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  By: fawna

Now I want to tell you my secret fantasy about being a voyeur.  I can only tell it here because I could Never ever let anyone here know it.  If they know that I am such a whore than I would probably get kicked out of this little town.  I rent a house from this old couple that lives near.  It is small but there is an extra large shed in the yard so I get extra storage.  In my fantasy though, that shed is a tiny house where a guy lives.  He is really good looking and his name is Mike or something boring like that. As you can imagine, I really want to see Mike naked.


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Naughty level to be set later


In my fantasy I am bold. One warm Saturday morning I take action. I take off my underwear and put on the smallest Tshirt and shorts that are legal before walking over to Mike’s shed.  It is early and I hope he hasn’t taken a shower yet.  On the way over I am trying to make up some excuse why I am there.  Nothing comes to me but I get there and knock on the door anyway.


He opens the door and I see he has on the same outfit as me.  Just not as small.  I guess he slept in them.  I just stand there like an idiot, staring at the front of his shorts until he finally asks why I am pounding on his door at the crack of dawn.  I just blurt out “I was hoping you hadn’t taken a shower yet.  I want to watch.”


Oh no!  I am supposed to be bold, but that was Totally crazy! But he just says “Huh? I just got up.  You want to come in?”


Of course I do.  We sit on the couch. He obviously thinks I really am crazy so I need to say something. And Fast.  So I just say the first thing I think of.  “Sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude.  I just think you are really good looking and I would like to see you naked.”


Well that was not any less crazy.  I guess he will call the police now.  But no!  He just asks:


Mike: You mean right now?  Right here?

Fawna: Huh? … Uhhh… Sure…. Yeah… Definitely.  Right here and now. Totally naked.


He gets up, shrugs a bit then takes his shirt off.  Nice body!  Next his shorts go down.  No underwear.  Yay! Mike’s naked dick is right in front of me!  It is not huge.  It hangs down a little below his balls.  But I actually don’t like really big dicks -- his is Absolutely perfect. After a few minutes of staring right at his cock, I realize I have intruded on Mike’s Saturday long enough.


F: Well thanks for showing me your penis. I have to go home and jerk off now.

M: That sounds really hot.  Can I watch?


Can he!  I whip off my shirt before he changes his mind. He immediately turns his eyes to my breasts, but seems a little disappointed that I stop there.


M: Are you going to masturbate through your shorts?

F: No. I am teasing you with my boobs first.  What do you think?

M: They are awesome.  I really like them!

F: Not too small?


He laughs but keeps staring at them.


M: No way.  They are a perfect handful.

F: But they sag a little.

M: At least I know they are real.

F: Very funny.  Do you want to see my pussy?


I don’t want for an answer and drop my shorts to the floor. I step out of them and open my legs a bit so he can see it better. And he studies it for quite some time.  I can tell he likes it because his penis starts to straighten out and gets longer.  I giggle and point “Looks like your dick wants to get in on this action.”


He steps closer and cups my breasts in his hands.  I smile as he massages them.  I put my hands on his shoulders pull my face up to his.  We start kissing and soon our arms are wrapped around each other.  We kiss long and deep.  I press my body against his, rubbing my nipples on his chest.  I can fell his stiff cock, warm against my belly.


I am Really suffering – I want that penis inside me! But Mike stops and steps back from me.  He lifts me right up, carries me to his bed and puts me down on my back. Climbing on top, he starts kissing my neck.  He slides down to my boobs, playing with my left breast using only his tongue.  This is really turning me on and my nipples pop straight out.  He switches over to my right side and puts the other breast in his mouth.  It feels so good!  I put my legs around his waist and grind my hips against it.


He is licking the nipple hard.  I am bucking my hips like a horny little cowgirl.  Little gasps and groans come out of mouth all by themselves.  My arms start moving on their own.  My hands grab the top of his head.  My legs open wide and I appear to be pushing him down my body.  My feet climb over his shoulders and cross behind his back.  I shove his face hard to my crotch.


He doesn’t argue or struggle.  He repeats his tongue action on my pussy, flicking and licking around the lips and driving me Totally wild.  By the time his lips reach my clit, I am shifting my weight from one hip to the other, aching for some relief. With his touch, my shouts of pleasure are loud but I don’t care.  My whole body is in a world of joy.  The way he rubs my clit with his tongue I know I am going to come hard.  When the orgasm hits, I could be struck by lightning and wouldn’t notice.  My vagina is alive!  I squeeze my legs tightly against his neck to extend the moment.  He stops and I ride the wave.  I can’t believe how long it lasts.  I must have spun all the way around and fallen off the bed by now!


When it is over, it turns out I am lying in the same spot, in a crumpled heap on Mike’s bed. He is also lying flat on his back beside me, panting from the effort.  I crawl on top of him, glide up to his face and start kissing. He opens his mouth.  Maybe he wants to say something, but I do Not let him. I practically suck his tongue into my throat.  And yes, I remember where it’s been!  But I do not care at all. I massage his tongue with mine while crushing my little tits against his chest.  I feel his cock warming up against my thigh.


I lightly stroke the whole length of Mike’s dick with the fingers of my left hand but I let his tongue go.  After all, when he gets hard I am going to need my mouth free.

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fawna    (2012-10-08 11:23:00)    Flag as inappropiate
fawna Thanks! I know I am a whore but it is still nice to be recognized.
pie106    (2012-10-04 17:48:46)    Flag as inappropiate
You are a naughty little whore. Hot story, keep up the good work!

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