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A Sensitive Job


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Awakening on a Monday morning is the bane of a working girl's existence. This Monday was to be the day I started my new position, at the new branch office, with the new branch manager, Neal.

Dragging my aching carcass out of bed I stumbled to the bathroom, turning to look through bleary eyes, I could see the blue bruises and slowly fading welts, on my sweet round behind. Touching the marks, I was reminded with a dull ache from each one, how they got there and the painful experience it was, that put them there.

My whole backside was still sore to the touch, every orifice that Neal had violated that night still had tinges of lingering somatic sensation. I was perturbed, that he had the audacity to whip me and rape me like some personal pain slut he had hired for the night. To my chagrin, I didn't have much say in the matter, if I wanted to keep my job.

What flustered me even more is, that after the pain and humiliation was done, Neal Jorgenson gave me the best licking ,sucking and fucking, a man had ever given me! He hadn't done anything more than some other men had, but the rush from the whipping, humiliation and especially the dominating attitude made it a night to remember.

Dear Lord, “I can't let my boss turn me into some dog collar wearing masochist freak,” but the orgasms that night were the very best I ever had known. Every time I sat down or bumped my butt against something the memories of those intense cums made my knees tremble a bit.

Getting in the shower was always part of my morning routine. However, getting off in the shower had always been a step or two past my personal boundaries. When Neal demanded that I rub myself to a happy ending, I guess he shattered that barrier for good. Up until that point, all of my self satisfying events had happened with the lights off and under a blanket.

When the warm water started raining on my tits and stimulating my nipples, my resistance was gone. I widened my stance and two fingers soon found there way into my wet and ready pussy.

The tender G-spot that Neal had used to drive me to an out of my mind blowing orgasm was there and waiting for me to rub it again. Lasciviously I moaned, as I massaged the sensitive area. The remembrance of Neal's attentions now flooding my mind, I quickly came to fruition as the orgasm shook my body.

The steam in my shower grew, my passionate self pleasuring continued, and soon another knee quaking cum erupted from my lust filled volcano. Enjoying the sensations as long as I could, all good things must end, so I continued getting ready for work. Drying off well I got back to my normal morning ritual and headed out the door.

My nosy next door neighbor was standing outside his door, looking at the newspaper. I tried to speed past him but I was not fast enough.

"Morning Shelia," he greeted me.

"Morning Tom," I replied in a let me get the hell out of here tone.

"It was kind of noisy the other night, Shelia, was everything OK?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, I must of had the TV up too loud, sorry about that."

"What channel was that, I don't think I have it in my bundle?" he remarked smartly with a shit eating grin.

"DVD," I replied curtly as I picked up my pace and ran down the stairs.

I had very mixed emotions as I stepped into the lobby of my new assignment.

Working hard to make this thing happen the last several months had brought a sense of pride to my heart. Neal being in the office that I had worked so hard for was a hard pill to swallow, as I knocked on the door marked "Branch Manager".

"Come in," sounded a preoccupied voice from the inside.

I opened the door and saw Neal poring over some reports on the grand oak desk.

"Good morning, Mr. Jorgenson," I said.

"Good morning Shelia, please sit down if you can," he said as he peered over top of his study.

Not daring to challenge that smart ass remark, I sat down. The overstuffed leather chair was quite comfortable even on my sore butt.

"Shelia, how do you feel this morning?" Neal asked, this time looking me in the eye.

"Fine Sir," I replied unabashedly.

"Good, so tell me after the other night, what hurts worse your backside or your ego?" he asked putting his hand to his chin.

I sat staring for a moment, blush faced and amazed at his arrogance.

Tell me Sheila, what would you put up with to be sitting in this chair in six months?”Neal beamed with superiority.

What are you getting at Neal?” I huffed back.

I'm just saying that you do somethings for me And I do so thing for you, that's all.”

Frowning I demanded, “Details, Neal, Details.”

OK, you want details, you got details. My girlfriend Lila is a very demanding woman. I try to satisfy her but her appetites are shall we say extensive and kinky.”

So this whole scenario you played out on me the other night is some of the shit she does with you, is that right?”

She is also into some girl on girl, just for full disclosure purposes,” Neal explained.

