Slave of a Dominant   added 3 years ago    

  By: SoakingCunt

I heard Hannah and her 2 friends come back from their chat. They sat on the couch and laughed, wearing thin blouses just like Hannah was. I was wearing my translucent bikini. That was how a slave was supposed to look like, according to my mistress. 


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Naughty level to be set later

"Slave, come and present some food to our guests." I come out with a tray of cheese and crackers on my hand. I knelt down beside Hannah and looked at the ladies. Their nipples could be clearly seen. I went to the first lady on my knees and looked at her. Blonde hair, pink plump nipples. Hannah walked behind me and spread some of her special gel on my cunt. Immediately, my cunt juices start spilling out slowly. I put a cracker under my cunt and spill some juice on it. Then, I hand it to the lady.

She took it happily and ate it up and gave my breasts a slap before I moved on. Second girl, brown hair, brown hard nipples. I put one under my cunt and gave it to her with my juices. Then, I put the rest on the tray and put some of my wetness onto them before putting them on the coffee table. I went over to my mistress on my knees again, my head just in front of her dripping cunt. 

"Are you hungry my slave?" I am not allowed to say no, so I nodded. She pulled down her silk panties, making her two friends smirk and smile at her, staring at her throbbing clit and erected nipples. She sat back down and opened her legs wide.

"Eat your dinner." I nodded. "Yes, mistress." I closed my mouth over her cleft and used my tongue to part her outer and inner lips before jabbing into her pussy, just as she liked. She moaned and groaned, sucking her fingers in front of her friends. The brown haired one stood up, walked over to my mistress and played with her breasts while the blonde one went to the brown haired one and started rubbing her clit through her thin coverage. Everyone was moaning except me. I got wet and a wet patch dripped onto the carpet floor. I used my tongue to stimulate Hannah's clit too, running my flat tongue from her perineum to her clit hard. The blonde haired one realized I was wet and she crouched beside me, exposing her panty-less cunt. She was swollen and wanting but she rubbed me instead, getting her fingers wet.

Hannah came into my mouth and I swallowed, tasting the tang. There was still cum left on her thighs and pussy, so I sucked her thighs dry. I felt my bikini bottom being ripped off as the blonde girl eagerly slipped three fingers into my pussy. It went in easy and slippery, my cunt dripping. I left Hannah's pussy cum untouched and the brown hair girl sat next to her. As soon as I came, the blonde girl stood up and sat next to Hannah on the other side.

They watched me release myself onto the carpet before I lapped it all up. "Slave, make us all happy." I nodded. "Yes mistress." I got into the middle of my Hannah's legs where her shaking pussy was. Then, I put my face and burried it deep, hitting my tongue against her g-spot. Using my hands, I used each one to finger the brown and blonde girl, 3 fingers each, using my thumb to stimulate their clits. Everyone moaned, making me wet again. 

I inserted all my 4 fingers into their pussies, they moaned in surprise but I knew them liked it. Hannah grabbed one of each girls boobs in her hands and kneaded them. The brown girl started sucking her fingers while the blonde girl with busy fingering her anus with 3 fingers. I never tried anal, so I dont know how she felt but she looked like it was enjoyable.

Soon, Hannah came onto my tongue, making my face covered in cum. Next was the blonde, squirting onto my breasts at the perfect angle, it dripped over my nipples, making them now a centimeter erect. Finally was the brown haired girl, she was squirting too, onto my pussy. I collapsed to the ground, covered in cum. 

"Clean your self." Hannah whispered. "Yes mistress." I was flexible enough to put my legs above my head and lick the cum on my pussy. The brown haired girl walked over and lapped at my breasts. Hannah walked over too, lapping loudly on my face, spitting into my mouth. The blonde girl took the initiative and inserted two fingers into my rectum. I screamed but muffled my screams in my pussy.

I adjusted myself to the feeling and felt a climax. She gladly put in two for fingers, I continued stimulating my clit but then, the blonde inserted her thumb, fisting my anus. I came hard into my mouth and sucked myself clean and dry. The brown and Hannah stopped and the blonde pulled her fist out, licking her knuckles and fingers. At the mirrored walls, I could see my gaping rectum, still super wide from her fist.

When I opened my eyes again, the girls had their clothes back on and I went to the door on my knees, my anus gaping. Before the 2 girls left, they gave my anus a lick inside, still gaping, before leaving with smiles on their faces. Hannah walked over to me and kissed me hard on the mouth before slapping my breasts and pinching and rolling my nipples. I moaned.

"You did a good job, my slave. Keep that asshole of yours gaping." She bent closer and whispered. "I want to stick both fists in you tomorrow, forcefully or not." Then, I found myself squirting onto the ground, turned on as hell, begging for tomorrow to come earlier. 

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