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Naughty level to be set later

This story is for all those submissive minded ladies out there, you know who you are. Please enjoy and leave comments. Thanks.

A Sensitive Subject

A glance across the room and I caught him again looking in my direction. His eyes quickly looked away staring into nothingness, each time I caught him. I continued to discuss plans for the new office with Mr. Jorgenson as though nothing were awry.

"Who is the handsome stranger that I was not informed of?" I thought to myself. He had not been noticed by me before and I usually knew everything that goes on around here. My boss, Gary Jorgenson had not mentioned any new personnel to me and he told me almost everything.

The conversation about the new office faded into conclusion, so during a pause I took him aside and asked," Gary who is the man standing by the window there?"

"That Sheila, would be my nephew from Baltimore," Gary replied.

"May I ask Sir, is he visiting or is his stay going to be permanent?"

"That depends on him, he's got the diploma and I was going to ask him to be the branch manager at the new 89th st. office."

My mouth flew open and I had to stop myself from bursting out in a fit of anger. I had hoped to land that position personally and the feelings of disappointment and anger were welling up to the point, I had to cover my mouth and excuse myself.

Fleeing to the Ladies, I found the room empty and beat the wall with my fist. Quickly I forced composure and returned, "I'm so sorry Gary, I think something got caught in my throat," I explained.

"I hope you’re OK, Sheila," Gary remarked.

"I'm fine, I just needed to take a little bathroom break."

"As I was saying, I would like Neal to take control of the new branch. Further more I would like you to step in and bring him up to speed on our goals for the next six months."

I cleared my throat and choked back what I really wanted to say. "I'll be glad to be of service Gary," I replied with a fake smile.

"Good now lets go over and I will introduce the two of you,"Gary remarked.

Walking behind Gary, my fake smile turned to a frown, I was pissed that things were going down this way.

"Shelia Beckman, I would like to introduce you to my nephew, Neal Jorgenson," Gary said.

Reluctantly I held out my hand to meet his, "Pleased to meet you Neal," I said.

"Likewise, Mrs. Beckman?" Neal replied.


"I stand corrected," Neal replied.

"Neal I would like to see how you would fit in at the new office on 89th st., Shelia is willing to bring you up to speed on our expectations," Gary remarked.

"I think we can make that happen, Uncle Gary," Neal replied while looking at me with a twinkle in his eye.

I was furious at the turn of events, but strangely aroused by the handsome new acquaintance. I thought it odd that he had earlier looked away quickly, but now seemed to peer into my soul with his steel blue eyes. This was a confident executive who took charge. The man I noticed before seemed almost wimpy and shy. I was curious at the change in his demeanor.

"I want you to take Shelia out to dinner tonight and discuss plans for the new branch Neal, and it's on me, so take her someplace nice," Gary said smiling broadly.

"What time will the lady be ready for me to pick her up?" Neal asked.

"The lady will be ready when she is ready," I replied in a snotty tone.

Gary gave me a bit of a stern glance and smiled at Neal. "Keep it civil, and get the job done," Gary remarked as he walked towards the door.

"Well, I guess I need to repeat my question, what time shall I pick you up Shelia?"

"I'll be ready by 6:30, here is my address," I said as I handed him a card and strode firmly away.

I knew I was taking a chance being rude to the boss’s nephew like that, but my dander was up and my control was diminished.

Dinner was good, but I maintained my sour disposition. Neal was witty and charming, pretending to be oblivious to my temper tantrum. His actions were making an itch between my legs that had not been scratched for a while, which in itself made me more upset.

"Do you have the finance reports that we are suppose to review, Shelia?" Neal inquired.

"I left them at my place."

"Gary is expecting me to see those tonight, shall we go to your place now and take a look?"

" I suppose we'll have to," I fumed.

As we walked into my apartment Neal commented, " nice place."

"It's comfy, I guess. Here are the reports," I said as I handed the folder to him.

"Say Shelia, has Gary mentioned anything to you about the Randall and the Josephson accounts?"

I froze in my tracks and a look of fright must have filled my expression. I knew that I was headed for some deep shit.

"Nnn no," I replied.

"Really, he mentioned to me that there were some discrepancies last quarter but these reports here show everything is normal, how can that be?"

"I, I don't know," I replied. I really did know, and was terrified that Neal knew also. Some months ago I had, shall we say borrowed fifty thousand out of each account for a week. I had received a hot tips on some stock option purchases so I bought them, sold a few days later and made a tidy sum. The fifty K went right back in the accounts and no one was the wiser, I thought.

"Shelia, Gary and I know about the money, he asked me to deal with you in this matter. That's why you didn't get the branch managers job like you wanted."

I burst into tears, hoping to get out of this mess using my feminine charms. Running over to hug him and cry on his shoulder, I said," Neal, I am so sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me!" I sobbed into his shoulder.

