Maid maid 2   added 3 years ago    

  By: Carter01

The maid looks at me and says oh mr carter please fill me up with that big firm cock of your.   I grab my cock with one hand and rub it up and down her soaking pussy she lets out a moan and again starts to beg for me to give it to her.  I still continue to rub my cock up and dwn her pussy then i stop and step back. She sits up and asked is my pussy not good enough for you?  I reply with oh im sure it good enough.  She stands up pulling her skirt back dwn and starts to button up her shirt and i say what are you doing? She turns her back to me and i laugh a little and push her over the bed and as she falls to the bed she lets out a scream. I pull up her skirt and slid my cock in her wet soaking pussy and start pounding her tight pussy. She start moaning and screaming as her pussy is getting pounded and pounded. I slap her ass as im sliding my hard cock in her.  I then grab a handful of hair so i can kiss her neck as im pounding her pussy. She tells me shes about to cum so i let go of her hair and reach around and rub her clit as i continue to fuck her.  She cums shooting her cum all over my cock and the bed. I tell her she is a bad girl for cumming on my cock like that without asking if she could.  She says she sorry and i tell her to suck it off my cock. She gets off the bed and kneels in front if me and slids my cock in her mouth. Mmmmmmm she says as shes licking and sucking her cum off my cock. Your cum taste good huh she shakes her head yes and continues to suck my cock. After sucking it for awhile i pull her up n push her to the bed. She spreads her legs and i go back down to eat her out. She is going crazy bc her pussy is all ready to cum again and i again lick and suck her clit as i finger and she squirts sll over my face and fingers. I stand up and kiss her so she csn again taste hersrlf.  As im kissing her i slid my cock in her pussy and stsnd up to put her legs up on my dhoulders.  I start ficking her tight pussy and after a few pumps i explode and shoot my warm hot cum all in her pussy

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Tags: maid
Location: Anywhere | Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it | Nature: I will tell you later