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  By: ora_lee

The club was packed with a multitude of unfamiliar faces. Naomi had headed out on the town to escape the boredom of yet another Saturday night alone, hoping to bump into at least a couple of her old friends (no one had answered her desperate calls for company and she had assumed they would be out here somewhere) Feeling a twinge of self consciousness she made her way to the bar, squeezing through the forest of bodies, dodging arms, legs unable to avoid brushing against the mass of torso's that stood in her way. She finally found a space close enough to order a cooling long brandy and coke, relieved at the thought - the heat and pheromones in this place was overwhelming... She waited patiently, looking around for someone, anyone she knew but instead became unnervingly aware of the burning gaze coming from the other end of the bar...


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Her drink arrived, finally, some Dutch courage to distract her from the obvious attention she was getting from this perfect stranger. She riffled through her bag to find her purse, turned to pay, but the barmaid had gone to serve another customer? She looked questioningly over the bar where the girl gestured in the direction of… who? 

The guy was tanned, muscular and sent a cheeky wink her way, she nodded a thx and turned away – even more desperate to search out a familiar face. Naomi had been single now for months, her confidence had hit an all time low after a split from her 20yr marriage, no way did she ever want to trust another man… and no way was she ready for another relationship…

She downed the brandy and decided to head off to a quieter pub in search of at least a quiet drink away from the young crowd in here that made her so uncomfortable. Squeezing past the maelstrom of chattering groups of people, she made her way to the neon ladies sign – it had taken desperation to get her this far, a lot of nerve, she felt totally out of place and needed to pee!

The ladies room was down a darkish corridor, still full of people spilling over from the main bar and dance floor – she fought her way through into a well lit, cooler rest room. She sat down in the cubicle and took the opportunity to cool her nerves… She brushed away the intimidating gaze, relieved her bladder, took a deep breath and flushed the cistern. Washing her hands at the sink, she glanced in the mirror, smiling, for the first time in months she was flattered by the attention she had been given at the bar? She ruffled up her hair and with a spring in her step, headed for the door.

As Naomi stepped out of the light into that dark corridor again she was completely disorientated, taking a moment to adjust to the noise, trying to regain her bearings… she felt a hand take hold of her wrist, whisking her round and slamming her back against the wall. Adjusting to the dim lighting she saw those piercing eyes that had bought her drink not five minutes ago looking down at her. Her reaction was instant… not fight or flight but more basic… needy… wet… compliant… and she could feel this guys response pressed hard against her (the throng of bodies in this narrow corridor meant that there was no way she could mistake his desire)

His mouth dived straight for her neck sending shock waves down her spine, she groaned involuntarily. In one swift movement he gripped her ruffled hair in one hand, grabbed her waist and span her round to face the wall. Her natural inclination was to steady herself, both hands spread but he took both wrists, raising her arms above her head, securing them there, again with one hand. He devoured her neck rousing louder moans of pleasure, reawakening the lusty woman she had given up on.

Naomi was overwhelmed by the familiar, yet alien sensation that was spreading through her body, this strangers free hand was exploring the outline of her waist, the curve of her arse, running down her outer thigh and back up her inner thigh – whilst she was pinned to the wall, noise and bustle all around, nobody but his hard erection paying any attention to the passion unravelling…

That free strong hand worked its way up to the soaking wet crutch of Noami’s inadequate lacy knics  cupping her mound, which was aching, pulsing and begging for more.  With one firm tug he ripped the flimsy material away, replacing them with the heat of his palm… one experienced thumb found her swollen clit, two fingers slid easily into her hungry cunt leaving a deft finger to nudge against her surprised anal rose.  Her heart raced, her hips responded, pushing and circling against the pressure of his touch, responding to the throbbing noise of the club, the heat and pheromones oozing from this place, certainly in rhythm to the music pounding through the speakers.

Naomi felt his grip loosen on her wrists and slip from her needy cunt, she found her balance in time to feel the sting of a sharp slap on her arse cheek “this way” he breathed into her ear, guiding her by the waist, further along the corridor, through the growing crowds to a large sofa at the end.  Before she could turn around this perfect stranger swept Naomi into a kneeling position, her face buried in the cushions. He unzipped his fly and slowly began to fill her – the feeling was exquisite, this guy was big and seriously horny, his length touched every inch of her desperate cunt and some… his cock seared past her cervix and went deeper still… as he found his maximum depth he started to slowly ride her, with each thrust she felt the release of months of pent up juices, the pain as he opened her was shear bliss, she pulsed and gripped and came around his shaft again and again…

The cushions muffled her cries of ecstasy, she bit down hard, giving in to the response of her body with complete disregard to her surroundings, totally submitting to this perfect stranger –  He withdrew from her,  careful to straighten her dress, and twisted Naomi round onto the seat where she met his eyes once again, full of blazing passion…

“another drink?” he winked, “I have brandy in my hotel room – and we’re no where near finished…” without waiting for a reply he took Naomi’s hand and led her to the door…

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