"Uncle Gary said I could handle it one of two ways. I could fire you on the spot or I could demand some retribution and teach you a lesson you won't soon forget."

"Please Neal I need this job, I have credit cards to pay and my condo payment, please don't fire me," I pleaded.

"Would you like to submit to my punishment and keep your job?"

"What would that involve?" I asked.

"Do you want to submit or do you want to be fired?" that's an easy enough question isn't it.

I knew I had no choice left, so I blurted out," OK, I'll submit."

"Very well then, strip down to your bra and panties," he ordered.

I thought to myself," if I can get out of this by fucking this guy, it won't be so bad after all."

I took off my dress and shoes and just stared at him.

"Go out to my car and retrieve my briefcase that is in the back seat, now."

"But, I'm not dressed," I whined.

With out a word he pulled a lighter from his jacket pocket and flicked it open, causing a flame, while he glared at me coldly.

I got the message and started out to the car. Peeking out the door, I noticed a couple of neighbors milling around, so I pulled my head back in like a tortoise in danger.

"Don't keep me waiting Shelia," he demanded.

Grimacing, I walked out the door and down the hall as the neighbors stopped talking and started gaping at my semi naked state. Stepping out on the sidewalk I quickly got to his car and tried the door.

It was locked, so I looked up at my condo window and saw Neal standing there with his key fob and remote opener, in his hand. I gave him a pleading look and soon heard the lock click. Grabbing the case I ran up to my home again.

Neal was standing as I shut the door behind me.

"Open it up," he demanded.

In the case was half a dozen thin rattan canes, a riding crop and some leather restraints of some sort. I was horrified at the notion of Neal abusing my body with these devices. I heard the click of the lighter again and I spun around on my heel to face Neal.

"Take off the rest now, Sheila," he ordered.

Apprehensively I dropped my bra and panties to he floor. I tried to cover myself as best I could, but to no avail.

"Don't try to be modest Shelia, you won't have much dignity left when this night is over. Now put your hands on the wall, then stick you nice round ass out toward me."

Still terrified, I did as he asked. I felt so ashamed and mortified at being in that position. I also knew that this was going to hurt a lot. My father used his belt on me when he caught me drinking when I was too young. I never forgot that lesson and I will probably not forget this one either.

Neal reached out and touched my round butt. I jumped at his touch, then relaxed some again. Suddenly he smacked my ass with his hand, I gasped at the blow and he then smacked the other cheek.

"Ouch," I cried out loud.

He kept it up and spanked me several slaps, until my butt was a bright pink. Neal then picked up the crop. He swatted it in his hand a time or so, then he put it up to my face. I smelled the leather and it made my stomach churn knowing that he would be soon beating my ass with the evil device.

Without a word he stepped back then pulled the crop forward across my cheeks and I howled in pain, with my feet dancing and my hands rubbing my sore ass.

"Shelia, I was going to give you ten but you just earned four more. Keep you hands on the wall and your feet on the floor or this could be a very long and painful night."

I quickly put my hands and feet back into position.

"Please stop Neal, the neighbors will hear," I implored.

"You’re right Shelia, lets see what we can do about that."

From the brief case he pulled out a ball with a strap running through it. Then he shoved the ball in my mouth, securing the strap around my head to keep it in place. I was mortified at what was happening to me but had no choice, but to obey.

Neal resumed my whipping, and another blow landed cross my cheeks.

"Aaaaarrgggghhhh," I screamed out against the vile gag in my mouth.

Again he whipped the crop hard across my ass.

Aaaaarrgggghhhhhhh," I cried at a higher pitch now.

"How could I stand the agony of another eleven," I thought.

Continuing to punish my behind, Neal was oblivious to my cries of agony.

My mascara ran down my face as the tears first welled then flowed. Drool seeped past the ball in my mouth and streamed down my chin. Every blow was a now extremely painful as my tender buttocks absorbs the force.

Finally the last strike was landed and I started to move.

"Hold still Shelia," Neal ordered.

I dared not move for fear of more punishment. Suddenly I felt two fingers touch my pussy, ever so lightly, then plunged in deeply. I shuddered at the surprise and I even moaned went entered. As suddenly as they entered they were removed.

Holding the two wet fingers up to close to my lips, he released the gag with the other and I gladly spat it out.

"Open your mouth," he commanded.

I obliged and he stuck the fingers in my mouth.

"Naughty girls get excited when they are punished, don't they Sheila?"

"Yes Sir," I replied with a whine.

"See, you have learned some respect already!"

"Now Sheila, get down on your knees before me," he ordered.

Hesitating I just looked at him, my mind still in a fog from the whipping.

"Did you not learn to obey me, shall I add a few more welts to your lovely ass?"

"No, please sir," I answered and quickly dropped to my knees.

"Good, take off my shoes Sheila."

