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  By: WTsexy

Enter your story here... As Olivia and I were in the mountains staying at a nice chalet, one day we decided to go for a walk in the woods, someone had told us that there was a lake about a 1/2 mile from the chalet, so one we decided to go check it out, we cleaned up the kitchen, did a little fooling around, nothing major, just heavy petting, then we decided to head out and sustain and then get back, fix a little dinner, get in the hot tub and have at it, but out the door we went and we took us a bottled water and down the path we went, we took our time to see some scenery along the way, it was a beautiful day, weather was partly cloudy and about 75 degrees and low humidity, just a perfect weather day, we were wearing shorts and tennis shoes, so we were comfortable.  Olivia decided to wear a tank top that hugged her tits and damn did they look good in that shirt, she wore a very sexy bra that complimented her tits and I loved watching them bounce down the trail with her, we had been hiking for about 20 minutes and we came across this big slanted boulder and on it was a pair of pants, long sleeve button up shirt, some socks stuffed in the boots in what appeared to be hiking boots, and also a pair of bikini briefs, well we stopped and looked at each other and she said "Why are there clothes on that rock?"...I said "Well, maybe someone is running naked around here" and just about the time I got it out, we heard some splashing as if someone were swimming, we knew we had made it to the lake, the path we were on was a bit covered and the brush was still dense and thick, so we decided to take a peek into the lake as to what was going on and lo and behold, there was a man swimming, he appeared to be in his late 30's or so and we had found the answer to our question.....he was naked in the lake, he didn't see us, so we slowly walked back down the path and Olivia said "Do you think he's getting out soon?" I said "Well, I don't know, you want to stick around and see?" she had that twinkle in her eye and said "I'm curious, do you mind if we just kind of hide behind some brush so he can't see us and wait to see what he does?"...I said "Yes, I guess so, I don't blame you for wanting to see him naked, if it was a woman, I'd stick around" we backed up and found some brush thick enough so we couldn't be seen, the anticipation was getting to Olivia and she began to kiss me and I could tell she was already horny and thinking about what she might see, I began to fondle her and then we heard him getting out of the water, we couldn't exactly see anything, but he appeared and had a small towel wrapped around his waist.  Now, I know I'm not gay, but I know a good looking man when I see one and as Olivia turned around and pressed her back to me and I wrapped my arms around her and began fondling her tits, she was looking ever so intently at this wet male well built tanned body and I could hear her under her breath "Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous man".....his back was to us and I began kissing her ears and had my arms wrapped around her playing with her tits and hips and just molesting Olivia basically, I knew she was horny and only thing I wasn't sure of what was making her hotter, her eye candy or my touch, but at that moment, my cock was hard as a rock knowing she was very turned on and it didn't matter why and how, but that I was the one pleasing her and I would be the one with the dick inside her, that's all that mattered.
as we both watched, the towel dropped and his back was to us and Olivia said "What a nice tight ass"....I said "and tanned too, he must lay out naked".....she said "Now if he'll just turn around so we can see what's hanging"....well to our surprise, he did turn around but it wasn't hanging....the man of the lake was sporting an enormous erection that must have been 8 or 9 inches long and stuck straight out, it was too big to be laying flat against his belly and sticking straight up, I thought Olivia was going to pass out but she gasped and said "OMG, it's so big, wonder who the lucky girl is that gets that shoved in her"....I said "Whoever it is, she must handle it real well"...then the man did something that we weren't ready for, just as we thought he was getting dressed, he was still wet from the water, so he just leaned up against the slanted boulder and it was perfect for laying on, he leaned back and his naked body was glistening in the sun and he was drying off before putting his clothes on and I knew Olivia about to cum in her pants from looking at this marvel of the lake, so I slid her shorts down to her knees and mine too and told her I wanted to fuck her right there, she had no qualms about it, still staring at him and never missing a beat, his cock began to hang down and go limp, but then as I began to slide into Olivia, he grabbed his cock and began slow long strokes and I could hear Olivia mumble "Oh hell, Alex please fuck me, I need your cock in me now and I hope he cums" I began stroking my dick inside her, she ws trying to keep quiet as to not disturb the wonderful happening on the rock, as he stretched his long frame and spread his legs for all to see, he let go and his dick slapped against his belly and it was fully engorged and his balls were hanging like two big bells from a bell tower, he grabbed his cock again and began stroking and Olivia said she was about to cum and with that, the man had looked down at his own cock and his stroking became faster and he leaned forward and since he didn't know anyone was watching, he let out a yell that would have disturbed all the animals and when he did, he stood up, leaned a little forward and aimed his cock straight out and began to fertilize the ground with his own hot gooey cum, he shuttered and shook till all of it left his muscular body and he laid back on the rock to rest and his dick hung down with cum dripping completely out and during this whole time Olivia had a major orgasm and not once was she heard, I pulled out and splattered all over her ass during all of this too, we were quiet and kneeled down for a minute as to not be seen, the young stud began to put his clothes back on and as we stood up, he was putting his shirt back on and I said "We need to get out of here"....Olivia said "Let me take one more look at the luscious lake man".....she could not take her eyes off him as he finsihed tying his shoes and stood back up and grabbed his little towel and walked off and we took off back in the other direction and quickly got back to the chalet and pretty much said "Fuck Dinner"....we jumped in the hot tub naked and we had the best sex in a long time and the whole time I'm stroking her, she's telling me how much she was turned on and loved the sight of such a cock in her midst and reassured me that mine was the only one for her pussy, but his was nice to look at and watch spew, when she told me that I spewed again and this time, I coated the inside walls of her pussy......I've always been an advocate of walking and hiking the trails, but this is one time that really backed this up, maybe next time, I'll get to see something that will get me going as much as it did for Olivia.  Maybe I'll find them waterfalls I've been told about.....always love watching the water cascading over a naked female body.....ohhh, I shudder thinking about it......till then....Happy Hiking.

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