Daddy spanks his naughty little girl part one   added 3 years ago    

  By: Blondiebaby

   I couldn’t help myself. I know that I am supposed to be a good girl, but I just couldn’t. I was in my playpen with no toys for breaking my toy earlier as punishment and daddy had put me in diapers and spanked me this morning for refusing to drink my icky grapefruit juice. I knew If I was naughty again I was going to be very sorry but, well I just couldn’t stop myself. Daddy was watching the football game on the tv and ignoring me. I hate it when daddy ignores me. I sighed loudly. He didn’t even look over. “Daddy i’ll be good. Can I come out now?” I whined. 



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Naughty level to be set later

      “No, you have been very naughty today. You need to think about why you have been such a naughty girl. You are staying in there until bedtime and if I hear one more word or sigh out of you, you will regret it.” Daddy said all of this without even looking at me. I hate it when daddy won’t look at me, I hate being ignored.  I knew he was really sore at me and a smart little girl would quiet down, but I am not smart sometimes. I looked around my playpen and saw that right outside of it was my baby doll, I crawled over and picked it up and without hesitation I threw it at daddy. “ that will get hiss attention” I thought. And boy did it. The baby doll hit daddy’s beer and knocked it on the floor, spilling its contents everywhere. I froze. I knew I was in deep. Daddy turned and looked at me his face red with anger. 


     Daddy got up and was to my play pen in 2 long strides. I crawled to the far end of the play pen. “Baby, get over here right now” daddy said in a low but angry voice. I meekly crawled over to him. “I’m i’m i’m sssssooorrryy dddadddy” I squeaked out, my voice trembling.


     “To late. Clean that beer off the floor now.”


     I got to my feet and went to the kitchen and got the paper towels. I bent down in the living room and cleaned the beer off the floor, daddy standing over me lecturing. “You have been very naughty today and I am tired of this. You want my attention and you are going to get it. You are going to be so sore tomorrow you will never do this again. I do not know what has gotten into you but I am going to get it out.” I am in way deep. 


     When I finish cleaning the floor daddy takes the paper towels and throws them away. He picks me up and takes my diaper off and yanks me over his knees. Without another word he starts spanking me with his big strong hand over my bare bottom. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I try to wiggle free but it is no use daddy is much stronger then me. “Do not fight me! You wanted to be a naughty girl and naughty girls get punished!” Daddy scolds me. 


     I start sobbing as my bottom catches fire. I can feel the white hot pain shoot through me bottom into my belly. I try to stay still knowing that fighting will only end in a longer spanking. I am crying and squealing in pain. Daddy never spanks me this long or this hard. I have to start being a better little girl. I am full of embarrassment and remorse. Why do I have to be so naughty? If I had been a good girl all day, I would be cuddled up in daddy’s arms, but I had to be naughty so now I have to suffer. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I sob knowing that I deserve to be punished this hard. 


     Daddy finally stops. I feel his hand gently touches my burning hot bottom. His fingers touch my thighs, I think about opening my legs for him but, I know if I am forward right now I will be punished more. But I relax thinking that the worst is over. I was wrong.  “Go stand in the corner. I am not done with you yet. You have been very naughty lately and as your daddy I need to put a stop to this. You will stand in the corner and not touch your bottom until I call you. Do you understand?” 


“Yes daddy” I say quietly. 


“Good now go”


I get up and stand in the corner, quietly crying with knots in my stomach with what will come next.

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