I responded right away this time, and fulfilled his bidding.

"Now the pants," he demanded.

Unbuckling his belt, I unzipped the pants and they fell to the floor. He stepped out and kicked them to the side. His silk boxers remained but I knew what was next.

"Sheila, the shorts. With your teeth."

I looked up to his eyes and I knew he was serious, so I grasped the waistband in my mouth and pulled down. His spring loaded cock hitting me in the face as they came down, and puddled on the floor.

"Do I need to actually tell you what is next Shelia?" he asked.

"No Sir," I replied as I took his turgid cock into my mouth.

The end was wet and slightly salty, I hadn't given a man head for a couple years now and the taste and the texture aroused me some what. Tonguing around the glans made Neal tremble slightly. I continued the action for some time then I licked his shaft up and down it's length, cupping his balls with a free hand while doing so.

Soon Neal's hand came down and grabbed my hair, he pulled me toward him, forcing his cock deep in my mouth. His hand pushed and pulled my head up and down on the shaft with my mouth wrapped tightly around it. His hips soon started moving in rhythm and he was fucking my head.

In times past I had always refused for men to cum in my mouth, but tonight I was not going to have the option, so I psyched myself up for the event. His hand rocking my face on his cock like a rag dolls head, I felt like more like a ten dollar whore than an up and coming account executive. Soon his cock was up and cumming, so my mouth was filled with his sticky semen.

My first reaction was to spit the vile male fluids onto the floor, Neal glared down at me and I knew I had made the wrong decision.

You are a not a good student, are you Shelia?” he asked coldly.

Please Sir, I'm sorry Sir,” I said groveling at his feet.

Taking me by the hair he pulled me down to the white puddle of ejaculate that I had spewed out. His hand was rough and hurt me as he pushed my lips to the nasty stuff.

Suck it up, lick it up , and swallow it now, Sheila,” he demanded.

Closing my eyes I licked at it half halfheartedly. “Kerwhack,” I felt the sting of the crop across my ass again and I screamed out in my suffering.

Don't you know how to follow instructions yet, Shelia?” he demanded.

Please, I'll do it,” I begged.

I sucked the semen up from the floor, holding it in my mouth, I licked up the rest and tried to swallow. I had to fight to keep from retching up my expensive dinner, but finally it went down. The after taste was awful and my face must have showed it.

Bad taste, Shelia?” he asked.

Yes Sir,” I replied timidly.

Go fetch us a couple of beers or some wine,” he ordered.

Yes Sir.”

I was glad for that order and returned with the refreshments.

Chug it, Shelia.”

I drank down the beer in a few gulps gleeful that the sperm in my mouth were washed away. Neal went to the case again and pulled out the leather bracelets along with a large clamp of some sort. He went to the doorway leading into the kitchen and attached it above. Next he motioned me to come over.

Dear Lord what is he going to do to me now,” I thought.

Hold out your wrists Shelia.” So I did. “This will be a little exercise of sorts to train you for obedience,” he said as he attached the bracelets and then proceeded to clip them to the clamp above the doorway.

I now had my wrists clipped together in a swivel that was firmly attached to the door frame.

Here is how this game is played,” he sternly informed as he went yet again to retrieve a cane from his case.

I was horrified as I saw it and tears started to well up. “Please Sir, please don't, I will do anything you want, Sir,” I cried out.

You interrupted me, now we will do this game for five minutes longer,”he coldly replied.

I bit my lip this time and let him continue.

Now, when I say tits, you will present your chest to me and stand up straight. When I say ass you will turn around and stick out your butt, do you understand Shelia?” he asked.

Yes Sir,” I sobbed.

Good I'm glad we are on the same page,” he remarked. “Ass Sheila,” he ordered.

I turned and did as requested. Hearing a swoosh, I next felt an agonizing sting on my already sore backside.

Aaaarrrggghhhhhhhh!” I screamed out.

Very good Shelia, now, tits,” he demanded.

Horror-struck, I did as commanded and closed my eyes. Nothing happened and I peeked out to see. Just then he released the cane and laid it across both breasts. I screamed in excruciation and my feet danced as my hands pulled at the restraints. He gave me but a few blessed moments for the pain to ease.

Ass!” he ordered.

I obeyed and turned protruding my butt for what I knew was going to hurt a hell of a a lot.

The cane then ripped across my skin and I scream out, “Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh.”

Ass.” I managed to stop dancing and stick it out again.

Aaaarrrrrggghhhhhhh,” I shriek as the cane cuts crosswise on my tender flesh.

Tits,” he said.

I turn again and stand at attention with eyes closed. This time it lands right away and I scream and sob in agony.

Please Sir,” I beg. “Please stop beating me, I'll do anything, let me suck your cock again, let me lick your ass, whatever you want,” I pleaded.

Without a word Neal went back to the briefcase and brought out two ordinary paper clamps.

