded. 

As I danced with each girl, I could feel their legs rubbing against my cock, through the newspaper.  My cock began to harden, till it poked outward, creasing the newspaper.  The girl I was dancing with at the time, noticed.  “Aw, the little guy wants to come out and play!” she said in a playful voice.  She lowered herself down to her knees and pinched the newspaper at my waist and tore a slip.  She poked her finger inside and tickled my hard cock and then she directed it toward the opening she had made.  My cock was now hanging outside of the newspaper dress.  The girl grabbed my waist and turned me towards the other girls on the couch.  “Aw, look at that! So cute!” they all said to each other, while starring at my cock, fully erect and sticking out from the newspaper dress.  They grabbed a sheet of newspaper and took turns whacking my cock tip with it, and then gently brushing it across my shaft.  “Bad newspaper boy! Bad!” They said to me, as I stood there and took it.  Then one of the girls stood from the couch, grabbed the newspaper.  “Hold his arms, girls!” she said.  The other girls stood at my sides and put me in arm locks.  Then the girl wrapped the newspaper around my shaft and began to masturbate me.  “Do you like that? Huh?” she asked while looking up at my face.  I didn’t answer her right away, as I was playing the victim.

The pleasure was so deep, that I couldn’t help but to moan.  “Yes! I like it!” I moaned out.  She pulled the newspaper from my cock and whacked it again to tease me.  The girls walked me over to the couch, where they forced me to sit.  Then she wrapped her hand around my shaft and sank her lips onto my cock tip, sucking and masturbating me at the same time.  “Oh! Aw!” I moaned.  They switched, so that each of them would get a chance to play with my cock.  A few minutes later, they had brought me to my climax.  One of the girls grabbed the sheet of newspaper and placed it under my cock.  And then I came all over the newspaper.  “Girls hold him tight!” she said.  The girls tightened their grip on my arms, as the girl with the cum drenched sheet placed it over my face and rubbed it in.  “Now sit there till it dries” she said.  The girls took lipstick and began to draw on my newspaper dress, while they waited for my cum to dry with the newspaper sticking to my face.  One of the girls had drawn a girly face over mine. The others had drawn breasts over my chest.  And my girlfriend had drawn a pussy around my cock.  When they were finished, they decided it was time to go. “Aw, look at that. We ruined his newspaper dress!” they said.  I knew they had filmed it, the whole time.                 


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