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I really only have voyeur and exhibitionist fantasies.  But I am real particular. It has to be a whole, sexy situation.  I would much rather take a romantic bath with an average looking woman than watch an attractive man just pull his big dick out of his pants.  And I am Not a lesbian at all! I just appreciate seeing and being seen naked in the right place and time.


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Naughty level to be set later


Because I live alone I fantasize about the guys at work.  Later I will share a voyeur fantasy about me at home.  But right now I want to tell you this exhibitionist fantasy I had at work yesterday.


Larry was saying he wished we had a shower at work so he could go running at lunch.  We are too small of an office for That, but I should have guessed what he said next.  Well, next thing he says is we only need a Men’s shower.  There are only 2 girls and Lynette, our boss, is never around. He Actually said that if ever want a shower I could just use theirs. He is so crude and always tries to embarrass me.   He knows I am nerdy but he has no idea that he cannot embarrass me like that. He better not find out I have all these sexy fantasies because he would Not leave me alone.  I meant it! 


What a jerk!  Imagine me showering in front of that desperate group of nerds.  Well guess what?  I did imagine it!  But it never really ended up like that.  Here is what happened: I was thinking suppose one day they are all in the shower room.  What I do is, undress right at my desk.  Everything off: shoes, socks, shirt, pants, bra and panties and just throw them on the carpet. The only thing I keep on are my glasses because I Really want to see their reaction to what I will do next.


I wrap a towel around my waist only and walk right into their Men’s shower room just like that!  They all practically jump out of their skin but I just say hi as if I always walk around topless.


I imagine three of them are sitting on benches in their towels while Edy is in the actual shower stall.  I just stand there talking about the weather.  But they are too stunned to say Anything.  They are mumbling random nonsense and trying not to look like they are looking my chest.  But they are all staring right at my boobs.  So I just casually say You know Larry, it was a great idea to put in this shower.  It just feels so good to take my clothes off and let my breasts out. What do you guys think? Are my boobs too small for a bra?


At that comment I notice the fronts of their towels are rising.  Edy, the one in the shower, is done now.  He steps out of the stall with his own towel on. No doubt he is wondering what the hell is going on, but nobody makes a move.  They are all stupidly frozen.  So I say Well it looks like nobody else wants the shower so I am next.  I drop my only item of “clothing” and now the show is On.  They stop even the mumbling.


But instead of going into the shower, I just say Hey guys.  It has been such a hard day, do you mind if I release some stress?  Of course, they are too busy staring at my boobs and pussy to answer.  So I start caressing my body.


Oh.. yeah… that feels much better.  Then I play with my nipples, getting them nice and hard.  The guys are shifting back and forth, uncomfortably but obviously resisting the urge to stroke their cocks.  I am starting to get wet.  I separate my legs a little and move my left hand down to my crotch.


I start slow, just running my fingers around the edge of my vagina.  Of Course I am gasping with pleasure.  I can see Larry has already moved his hand under his towel and has grabbed his dick.  The other two guys on the bench are rubbing their thighs anxiously through their own towels.   I go inside with one finger, slowly gliding it back and forth, in and out.


I see Larry’s towel moving up and down and the other guys are rubbing their own erections through the material.  So I go a little faster. My gasps become moans and shouts.  Larry is pumping fast now.  Edy has joined him on his bench.  I raise one foot to the bench so I can get two fingers in my vagina.  Now I can fly at top speed, in and out, in and out. When I slip my foot under Larry’s towel and graze his knee, he comes right on the spot.  That is all I needed! My own glorious orgasm lifts me to a warm and exciting universe. I shout out loud the filthiest things any of them have ever heard from me.


After I come back down to Earth, I just act normal and say Wow!  I really need a shower now.  But Larry, you should really wash all that semen off first. I have never seen that much come on one guy!  He is too horrified to say anything. He just gathers his jizzed up towel around his penis and lurches away to clean himself. I giggle at his bare ass disappearing into the stall. The other guys are not able to say a single Thing.  They just uncomfortably stumble out of the room to find any private place where they can finish themselves off too.


I laugh to myself thinking how easy it is to entertain men, then lie back on a bench and lower my right hand to my still wet pussy.  I am right handed after all so I may as well enjoy round 2 while I wait for my turn in the shower.


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pie106    (2012-09-25 16:54:35)    Flag as inappropiate
I like it. Being a bit of an exhibitionist my self I would welcome an attractive woman in the shower. Keep writing!

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