No, way Neal, I don't swing that way,” I nearly yelled as I stood up to walk out the door.

I hate to mention it Sheila, but it may be kind of hard to get a job if some word got around about your, U hm, financial indiscretions.”

Stopping dead in my tracks, I spun around on one heel and said,” You bastard Neal, you said that would be dropped.”

Lila is very persuasive and I really don't have a choice,.... just like you,” he grinned when he said it.

Furious I sat back down and swung a leg up over my knee kicking the air and imagining that the pointed toe of that pump was connecting with Neal's nut sack.

What do I have to do?” I demanded.

Lila likes to start parties on Fridays and end them on Sunday,” Neal said. “She would require pretty much a repeat of our escapade of the other night only a little more drawn out.”

What about the GOG,” I snapped.

Yes, there will be plenty of that also, I'm afraid.”

I cringed at the thought, but I would do almost anything to have that manager's chair.

I'm in, Neal , you conniving rat,” I exclaimed. “Where are you going to go though?”

In six months I'll be in that big office downtown.”

What about Gary?”

He's wanting to retire, and take a figurehead position as President of the company, so his job is soon to be mine.”

I'd have never dreamed he would step down.”

You my dear are going to meet Lila this Friday after work, so bring a toothbrush, don't worry about packing clothes, I don't think you'll need them,” Neal said with a wink.

Sighing, I resigned my self to the fate and said,” OK, Friday it is.”

Neal drove us both from the office that Friday to his rented house in the suburbs. It's obvious that Neal came from money because the house was very nice for a recent college grad to afford. We walked into the kitchen and sitting at the small oak table was a woman in her early twenties sipping on a glass of white wine. Her hair was glossy black like obsidian and the look on her face gave evidence that her heart was the same color.

With red painted lips she said,” Neal is this our new playmate?”

Yes Mistress,”Neal replied.

She looks a little old, I hope her tits don't sag too much,” Lila spoke dryly.

I was just ready to open my mouth and a stern glance from Neal warned against it.

Take the bitch downstairs and get her ready, and get yourself ready too slave,” Lila demanded.

Yes Mistress,” he replied. “Come with me Sheila.”

I followed Neal down the stairs to the basement. The lights were dim but the furnishings of the room were stark and unsettling to me. A large four poster bed was in the middle of the room, what appeared to be a whipping post was on one side and low bench with straps hanging from it on the other. The wall had several pegs with whips, paddles and straps of various shapes and sizes hanging from them. Shaking my head, I knew that this was going to be a very long weekend.

Sheila the bathroom is over there, you will want to vacate your bowel before we start, you will find a pre packaged enema in the cupboard.”

Again I started to open my mouth and Neal said, “just do it Shelia, or we both will be in trouble, alright?”

Fine,” I said in a tiff as I walked to the bathroom.

Just leave your clothes in there Sheila, you won't be needing them till Sunday.”

Turning I stuck my middle finger in the air towards him.

Cute Shelia, you'll be getting plenty of that too.”

Neal was waiting for me when I stepped out in my birthday suit. He motioned me over to him and he put a red leather collar around my neck with an eight foot leash attached to it.

Are you taking me for a walk?” I sneered.

No, just the most painful ,yet sensuous adventure you have ever had in your life Sheila, and if you want it to be more sensuous than painful you better shut up and get with the program.”

Yes Master,” I replied.

That's better. If you want any skin left on that beautiful behind of yours, you will be that respectful to Lila, in spades!”

Neal them attached some red leather cuffs similar to those he had used before on me, and clipped them together behind my back. Neal was naked also, except for the black collar around his neck and small one around his ball sack that stretched his nuts away from his body. I nearly giggled when I saw it, as it looked very uncomfortable.

We soon heard the sounds of Lila's boot heels clicking down the stairs. Neal stood at attention and motioned for me to do the same. Lila stepped into the room and said,” are my slaves ready to play?”

Yes Mistress,” Neal said. Then he nudged me.

Yes Mistress,” I quickly added.

Good, strap her down to the spanking bench, every new slave needs to learn who is Boss from the start,” Lila explained.

Yes Mistress,” Neal replied as he took me by the arm to the low bench I had noticed earlier.

As he strapped me face down on the device, I thought to myself,” dear Lord I hope that job is worth all of this.”

