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  By: WTsexy

One day as I had been at work, I came flying home as we had been teasing each other all day and you said in the last phone call, "I have a surprise when you get home" and I said "Ok, I'll get out of here and be home as quick as I can"....so as I pull up the driveway and see a strange vehicle there, I come in and you and this other blonde chick standing in the kitchen having drinks and we exchange pleasantries and I give you a big kiss and tell you I'm going to get a shower and change and I'll be back soon, well, you give me that little look like you are up to something and wink at me and so now my mind is racing as to what's going on and my pants begin to swell thinking what might happen and I think.."nawwww...she wouldn't, she talks about it, but she won't go through with it"....so I go in the bedroom and undress, start the shower and begin thinking of the possibilites, the door is open to the bathroom, so you can just stand there and watch and as I begin thinking of you and this other chick, my dick gets hard and after i wash my hair, I begin to lather up and make my way down to my cock and begin to stroke it thinking that I might witness some hot action and from what I remember of this chick in the kitchen, she had blonde hair, nice rack and big blue eyes and just a nice looking woman, she looked to be in her late 30's early 40's and her name was "Kathy"..he he he....so as I stood there in the shower thinking of you two possibly rolling around in bed together, I started stroking and put one foot up on the edge of the tub and it felt so good sliding my hand up and down my shaft and soap dripping off my balls and thinking you two might be watching me, turns out you two had some more drinks and made your way back to the bedroom and I just happend to look up and see you two watching and pulled the curtains back and said "enjoying the show?"....you said "the show hasn't started yet, we're enjoying the pre-game activities".....well, that was IT, I began to rinse off and I heard you two undressing and by the time I got out and toweled off, I walked in naked and saw you on your back clutching the edge of the bed and she was between your legs sucking your tits and making her way down to your pussy and she took her time, I stood there and watched and as she made her way down, I moved in to suck on your tits and kiss you passionately and she began to tease and tickle the outer lips of your juicy pussy and you said "Oh Alex, put your dick in my mouth"...so I slid it in and I noticed she looked up to see this action and she buried her face deep in your soaked pussy and you let out many moans of relief and I pulled out and started kissing you everywhere and you said in my ear "Oh God this feels wonderful keep kissing me all over Alex".....I then began licking you all over and pulled one of your legs back so she could get better access to your soaked crotch and I could hear her slopping up all the juices and she was tonguing your cunt and darting her tongue in and out as I do, I moved around on the other side and I noticed her ass in the air and saw her tits hanging down as I moved up beside you...you said "Alex, I have to cum, I need to cum now"....so I reached down and massaged your clit till you came like you've never came before and just when you think it was over, she looked up at you and grinned and said "OK, now for part 2"......you looked puzzled and as she raised up, she was sporting a 7 inch strap on that looked like my dick, she moved between your legs and I moved over your head and held your ankles back and spread you as much as possible, then as you looked down between your legs with anticipation, she pushed it down towards your begging lips and she began to slide it in inch by inch until it was buried deep inside your pussy and you let out moans and groans and said how good it felt and shefucked you silly and I spread your legs and she grabbed your ankles so I could move down and tongue your clit  as she banged away, I wanted a great view, so I moved behind her and she let go of your legs and mounted you and watching her ass move in and out of your pussy was almost too much to bear, but I moved in behind on my knees so I could get a birds eye view and just watch that cock move in and out of your pussy and I had a hold of my own cock, you reached down and played with your clit, then you came again and when you did, she slid out and said "It's your turn honey"....you said "I will gladly eat your pussy" and  you switched positions with her and now you had your head buried in her pussy and you were also on your knees, you wanted me to move in behind you and fuck you, so I got on the floor and stood there behind you and bent down and began to eat you and slobber all over your still wet pussy, then I stood up and as I saw the look of pleasure on her face, I slid my cock inside you and continued to screw you till she had a mind blowing orgasm and when she did, I kept fucking you and she moved out from under and I said "OH, I'm cumming".....you flipped over real quick and grabbed your tits and pushed them up so I could come all over you and she laid back to play with her pussy and as I shot all over you, she came also.  You and I then just fucked so she could watch and she had another orgasm as you did while my dick was sliding in and out, after all the cumming and smell of pussy everywhere.....she decided to go and when she left, You and I started all over again with more fucking......as she left, she said "We'll have to get together again soon"....you said "You bet honey".....so there it is....just one more fuck story to read and cum with as you massage that pussy at night when I'm not there.....I'll have another one in the near future....hope you enjoyed this one.

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