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  By: kinkywench

I sit there. Bored. It's 3 fucking numbers. Not a million. Just 3. Why do these things take so long. To the right of me an old lady sits. Head in a catalogue. Christ, this is depressing. If I'd have gone to another shop I'd be done and out by now. Bored. Bored. Bored.


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I look to the left. Seat next to the seat on my left. I can't help but notice your curves. You are fanning yourself with a leaflet. You notice me looking at you. Shit. Embarrassing or what? I pretend to look away. 

A large group of shoppers approach the empty seats. You Move over and take the seat next to me. I swallow hard. Pulse rocketing.

"takes forever, doesn't it?" you say. "er, what?" you catch me off guard. "waiting for your item", "yeah" I manage, trying to hide the bulge in my trousers. Upclose your curves are amazing. My hands want to run over you, cupping you,and my mouth wants to touch your breasts like you wouldn't believe. This isn't social convention. I sigh to myself.

A buzzer goes of somewhere, breaking my train of thought. "That's me" you say. You knownim watching your arse. You get up slowly, teasingly and saunter over to the collection counter. I'm nigh on dribbling. 

I try and put my mind elsewhere. Look at my scrap of paper. Almost my turn, I think, envolving myself in the paint drying every dayness of the pointless act. Anything to get my mind off the shapely lady I've nigh on fucked at the collection desk Infront of all the people around me. 

I jump as you return, I wasn't expecting it. "text me. Soon" you hand me some paper with a mobile number on it. Your eyes dance mischievously . "I think we can have some fun". Your tounge runs seductively across your lips as you turn and leave. 

Fuck that was intense. My pulse thunders as I hold the bit of paper in my hand. I am so excited, my hands are sweating and my mouth is dry. In the background somewhere a buzzer goes off. Number 262, collection point C.

I sit there, in the multichain local pub. Gazing at my mobile. Number inputed. Drinks to steady my nerves. 10 minutes later. If I'm going to do this, this needs to be done now. I gulp and somehow manage to tap out "hi. We met 10 minutes ago". It's lame, but it will get the Job done. 2 minutes later I get a text back. "am wet as anything. No risk fun?" I tremble as I type "yes". I mention the pub. You say you'll be there in 5 minutes.

My eyes are locked on the door. You come through them. I get a far off view of you. Your breasts are fabulous. Have always liked my ladies with curves, and yours are incredible. You walk over to the bar, as I work out what I will say when you reach the table. You are served far too quickly for my liking. I Put it down to the "female advantage". You arrive at the table, drink in hand, and sit down, placing a key on the table.

You smile as you bolt your drink. It appears to be a coke with a mixer. "let's cut to the chase". You smile. "horny as fuck", you look at me "I can see the bulge in your trousers". "er, you were quite the distraction". I hate myself for that line.

You finish your drink. "I borrowed the key for the dissabled toilet." I look over at the toilet. It's not romance we're after, so it will do. "your to go in and wait for me, understand?". "yeah" I say. "off you go", you wink coyly. I unlock the door and go inside.

Its a bog. Nothing too out of the ordinary , 8ft by 8ft, mirror on the wall. It'll do. I sit there and wait for you to enter. I wait for what seems like an eternity and the door finally opens... 

         I pushed opened the toilet cubicle door, and you are sitting on the closed loo seat. you go to stand. I tell you to sit back down again.as I lock the door.I turn and I can see the bulge in your trousers straining against the zip, I think we should let him out I say with a devious smile,you start to un button your trousers and I grab the zip and pull it down,you lift your arse from the seat as I pull your trousers and your boxers down to your knees in one swift movement,your cock jerks upwards in front of your belly, it has precum dripping out of the top. I swipe my finger across the top and i put my finger in my mouth and i suck it hard and as I do this your cock jerks and throbs.at the thought of me sucking your cock like that, you take hold of your cock and start to wank off, I pull up my dress and you see that I am not wearing any knickers. "fuck" you moan as you wank yourself off, I stick my foot on the sanitary bin at the side, you get a good view of my shaven pussy as I finger myself. you can smell how wet I am.


I then take my finger and offer it to your open mouth, you suck my finger deep in your mouth, you can taste my pussys juices and this makes your cock harder and wank yourself faster, I pull down the elasticated top of my dress and you see i have no bra on.

I start to pinch my hard nipples, and i moan, come and sit on my cock you groan, i move over to your lap and I slowly lower my self on your hard cock,your cock slides deep inside of my pussy, my wetness running down your shaft,you grab hold of my hips as you thrust deep in me, I start to move up and down on your lap my tits juggling in front of me,we soon get a rhythm going you trusting deep as my pussy muscles grip you tighter.I start to rub my clit I let out a moan at the touch, I move faster your cock rubbing my g spot as you fuck me hard, I feel every stroke, and the ridges in your cock, my juices run down my thighs and on to your balls. I feel my orgasm starting to build. I rub faster and move faster.you can feel your balls tighten as your cum start to explode in your cock.you grip me tight as your cum floods my pussy, I feel you cum inside me and my pussy muscles start to contract and grip you tighter as I cum, I let out a moan as i come hard. i feel your thrusts get faster as I cum, "fuck that was good" you say. as your cock grows soft inside me, i get off your lap and adjust my dress and bend down and kiss you hard "call me any time " I smile and unlock the door and walk towards the exit.

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