Shelia, ask me to put these on your nipples and I will stop beating you for now.”

My jaw dropped as I looked at the wicked things. Shaking with fear I uttered the words,” please put them on Neal.”

Squeezing the clamp apart he slowly released his grip as the jaws of the device closed on my tender teats. At first it was a slow pain, then it grew a constant pressure at my nipples. He released my hands from the door clamp and pointed at the bed.

Lay down Sheila, you are what 32, 33 and have now husband or boyfriend. You must get aroused at times, show me how you amuse yourself and resolve your lusts,” he asked.

I hesitated and he yelled, “do it now!”

I reached into my night stand and brought out a vibrating dildo that had served me well for some months now. Applying it to my labias and switching it on, I found the sensations much more intense. I was humiliated doing this deed in front of Neal, but the feeling of pleasure soon took priority.

That's right Sheila, make it feel good,” Neal coached me.

Yes Sir,” I said as my breathing grew labored.

Neal moved in for a closeup look and watched as the vibrator excited my clit. Taking two fingers he slides them in me deep then curls them so the tips are touching my G-spot. His fingers start to wiggle and rub my sensitive pad and with his free hand he pulls at the clamps on my tits.

My desires grow as the sensations increase and my orgasm is well on its way, when he stops and moves the vibrator away. He pulls hard on the clamps and a sensation of pain overwhelms me. My disappointment must evident as Neal says,” you want to cum don't you Shelia?”

Yes Sir, please let me cum Sir,” I cried out in anguish.

Shelia, you’re my bitch tonight and you will cum when I let you, is that clear?”

Yes Sir,” I replied.

Shelia, have you ever been fucked in the ass?” Neal asked.

No Sir,” replied with a fearful face.

Well I had hoped to do that this evening, but it makes it so much nicer if the bitch asks for it, don't you think Shelia?”

Yes Sir,” I replied in a shaky voice.

Lets make a little deal, I will make you cum and when the time is right you will beg me to fuck you in the ass, is it a deal Shelia?”

I hesitated, I was not keen on the idea and had suffered enough already so instead of answering I gave him a blank stare.

Well I guess I will just have to force it in your ass, but consensual is so much better for both of us, don't you agree?”

OK,OK I'll do it,” I replied quickly now.

Now we have a problem, since you made me wait for an answer, I need to teach you another lesson on quick response. Since you can't seem to make up your mind I will have to make the call for you. First I am going to cane your naughty ass ten strokes. Then you will play with yourself like before and get all ready. I will finger you till you cum.”

After you cum, you will get up on your hands and knees and beg me to fuck your pussy. I will for a few moments and then you will plead with me to fuck you in your tight little asshole, am I clear on these things?”

Yes Sir,” I wept not wanting another ass beating.

Roll over bitch and show me your cheeks,” he demanded.

I obeyed quickly this time and he began to whip me with the cane. Stroke after hard stroke came raining down on my unprotected butt. I screamed into and slobbered all over my pillow,as I felt more painful, angry welts rise up on my skin.

Finally he finished and said,” show me again how you pleasure yourself.”

Grabbing the dildo, I did not hesitate to touch my intimate spots and begin moaning in sensuous pleasure again. Neal soon joined in as before and it didn't take long for my passions to peak and overwhelm my body with a screaming orgasm. Neal continued through it and soon another followed. After the second he put his tongue to good use and licked my clit with it as the vibrator and his fingers did their duty also.

The third cum was even more pleasing and my screams went up in pitch another octave at least. Finally Neal stopped his attentions, pushed away the dildo and sat upright on the bed.

Taking my cue, I pulled myself up to a doggie position and said,” please fuck my pussy Sir.”

Neal's cock was steadfastly erect and he plunged the shaft deep into my swollen twat. Grabbing my hips he pulled in close and pounded my ass as a prize stallion takes a fertile mare.

I soon came yet again and as soon as he heard me he reached up and pinched my nipples hard. The pain multiplied the cum by at least a factor of five, and I felt like I was in another dimension of ecstasy. As soon as the cum faded I remembered my pledge.

Sir, please fuck my ass,”I pleaded.

Neal pulled his granite hard cock from my wet hole and immediately forced it in my ass, to the hilt. The pain made me see stars for a minute or two, then he started pumping me and was soon fucking me as hard as he had my pussy.

I was amazed that after the initial agony, his cock in my bowel felt wonderful and my passions were again growing strong.

Sadly my chances of pleasure were now past as Neal tensed up and splattered his seed in my colon. He collapsed on top of me forcing me down to the bed, I too was spent and lay under him.

"This reminds me Shelia,"he remarked.

"Yes Sir," I replied.

"Gary said that if you did not get fired."

"Yes Sir."

"He wants you working under me at the new branch!"


 Look the sequel, A Sensitive Job, cumming soon! 

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