Neal, fetch me the strap, the medium one,”Lila commanded.

Yes Mistress, “ he said as he scurried to the wall of torture implements and picked one out.

The raven haired beauty with strap in hand looked down at me with her fiery blue eyes. She touched my skin lightly with her left hand and I shuddered. Her touch moved up my thigh and rested on my left ass cheek, then slowly rubbed it. This continued for a few seconds and just as it was getting to be pleasurable, she abruptly moved the caressing hand to between my shoulder blades and applied light pressure.

With the hand still on my back, I suddenly heard a whoosh and felt a stinging pain in my hind quarters.

Arragghh,” I yelled as the leather strap landed cross both cheeks and left a wide swath of hot pink flesh in it's path.

Lila's left hand still in place she spanked me again, harder this time.

Arraaggghhh,” I voiced my distress loudly.

The wicked Mistress continued to strap my bottom to a bright red and my verbal expressions grew louder. Finally she stopped for a moment.

Neal this bitch is getting too loud, put your cock in her mouth to quiet her down.”

Yes Mistress,” he replied as he dropped to his knees and offered his semi erect penis to my now sobbing and drooling lips.

Don't bite slave, just suck, that tool you have in your mouth serves me and if you damage it there will be Hell to pay,” Lila remarked.

I just nodded my head in agreement.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Lila walk over to the wall of spanking toys and pick up a black leather riding crop. I instantly remembered the excruciating pain that it invoked and I gulped at the thought.

Lila swooshed the whip in the air a few times before landing it with snap on my vulnerable ass cheeks. The sensation was different than the strap, more intense and localized. I exhaled a muffled scream with Neal's cock in my mouth.

I could hear the dominant bitch click her heels on the hardwood floor, around to the other side of me this time. Again the swoosh of the whip and the agony that followed filled my senses with stress and intensity. I screamed repeatedly as her punishing hand whipped my poor bottom to a mass of bruises and welts.

I felt Neal's dick grow larger in my mouth as the sadistic bastard had a perfect view of my cheeks being abused by his kinky girlfriend. My nose was running and my eyes were raining tears while she continued to beat my buttocks into a submissive state.

Neal, pull out,” Lila commanded. “I don't want you cumming yet.”

Neal instantly obeyed and I was grateful for the increase in my air supply. I took in and exhaled several breaths as I tried to regain my composure. Thankfully the beating ceased also for which I was doubly grateful.

Slave, do you think you know who is in charge here, do you think you can obey me as well as Neal just did?” Lila inquired of me. “Or do you need more instruction?”

Please Mistress,” I begged. “I will obey your every wish.”

Lets just see how well you can obey, shall we slave?” Lila asked. “Neal, unfasten her and take her to the bed, face up.”

Yes Mistress,” he said, as he hurriedly unsnapped my restraints and helped me up. He even unclasped the wrist restraints so that I could move my arms which was a blessed relief. I staggered on wobbly legs over to the bed, not really knowing what would happen next.

I winced as I settled my sore butt cheeks slowly down on the bed, but it felt so good to be able to move after my ordeal. Looking over at Lila as she removed her black patent leather miniskirt and lace thong panties, the plan she had in mind became clear to me.

Nearly retching at the thought of having my tongue licking another woman's pussy, I decided that I would have to think about ice cream. I looked over again, hoping that Lila was headed to the bathroom, but no such luck smiled on me. As she climbed up on the bed and straddled my face I could see the glisten of her female fluids seeping from her wanton opening.

Closing my eyes I waited for the dripping pussy to come close. I found my happy place and licked the ice cream cone that I had imagined I was eating. Lila dropped lower now and rubbed the wet twat against my lips with an up and down motion.

I felt Neal's hands take mine to place them on Lila's round ass, I was mortified that my tongue was in and my hands were on another female. Quickly I recalled my ice cream scene and continued pleasuring Lila. In a few minutes she tensed up, throwing her head back and quaking as the first orgasm flowed through her nervous system.

She breathed heavily and said,” Neal, give her some reward.”

I felt Neal climb up on the bed and gently spread my legs, he began kissing my inner thighs and gently biting them. My brain began changing from a mood of disgust to one of sensuous feelings.

