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A Chance Affair


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Through the crowded room my gaze paused on a woman that stunned me at first glance. Her dark long hair flowed down past her shoulders and glistened in the retreating sunlight that beamed in the window.

The mauve taffeta dress clung to her form, her obviously large breasts straining at the filmy fabric. I could not help but stare at her beauty. Even though she was engaged in conversation with another member of the wedding party, her eyes too were darting around the filled room. When her eyes landed on me, I quickly looked at my watch, and pulled out my cell phone to present an air of business like distraction.

I looked again in her direction to drink in her loveliness. While lost in her vision, she turned again in my direction, still speaking to someone. This time I gave her a look of interest, smiling coyly as she quickly looked away this time.

I had recognized the woman she was talking to as a distant cousin so I moved across the room and approached her from behind. Putting an arm around her I remarked,” cousin Grace it's been a while, what have you been up to and who is your friend?”

Grace turned and recognized me, “Oh hi, William, yes it has been a long time, Grandpa Abernathy's funeral I believe.”

The stunning woman that had captivated my attention stood agape at my boldness.

William, this is Samantha Greene, her little sister is the Bride,” Grace explained.

Reaching out my free hand, I said,” pleasure to meet you Samantha.”

Instead of shaking her hand I pulled her closer to me and pulled her hand up closer to my face, “this is a perfect hand Samantha,” I remarked. “You are a model is that right?”

Her face blushed slightly, but coolly she replied,” No, I work for a law firm, we do a lot of sexual harassment cases,” answering smugly.

Grace saw someone else she knew and bowed out, “you guys can get better acquainted, I need to say hello to Mark.”

Lord, I thought she would never shut-up,” said Samantha.

She can be quite a conversationalist.”

Annoying is more like it.”

You, seem to speak your mind , are you always so direct?” I asked.

Only when the situation demands it,” she replied while taking another sip of her wine. “You seemed to show up out of the blue, I noticed you staring at me from across the room and suddenly, you are there behind Grace, that's a little odd don't you think?”

Not at all, I have not seen Grace for years and it was time to say Hello, and yes, you did catch my eye,” I replied not releasing my stare from her hazel eyes.

She grinned a sly grin, then fumbled in her clutch a moment.

Well Mr. Neeman, it has been a pleasure meeting you, “ she raised her voice and covertly slipped a key card into my hand as she shook it.

Under her breath, she said,”1169, give me five.”

Loudly she spoke, “My, this wine is getting to me I think I will go lie down for a while, thank-you for the conversation Mr. Neeman,” she said with a wink, as she headed out of the room and to the elevator.

I was a little taken by surprise at the willingness of this sensuous middle aged woman to bed me so easily. Looking down at my watch, I marked the time in my head so I could find my way to her at the stroke of five elapsed minutes. My balls were aching with anticipation at the notion of fondling those magnificent tits and fucking her to my hearts desire.

Making my way to the men's room, I thought it wise to vacate my bladder now instead of interrupting a moment of passion. I struggled with the already hardening penis, to get it out and perform it's more bland of duties.

Another glance at my watch sent me ducking into the hallway to find the elevator. I was able to avoid the rest of the reception guests and finally pushed the button marked eleven. Knocking at the door of 1169,Samantha yelled, “it's open.”

She was standing by the window looking down on the park below. Her shoes were off but nothing else. I stole up behind her and grabbed her shoulders firmly, then put my nose to her neck inhaling her scent. Samantha quivered a little as I nuzzled her ear, and slipped the zipper down the back of her dress.

Kissing her ear and neck, I pushed the dress off each shoulder, pooling on the floor around her feet. Stepping to her front, I looked her in those beautiful eyes and brought my lips to hers, lightly at first then harder, pressing our bodies together. Those large wonderful tits now pressed hard against me.

I felt my erection grow taut against my slacks, Samantha did also and reached down touching it with her warm soft hand. My tongue invaded her mouth and explored her, while her hand unzipped my pants, exploring my trousers. This responsive woman that I bumped into by accident really was turning me on so fast, I was afraid of a premature ending.

