Mommy's Girl - Part I   added 3 years ago    

  By: SoakingCunt

I watched while hiding under the sofa as Karen played with mommy's nipples. I felt a tingling sensation in my pussy, making it pulse.


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Mommy was duct taped to the kitchen chair, hands behind her, legs wide apart and bound at the ankles to the chair legs. Mommy already came once, and Karen, her friend was determined to let her come again and again. Mommy looked at Karen, smirking. Karen was grinning back.

"Fuck me, baby. Fuck me till I scream your name." mommy was begging. Karen smiled and took out a stick from her bag. It had two blunt ends and originally was a skewer. Mommy stared, eyes wide and Karen gets on her knees in between mommy's legs. Karen poked the stick against mommy's clit once and mommy moaned immediately.

"Oh, you're a horny slut, aren't you?" Karen asked. Mommy was moaned and tossing her head back. Karen continued to poke her clit while fingering mommy with 4 fingers. Mommy was soaking wet, spilling onto the carpet, about to come.

"Yes, I'm a horny slut. Horny for you." mommy whispered with a smirk. With one final fingers thrust and jab of the stick, Mommy screamed and released her juices. Karen threw the stick on the ground and sucked on her wet covered fingers.

Scavenging through her bag again, she got out clamps. Karen clamped each onto mommy's nipples, making her scream in pure pleasure. Removing the duct tape, she pushed mommy onto the edge of an armchair so that mommy's ass was exposed with her dripping pussy. Karen slaps mommy's pussy hard, making mommy squirt some juice. Then, she stroked mommy's ass before slapping it hard.

Stroke, slap, stroke, slap. It was a rhythm of moans and cries and slaps. Mommy came again, spilling onto the carpets. Mommy got onto her knees and kissed Karen's foot, her ass high in the air.

"Show me how you make yourself come." Karen asked. Mommy nodded eagerly and stuck a finger into her ass and stuck 3 fingers from her other hand into her wet throbbing pussy. Rubbing her clit at the same time, Karen was smiling and watching in fascination as mommy moaned from her own fingers. Within minutes, mommy spills onto the carpet, making the room smell even more like come.

"I'll see you tomorrow, sweet face." Karen took her handbag and left without another work. I crawled out from the sofa and watched my mommy sitting up. She smiled before pulling me close and slapping my baby ass while licking my virgin pussy through my panties. 

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