He moved upwards and parted my lips revealing the tasty treat he was about to partake of. Neal kissed and then licked my dampening vagina, I moved my hips in excitement as his tongue lapped at my juicy slit.

Strangely my attitude turned to one of erotic desires, and I started tonguing Lila with passion now instead of just obedience. I moaned as Neal stimulated the labias and rim of my snatch, and Lila's reaction ensued as my emanations caused her greater pleasure. Her mind rewarded her body with another orgasm as my servicing became more zealous. The trickle of her juices turned to a squirt and now I relished her flavor instead of disdaining it.

Neal soon was giving me my first reward, when my back arched and the pleasurable cries of cum rushed passed my lips and by Lila's jet black curls.

For the second time in a week I was enjoying the fruits of a painful beating that had turned into another bone shaking sexual experience. All I could think of is the pleasures at hand, my ice cream illusion had vanished in the brilliance of raw sexual passion.

After Lila and I had cum several times, I felt the wobble of her legs against my cheeks and her body disengaged from my lips, falling to the side of me in exhaustion. Neal looked up to tend to his Mistress and stopped his service to me.

Slave, finish the job you started on Neal on the bench, do it as good as you gave it to me and I won't have to whip you for now,” Lila ordered.

Yes Mistress,” I replied as I turned my self to reciprocate the favor to Neal.

In my left hand, I cupped his balls, gently squeezing them as my mouth went down to suck in his manhood. It was hard as steel, when I slid my lips down the shaft, then back up again. Repeating the cycle I fucked my mouth on his cock. The slightly saline taste of his precum reignited my passion and I moaned as the penis slid in and out of me.

I was ashamed of myself for the highly erotic state I found myself in. This man who dragged me kicking and screaming into this incredibly kinky weekend, had me relishing the cock in my mouth and I was actually curious as to what would happen next.

My tongue was rolling round his glans as my lips caressed the shaft, soon I felt his nuts pull up and I braced for the deluge of semen that would come. Throwing his head back, Neal howled his delight as the creamy spunk came pounding against the back of my throat and down my gullet.

By this point Lila had regained her strength, her lasciviousness reawakened watching me service her man.

Shelia,” Lila spoke.

Yes Mistress,” I replied quickly.

I want you to punish my male slave for me while I watch, do you think you could handle that task for me?”

Looking over at Neal and smiling I replied,” why yes Mistress, I am willing and able to serve.”

Neal looked a little nervous, because he knew that I would relish the job of whipping his sorry ass, as justice being done.

Take him to the whipping post,” Lila ordered.

I grabbed Neal by his now limp pecker and dragged him reluctantly the the place of torment. I secured his wrists to the top with the leather bands that hung from it. I slapped him on the ass when I was done and whispered in his ear,” I'm going to enjoy this a lot Neal.”

Lila came up to me and handed me a whip about four feet long. The length of it was somewhat stiff except for a leather thong about ten inches long on the very end.

Whip him till he is sobbing and drooling like a little bitch, sort of the way you looked when I spanked you good and hard,” Lila said.

I frowned some then answered, “yes Mistress.”

Holding the whip away from my body, I moved my feet to a stance where, when extended the whip would connect to Neal's bare ass with about the last twelve inches . Pulling back to my right side I drew the whip around and hit Neal just below his ass cheeks. He yelled out,” yeow!” his feet dancing with the painful sensation. I continued to whip him up and down from the small of his back to just above his knees. His reaction to the whip growing with each lash applied.

The satisfying feelings that I got from this whipping was making everything worth while, in fact I felt some moisture accumulating in my snatch. Neal was dancing like a marionette on strings while feeling the wrath of my whip. A glance over at Lila showed the pleasure she was receiving also from this display of flagellation.

At long last, Lila said,” enough, release him.

I loosed the straps that held him to the post and he stood with hands on his knees for a minute or two.

Lila in the mean time had found a strap-on harness that sported a nine inch dildo. The lusty woman motioned me to the bed with look of lascivious glee. “It's time we got better acquainted.” she said. “Lie down face up and legs wide on the bed for me slave.”

Apprehensively I complied and waited for my fate. Lila climbed on top of me missionary style and like a horny sailor on leave, penetrated me immediately. The large faux penis slid right in ,as I was still wet with my revenge on Neal. She went in to the hilt and I twitched when it hit bottom, almost painfully.