Her intuition must have sensed my thoughts, she abruptly pulled her hand away, nearly dragging me over to the bed with my pants still around my ankles. Pushing me down to the bed, she stayed upright and began taking off the rest of her clothing. The only thing she left on was her bra.

With hands on hips she looked me right in the eye and said,”My husband may not approve of what we are about to do, you know.”

My eyes glazed over and my mouth dropped open.

I am such a naughty girl William, do you know how to take care of naughty girls?, she turned her head and gave me raised eyebrow.

Yes, and I think you need to march right over here and lie across my lap, young lady,” I responded.

With a fake pouting look she draped herself over my lap and her magnificent bottom was there for my pleasure. I just admired the wonderful shape of her ass, for a moment, then I pinched her cheek.

Ouch, that hurt,” she squealed.

No, that didn't hurt, but this will,” as I smacked her hard on the ass cheek.

She jumped and cried out. I smacked her other cheek and her response was the same.

I began whacking her on one cheek then the other over and over. I was fascinated how her beautiful milky skin turned from pink, to scarlet, then to bright red. At that point she was kicking her feet and being quite loud, my erection was poking her in the side drizzling my ooze onto the side of her hip.

I stopped a moment, “Has the naughty girl learned her lesson yet?” I asked.

Yes, I'll be good she gasped, but I need some sugar now,” she gasped.

Instinctively I sensed her need and picked her up only to lay her face up on the bed. Bending over her I kissed her lips hard, for only a minute then I moved down and kissed each nipple still in the clutches of her lace bra. I kissed her stomach and breathed on her Mons pubis, watching the dark flowing curls dance in my wind.

Samantha moaned and spread slightly as I slowly blew a line through her pubs and down to her secret garden. My animal urges caused me to inhale her aroma, and my inner being screamed it's delight.

Passing over her sweet nectar, I kissed her inner thigh just below her torso. I allowed my lips to pucker around her skin and pull on it, sucking in the trembling flesh, causing her to squirm in delectation. Releasing her skin I paused again to inhale her female scent, the sweet odor drove my deepest desires crazy.

I resisted the urge to drive my manhood deep into her and fuck her hard right then. A lady like this deserved special treatment, I wanted her to feel the animal instincts that were savage in my chest course through her own wanton body.

Moving on, I mirrored my treatment of her left thigh on her right. Kissing down her leg to her knees my mouth hungry for her flesh licked, kissed, sucked and bit her lower limbs like a veritable pleasure playground. My last kiss up her thigh left her squirming in turpitude, pausing, I drank in the vision of the wet turgid folds of flesh that beckoned my attentions.

Please, please, I need it,” she moaned in anticipation.

I answered her plea with a kiss on the waiting lips. Her back arched as I touched the gate to her secret place. I was now in position to pleasure her for hours if need be, and indeed I could due to the exercise regimen that I followed for just such a purpose.

Using my thumbs on either side of her juicy slit, I spread her open slightly and with the tip of my tongue, explored the desirous opening from top to bottom. Slowly it went up and down, up and down, like licking an ice cream cone, only much sweeter to the taste.

Samantha tossed her head to and fro as I pleasured her, the moans of passion grew to a crescendo of ultimate gratification, when we were both rewarded by her orgasm. The sight, sounds and touch of a beautiful woman experiencing her ultimate pleasure, is sweet payment for my efforts.

I sucked in the folds of her labias, cherishing them and sucking the tasty moisture from their crevices. My tongue delved deeper into her abyss of love, seeking and finding more of her flavor.

The nub at the top of her tunnel of love was now swollen and needy of attention also. My thumbs again spread her more this time and revealed the excited clit to my lips. Kissing it gently, my lady love jolted, banging her hands into the headboard. I could feel the electricity course through her body as I sucked on her sensitive nub, driving her almost immediately to the point of her second cum.

