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  By: SoakingCunt

I was blindfolded. Pure darkness. Wrists tied up behind me. Legs spread apart and ankles tied to two poles. First I was drunk, and now I am here, not knowing whats happening.


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"Guess what this is." I heard a voice mumble. I don't move. "Eat?" Opening my mouth, I felt something pop into my mouth. When I pressed my mouth together, it popped, releasing salty juices.

"Caviar." I whisper.

"Good. What about this?" He pops another food into my mouth. It had a soft, sweet flavor.

"Banana." I whisper again.

"You want to stop and do something else?" he whispers. I nod. He lifts my mini dress up, revealing my panties, my legs spread apart so my pussy lips are revealed through the lacy material. I felt some cold smooth balls in my navel. Caviar. A tongue pops them, releasing juices that drip down, covering my pussy, making it wet and sticky. I moaned slightly, trying to hide it.

He carefully removes my panties with a pair of scissors. I felt my pussy pulsing. I wanted more, and I knew it. I felt a cold stick against the pussy lips.

"What is that?" I asked.

"Frozen banana." he whispered. "I want this to be inside you." I gasped slightly. The fact that a frozen treat was going to be inside me was unexpected. He spreads my pussy lips a little. The tip of the banana goes in and I moan. 

"More!" I screamed. With a hard slam, the banana goes in, leaving an inch out of my body still. I moaned, gripping my knuckles at nothing. It moves in and out dreadfully slow. I tried to thrust my hips but nothing worked. The restraints prevented me from doing anything.

I felt myself climaxing, about to orgasm. Just then, the banana was removed, leaving me wanting. I screamed in frustration.

"Not yet, sweetheart." he whispered. I felt an ice cube circling my nipples through my dress. With an easy rip, the thin dress rips and drops off my body, exposing my breasts. I wasn't wearing a bra, which made it easy access. My nipples erected immediately.

He moves the ice cube lower to my pussy and slide it deep inside me. Then another 2 more ice cubes. They were melting slowly now.

I felt a mouth close over my right nipple and fingers pinching and rolling the left nipple. I moaned, feeling hot and stuffy. I wriggled for more but I was still restrained. He sucked harder and pinched harder too. The ice cubes started melting faster. Then, i collapsed in the chair.

I came onto the ground, watery come everywhere. The ice cubes were completely melted and mixed with my come. The blindfold was removed and I could nearly see him but drops of ointment was dropped into my eyes.

"Removes vision for 3 hours." he whispers. I nod. Everything was blurry now. I stop shaking. I heard a zipper unzip and a pair of pants falling to the ground.

Then, it was pure bliss. I felt the tip of his penis circling my clitoris, making it shake. He pressed harder and moved down, slipping his tip playfully into me. To my dismay, he pulls it out, not going further.

"NO!" I screamed. I wanted his thick cock now. I needed it. "GIVE IT TO ME!" I screeched. He went in, inch by inch. It must've been a full 10 inches. I felt it jabbing my core, making me want to burst. He thrusts in and out hard, not even a slight gentle.

I moaned and tossed my head back and forth. I heard him groaning, the sexiest sound ever heard.

"Don't come until I tell you to." he groaned. I nodded hard, moaning and screaming in pleasure. Just as I thought I couldn't hold it much longer, he slipped himself out of me. I gasped in horror.

"NO!!!!" I screeched again.

"Hush now, darling." he said softly. Once the feeling went away, he slammed into me again and again. It was like a never ending punishment. Slam, slip out. Slam, slip out. It was agonizing.

I felt hot tears rolling down my face. I needed his juice. I needed his thick cock. I wanted his come inside me. With one hard slam, he slams into me, making me whimper. He slams again, and again, and again! GLORIOUS!

"You can come now." he whispers. Without hesitation, I came onto his thick cock, screaming and moaning. He pushes my stomach gently, pushing every drop of juice out of me.

Removing my restraints, he pulls me close and kisses me.

"I really thought a one night stand would be enough." he whispered. "But now, please. Stay with me." he asked. I nodded. For all this steamy sex, I'd do almost anything. 

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pie106    (2012-12-02 21:04:18)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice read, I like the bondage and teasing, very sexy!

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