Lila then lowered herself down, her nipples touching mine at first, then her full pressure on my chest. My stomach turned at the expectations of what she next intended. My fears were realized when her lips met mine and her tongue started exploring my mouth. I had never kissed with a woman like this, the idea of it in my mind was repugnant, but as she started fucking me the pleasure grew and my reluctance diminished.

Lila soon ground her hips and screwed me with gusto. The scene brought back memories of my first time in high school, when the boy had three rubbers on to prevent any little swimmers from escaping. He was the preacher's son and could not risk the scandal of pregnancy. So in some ways that was really my first dildo fucking.

Finding my self on the receiving end of a woman's tongue was an entirely different matter though. Lila was aggressive, probing every crevice of my oral cavity while the rubber cock that adorned her front filled and stretched my pussy. I had noticed that the device she wore had a part of it that went into her, rubbing her G-spot. The screwing that I was getting, stimulated Lila to orgasm in a few minutes.

After her orgasm tapered off, she abruptly pulled out and leaned on her haunches. “Turn over and get up on your hands and knees bitch,” Lila ordered.

I turned my body over and up to the doggie style position. Slapping me on the ass a couple of times, Lila then slid her new appendage back in me, fucking me like a bitch in heat. I soon felt tits on my back and the rubber dildo sliding in and out. Lila's hand reached under me and began squeezing my breasts, softly at first then roughly. Her thumb and forefinger found a nipple and started pinching it hard to the point of pain.

I cried out, but the pleasure and the pain together made me cum, Lila liked the mixed sounds and continued both the pinching and the screwing. She came again, and her body shuddered in pleasure against mine, when it happened.

I looked over at Neal, sitting in a chair watching his girlfriend, screwing his employee. Sporting a self satisfied smirk and an erection, Neal was enjoying the show.

Not wanting him to top my pleasure, I exaggerated my bliss to plant the thought in his mind that Lila may enjoy me more than him! My plan was short lived however, because Lila pulled out yet again, only to position her dildo at my backdoor now.

Lila's kinky sex toy was pleasing to my pussy but the large object going in my backside made me cringe. I knew if I clinched, the pain would be excruciating, so my mind went back to my happy place, while trying desperately to relax my anal opening.

Fortunately the faux penis was slathered in my own juices as the beast pressed against my sphincter. Lila pushing forward, with her hands on my hips now, slowly entered my secret chamber. A flood of agony rushed through my body when it forced open my ass. A blood curdling, “AAAAarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!” passed my lips and things went black for a moment or two.

After I came to my senses somewhat, the sharp agonizing pain had subsided some, and a strange feeling of fullness took it's place. By now the dildo was deep in my bowel and Lila was slowly moving in and out, fucking me in a steady rhythm.

Neal, get your ass up here, Shelia needs something in her mouth,” Lila demanded.

He strolled up to the bed, again with that evil smirk, and climbed up to put his pecker in my face. Defiantly, I ignored the member and kept on moving with Lila's screwing rhythm. She must have been paying attention to my disobedience, she soon said, “ I have a much larger dildo Shelia.”

That was enough to change my mind and I gobbled up that hard cock like a calf to it's mother. Now that I had a male member in both ends of me I made the decision to just go with the flow and have fun. The anal sex was beginning to feel good, I had arched my back in such a way that the rubber penis was hitting my G-spot through the back door.

My orgasm rushed like the wind from my ass to my mouth and I cried,” Aaaaahhhhhh, aaaaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhhh,” around the real cock in my lips. Both Lila and Neal were pleased with my enthusiasm, and fucked me harder from both ends. I came again shortly and the fucking continued at a faster pace.

In a few short minutes I felt Neal and Lila tense up, I was feeling ready also, and at just the right moment the three of us shared an earth shaking orgasm that made all of us quake with pleasure. Neal filled my mouth with his seed, Lila plunged herself in to the hilt and I exploded in erotic sensations that encompassed my whole being.

Three naked and satisfied bodies collapsed on the bed, all three panting and oozing the juices of hot human passion. All three having their lusts finally satiated, closed their eyes and drifted into a sensual slumber.

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