Continuing to lick and suck her lightning rod of desire, I put two fingers just under my chin and entered her. My knowledge of female anatomy served her well when my exploring digits quickly found the spongy pad of orgasmic pleasure, that every woman has.

Curling up my fingers, I carefully rubbed the sensitive G-spot. Samantha's cries of delight grew louder and her body grew tense, then relaxed in cycles of pleasurable peaks and valleys. I never let up my attentions to her till she was quivering as a puddle of spent womanhood.

Pulling myself up to her face now I looked into her teared hazel eyes and kissed her trembling lips. Drawing back from the kiss I smiled at her and her face beamed with concupiscence. With out a word, she nodded her head, so I forced my hardened member past the lips I had just pleasured and deep into her inner sanctum.

Samantha's eyes grew wide as I never let my gaze leave hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling herself up to kiss me hard and deep as I started to move in and out of her. Her still shaky legs lay flat on the bed moving as my manhood pounds at the apex of her thighs.

I pull my hips up slightly and my hard cock rubs her clit, quickly bring her another orgasm. She voices her pleasure while her tongue is in my mouth and the vibrations of passion, nearly trigger my own end.

Controlling my urge, I slowed down my pumping. In the forefront of my mind, I was still in desire of those magnificent tits, just below my chest.

Still encased in lace, I reached under Samantha and pulled the clasp loose, revealing the wonderful mounds to my vision.

In total awe of their beauty, I reached down and scooped up the right one, bringing it to my lips. The nipple was hard and extended, my lips clamped down and sucked it in. Her reaction was savage to my touch, her body shook and her free hand began pinching and squeezing the other nipple, while I sucked hard.

After a few minutes of a slow fuck and furious nipple pleasure she said,” William, do me doggy style and make it rough, Baby.”

With that I bit her breast, making her jerk and moan in reaction to the pleasurable pain. My cock still hard as ever pulled out, I sat on my haunches as she rolled over, presenting me with her glorious ass. Quickly, I reentered her, pumping slowly at first then building speed.

Samantha's reaction was savage, she howled like a she-wolf in heat as I fucked her from behind. Bending over slightly I reached with both hands for those huge tits, now hanging down like ripe fruits from the tree. I grasped them both and they filled my hands three times over with the wonderful flesh.

Sensing what she wanted, I pinched, both aureoles at once, making her shriek in pain and pleasure at my touch. She ground her hips into my pubic bone as my hard cock kept rubbing the sides of her love tunnel. My testicles swung like twin wrecking balls banging into her pubic mound with each thrust.

With the grinding of her wonderful ass, the feel of her magnificent tits and the friction from her sweet pink pussy, I at long long last allowed my senses to explode in fury of passion. I pumped her hard, finally she pushed, arching her back downward, I shot my load of love juice deep into her with a mighty grunt and sigh of relief.

Draping myself over her, I kissed the back of her neck. Still in the union of love, we rolled to our sides,collapsed into a heap of satisfied human flesh. Instinctively I reached around her and touched her breast, as my erection slowly faded and retreated from it's lair of pleasure.

I whispered in her ear,” My Lord Samantha, you are a beautiful lover, this has been an incredible evening for me.”

She turned on the bed to face me and cooed,”I don't know where you think you are going, there is lots of evening left and I am just getting started.”

But, I should probably not stay the night, you know, there are other guests that know us staying here. It could look bad if we both leave tomorrow,” I muttered in desperation.

She reached down and stroked my balls and penis,” but I need these to satisfy me all weekend, who knows when we will have a chance like this again.”

I opened my mouth to speak and she leaned in to kiss my open mouth, pressing hard like an industrial press forming a sheet metal part, my lips formed to hers. After a minute she released me with a loud smack.

But, Sam,” I tried to speak again.

She put a finger up to my lips and said “shhuussh, I have everything taken care of. The progeny are at my Mom's, we have the whole weekend to have sweet, hot, dirty sex to our hearts content, my ….................Husband.”

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